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Actually, in characteristics such as temperament, a fox red Lab is as same as the other Labrador. They are even loving and friendly as other yellow Labradors. Because a fox red Lab is also a yellow Lab with a different shade. Some people generally say that fox red labs are more vocal Temperament and Behavior Despite the difference in color, it is generally accepted that the Red Fox Lab does not differ in temperament from other color variations in its breed. Red Labradors share all the wonderful characteristics that Labradors are loved for: Gentle and loyal with a friendly disposition and a love for interaction Red Fox Labrador has a temperament that fulfills all the requirements for the best canine companion, as mentioned by AKC. They are active, friendly, and outgoing, which makes them ideal family dogs. Other positive aspects include; Red Fox Lab is full of energy and loves to have fun with his family. He is the bundle of affection that provides. In fact, there is practically no evidence that red fox Labs have a temperament which is distinct from the typical Labrador personality. All Labradors are friendly with people and other animals, quick learners and hard workers. Show vs working red fox Lab Most Labrador red fox owners-to-be tend to think that their dog's temperament is different from other labs. However, that's not the case: a fox red lab has the same temperament characteristics as any other Labrador retriever—yellow, black, or chocolate. Expect your fox Labrador to be gentle, loyal, friendly, playful, and intelligent

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Warne's Fox Red Labrador Retrievers. Specializing in Fox Red Labs. I`ve been raising and training Labrador retrievers for the last 25 years. I bought a fox red Labrador from a local kennel that turned out to be one of the best dogs I ever owned. We were quite saddened that Christmas when we lost our dog due to the tainted dog food epidemic About. We are a breeder that is driven by our love for Labrador Retrievers. We favor a particular shade of yellow Labradors that have been nicknamed fox red Labradors due to their golden rust color. Our puppies are mainly yellow but we do anticipate bringing in black Labradors in the near future. Here at Rustic Fields, our puppies are brought. The fox red Labrador is a very rare variant of the yellow lab with a rusty red coat. Despite having a unique coat color, the fox red lab is purebred and retains all of the beloved qualities of the Labrador Retriever. They are loving, smart, athletic, dependent, loyal, and hardworking

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  1. The Fox Red Lab's temperament is the same as the classic lab, friendly and outgoing. The Red Fox Lab is similar in temperament to that of any colored Labrador; 'friendly, active and outgoing' is the AKC's description of one of the best canine companions. He is an energetic bundle of fun, and he will certainly keep you on your toes
  2. In our experience, no a Fox Red lab has the same loving, friendly temperament as black, yellow, and chocolate Labs
  3. The Temperament of a Fox Red Labrador The personality and temperament of a Fox Red Lab are much too similar to the other colored Labs. As an energetic, playful, loving dog that adores company, the Fox Red Lab is believed to be one of the best fur companions one can have. As a kind and gentle breed, this dog is well-suited for households with kids
  4. Warneslab's believe that we have truly developed one of the most unique breeds of Fox Red Labradors, to date. Not only do they have the beauty, temperament and darkness instilled by Judy McCormick but also the awe-inspiring ability to hunt, obey command and what may be the most desired trait of all; the capacity to work well with humans and temperment usurpassed compared to other lines

Fox Red Labrador and German Shorthaired Pointer puppies and working dogs are for sale occasionally. We only breed when we have two exceptional dogs with pedigrees that will produce the true Fox Red Labrador Retriever or German Shorthaired Pointer temperament and conformation in an excellent litter of puppies Health and Temperament of Fox Red Labs There is not known health or temperament issue in Fox Red Labradors, because they are the result of color variation of yellow labs. But there is one or two noticed problems that these are more vocal than normal

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  1. The black-and-white photograph of the first recorded yellow labrador, taken in 1899, illustrates a dark-furred dog, arguably what we'd now call fox-red. This traditional shade of yellow labrador wasn't overshadowed until later in the 20th century, when the rare lighter hue came into fashion and the dogs became paler and paler
  2. Fox Red is a focus in the Liberty Run Labrador program. Confusion does come with the Fox Red color. Fox Red is simply a shade of yellow, and as such, they are registered as Yellow Labrador Retrievers. The Fox Red shade of yellow has been in the breed since it's beginning, and should never be classified as incorrect
  3. Fox red is not a separate color of the Labrador but only a shade of yellow. In the early years of the breed development, fox red or dark yellow was the original yellow shade of the Labrador Retriever. The original yellows were in fact called Golden until the British Kennel Club came to register them

Fox red is not a separate color of the Labrador but only a shade of yellow. In the early years of the breed development, fox red or dark yellow was the original yellow shade of the Labrador Retriever. The original yellows were in fact called Golden until the British Kennel Club came to register them. They argued that gold was not a color, so yellow they became Fox Red Labradors About a Fox Red Labrador. Author: Gregg Tonkin, Little River Labradors. Normally when one thinks of a fox red Labrador they think of a very dark red. This may be true however it is the shade that makes a fox red and they can appear both medium to dark The Labrador retriever is a sturdily built medium to large dog. He may weigh anything from 50 to 80lbs once adult, depending on his breeding. He has a well-proportioned body with a healthy balance between length of leg and length of spine. A shape that is often described as 'short coupled' The temperament of a Fox Red Lab and their exercise needs. However, like any other dog that requires a proper upbringing, the Fox Red Labrador needs early socialization with children, the neighbor's pets, and other new faces to adequately learn how to associate freely and without boundaries The True Fox Red Labrador By Jacqucline Barlow Some 25 years ago, I was sitting at a Labrador specialty show with Mrs. Grace Lambert (Mrs. Lambert, in my opinion, was the first person in the United States to REALLY KNOW her Labradors; her Harrowby Kennels were small but all superb Labradors; she once bought an entire English kennel to obtain.

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  1. The Labrador Retriever is a strongly built, medium-sized dog possessing a sound, athletic and well-balanced appearance and aptitude. Their temperament is especially suited to being a loyal and loving family companion. The most distinguishing characteristics of the Labrador Retriever are its short, dense, weather resistant coat, a clean-cut head.
  2. *Daisy Mountain Ginger- (Retired) Ginger is a light Fox Red color and is an English lab. She is the stocky show type and has a nice mellow temperament. She is a kind and quiet girl that is always looking to please. She likes to wrap her paws around you and give a hug or give a tiny quick lick on your fingers to show her love
  3. Country Labs is a world class breeder of yellow, fox red, chocolate, and black English-type Labrador Retrievers. We are located in beautiful Tehachapi, California, between the San Joaquin Valley and the Mojave Desert, about 35 miles east-southeast of Bakersfield. Our breeding program is solely focused on excellence
  4. We also have do testing for EIC. Our goal is to produce AKC Fox Red Labradors bred for beauty and conformation, health, intelligence and temperament. Fox Red is a shade of yellow so even when breeding 2 fox red parents they can still produce a light yellow in their litter. Our puppies are a mixture of English and American Fox red Puppies
  5. We Breed High Quality, Purebred, Labrador Retrievers. They excel as companions and hunting dogs. Bred for Intelligence, Energy, and Gorgeous Conformation. We love the Labrador Retriever breed for their phenomenal temperament towards people of all ages. They are incredibly intelligent, love to learn and live to be with us

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The rise (and rise) of the fox-red labrador. Once shunned in favour of the ubiquitous black, the fox-red labrador is now becoming increasingly popular, as Giles Catchpole relates. Defining a fox-red labrador isn't straightforward, but what is certain is that their popularity is on the up, finds Giles Catchpole Some Labrador retriever owners will insist that different colored Labs have different temperaments. Some commonly held beliefs are that yellow Labs are lazy, chocolate Labs are hyperactive and black Labs make the best hunters. The truth is that the color of a Lab's coat has no more bearing on his temperament than a.

Officially, Labrador Retrievers come in black, yellow, and chocolate. They also come in silver (gray), but this color is frowned on by breed purists. You might have heard someone say they had a Golden Lab or a Fox Red Lab or a White Lab. These are just made-up names for yellow Labs whose shade of yellow happens to be golden or reddish or whitish Final Thoughts. Dudley Labradors are gorgeous Labs that lack pigmentation in their nose, the rims around the eyes, and paws. As a result, they have a pink nose, rather than the black or brown nose that characterizes most Labradors. This is an entirely natural, though slightly more rare genetic occurrence among Labradors Davikas has only black, chocolate and yellow labs Fox red is not a separate color of the Labrador but only a shade of yellow. In the early years of the breed development, fox red or dark yellow was the original yellow shade of the Labrador Retriever

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Welcome to Fox Red Labrador Retriever Breeder Resources from around the world! Here you will find reputable breeders of Fox Red Labradors from around the world that specialize in the Fox Red shade (Yellow Labradors) that strive to produce puppies with excellent health, temperament, soundness and conformation, along with Fox Red Lab History and other useful information about Fox Red Labrador. Fox Red labs are, scientifically, a Yellow Lab, but their color is something very striking and rare! The Past And The Future Of The Fox Red Labrador Retriever To get a better understanding of how this color variation developed and its popularity through the years, let's touch on the past, present, and future of the Fox Red Labs We focus on the dark yellow, fox red Labrador Retriever color, however this comes second to conformation, retrieving ability, intelligence and temperament. Our girls are members of our family. As such, we only produce puppies on an occasional basis to preserve a great quality of life for our pets Stunning Fox Red Labrador puppies with a wonderful mix of English and American labs that combine loving temperament with intelligence and drive. Puppy dew claws are removed and they are examined by a vet at age 2 days, 6 wks and 8 wks. All puppies come with a FL Certificate of Health/Bill of Sale

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  1. Fox Red Labs are Red labs, AKC registered. Fox Red Labs are yellow labs that display the darkest color of the yellow spectrum. They are red in color, and very beautiful. Our linage of Fox Red Labs come from titled blood lines. The Labrador retriever is one of the most popular and easily identifiable dogs in the world
  2. Marold's Fox Red Labs. About Us. We are located in Quincy, IL. We live in a country setting. Along with our dogs we love hunting, fishing, and doing other various outdoor activities. Here we strive to produce healthy hunting companions with excellent temperament. It is our love for dogs that helped us decide to start having litters. All of our.
  3. In the early years of the breed development, fox red or dark yellow was the original yellow shade of the Labrador Retriever. The original yellows were in fact called Golden until the British Kennel Club came to register them. They argued that gold was not a colour, so yellow they became. One has to only look at the first yellow Labrador.
  4. The sweet-faced, lovable Labrador Retriever is America's most popular dog breed. Labs are friendly, outgoing, and high-spirited companions who have more than enough affection to go around for a.
  5. The lab has a short, dense, weather-resistant coat, and otter tail, a clean- cut head with a broad back skull and moderate stop, and kind, expressive eyes that communicate intelligence and good temperament. Labs have few health problems if bred by a reputable breeder who is selective and screens for defects in their breeding stock.

Our dogs produce AKC registered chocolate, yellow, fox red, and black Labrador puppies. We are located in Olympia, Washington-an hour south of Seattle and two hours north of Portland, Oregon. We breed for temperament and strive for an equal blend of intelligence, loyalty, trainability and beauty The cost for red or fox red Labradoodle puppies can be a bit higher than for other coat colors. At the time of writing, prices ranged from $1,500 to $3,000+ for Labradoodle puppies. Choosing red Labradoodle puppies. The breeder you choose can have a great influence over the health and temperament of your Labradoodle puppy Sizewise, female and male Labrador retrievers are comparable, with females slightly smaller, but both are sturdy, muscular, and athletic with the male a bit more substantial. The AKC breed standard is 22.5-24.5 inches for males and 21.5-23.5 inches for females. Male dogs weigh 65-80 pounds with female Labs 55-70 pounds Farmer's Red rose ( Lola) Lola is a smaller female (75#) with an incredible temperament. She is in training as a therapy dog and gets along great with other dogs and people. She is clear of EIC, PRA, CNM by parentage. PennHIP- Lolas hips tested tighter than 95% of the Labrador Retrievers in the University of Pennsylvania Veternary database Sam is an American/British Fox Red Lab with a beautiful color and great temperament. He is active and loves to play with the other dogs, he displays retriever qualities and is also just as happy to chill out and relax. He loves a good head scratch and belly rub! Overall a very laid back temperament. Sam is a product of AKC Keepsake Betelgeuse.

Health Certifications are complete for our Red Labrador studs. Our studs are pure bred fox reds of course. We have photos of the studs available upon request. Call Joe today to discuss obtaining a Fox Red Lab for your family today. Call: 410-603-1400. The Kennels are located in Mardela Springs,MD and our owned and operated by DOA Outfitters Inc Bear Flats Labradors are CKC registered, family-raised Fox Red/Yellow Labrador Retreivers. We are located 30 min east of Edmonton, Alberta. Our name comes from the area we lived in when we first started breeding Fox Red Labs in 2012, Bear Flats. It is beautiful country overlooking the Peace River in Northern BC Fox red is only a shade of yellow and not a separate color. The first recognised yellow Labrador Retriever was Ben Of Hyde born in 1899. These early labradors were either dark gold or butterscotch in color.The original shade of yellow was actually fox red or dark yellow. The shade was known as Golden until the British Kennel Club required it.

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  1. Old House Labrador Retrievers * Old House Labs reserves the right to first choice of litters *In general, Old House Labs sells the fox red on limited registration unless exceptions are agreed upon ahead of time. Blair & Mary Beth Powley 7310 Mount Morris - Nunda Rd. Mt. Morris, NY 1451
  2. Fox Red. The Fox Red Labrador is actually a type of Yellow Labrador. Fox Reed Labs have a darker coat, however. Their coat tends to have an orange hue. The Fox Red Labrador is rare and cherished. They are field dogs and come from the working line. Fox Red Labradors have good temperament and are highly intelligent
  3. Boomer has proven himself to be a wonderful stud dog, consistently producing pups that we are extremely proud of. Although we do focus on the Fox Red shade of the yellow lab, we are first and foremost attentive to the hunting bloodlines, temperament, intelligence, drive, endurance and health of our dogs. Field labs with a strong English accent
  4. All in all, the Fox Red Labrador Retriever is a perfect companion for all kinds of different people and homes. 1 year old Red Fox species for sale, various colors, all hand raise; Pink Champaign Female $600 Blue Sapphire Female $600 Pure White Male $400 Wild Color Red Male $400 Must pick up in Southern Minnesota, near Mankato
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Dog breed Labrador Retriever Other names Labrador Common nicknames Lab Origin United Kingdom Foundation stock St. John's water dog Traits Height Dogs 56-57 cm (22-22.5 in) Bitches 54-56 cm (21.5-22 in) Weight Dogs 29-36 kg (65-80 lb) Bitches 25-32 kg (55-70 lb) Coat Short, dense, weather-resistant double coat Colour Black, chocolate, or yellow (ranges from pale yellow to fox. Fox Red Labrador Retriever Breed Characteristics The Labrador Retriever's Original Purpose. Before we get into the abilities, personality traits and physical characteristics of the Labrador Retriever let's take a look at where these Labrador retriever breed characteristics came from. The Labrador falls into the breed category of 'gun dogs'

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Dam is KC registered, Health Tested working Fox Red Labrador who is confident, fantastic structure, well muscled, well mannered, biddable, and an excellent no vices temperament in personality both in the field and at home. Hips- 4:6=10. Elbows- 0:0=0. SIRE is Unquestionably one of the best, if not the best Working Fox Red Labrador in the country The Fox Red Lab is one of the rarest lab colors that can be produced. Many Labrador breeders sell this color variation for much more than the traditional colors. You can expect to pay a price range from either $1,000 to $2,000 per Fox Red Lab puppy. This will all depend on the breeder and what they also include with the price of a puppy

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Red Fox Labrador Puppies. About our puppies. Here at Fox Red Pointing Labs, we are dedicated to providing quality Labrador Retriever Puppies for sale. and a wonderful temperament. We work hard to keep our dogs in top shape and condition. Our dogs are exercised regularly to help maintain great health Beauty. Female: Labrador Retriever. Beauty is a wonderful Fox Red Lab that Loves people. Her Slender Build Helps with Her Agility in the Field. She also Has a very Calm Temperament. In her pedigree, she has Championship Bloodlines Like Keepsake! . . DOB: 07/20/2019 Fox Red Labrador Retriever Puppy. Breeder: Luke Coblentz. View Breeder Info. Location: Georgetown, OH Telephone: 606-748-6049 Alternate Telephone: 937-424-7851 Email: lukecoblentz@gmail.com . Meet CoCo, a charming and sweet Fox Red Lab puppy! The Buyer is responsible for the final outcome of this pups health and temperament. Breeder. Female yellow Labrador, sitting next to a ball. Labradors exist in three colors: brown, black and yellow. A red variant (called red fox, or fox red) of the labrador. However, it is not considered a color by most kennel clubs. The Labrador Retriever (or Lab and Labrador for short) is a breed of dog. It is a kind of gun dog Labrador Retriever Litter of Puppies For Sale in LANCASTER, PA, USA Sage is an adorable and snuggly puppy. She is a Fox Red English Labrador. She has a light spot on her forehead. She is the firstborn pup and is the chunkiest. She would be a sweet and loving addition to your family

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AKC/OFA White, Red and chocolate JH sired lab pups. We are so pleased to offer this gorgeous litter of akc labrador retriever puppies for sale to loving new homes. This... Pets and Animals Sacramento 1,000 $ We have 3 girls and one boy still available from our litter of 8 beautiful pups. Mum is a fox red goldador with excellent temperament and is also a loving family pet. Dad is a fox red kc registered Labrador from three valley gun dogs. Pups can be se Age Age: 5 weeks; Ready to leave Ready to leave: in 3 week Fox Red Labrador Retrievers for sale in West Tilbury, Essex under £750 - search all Fox Red Labrador puppies for sale including purebred and lab cross, plus adult Labrador Retriever dogs For example, many Labrador owners claim the fox red Lab as its own category, and as well as the new addition of the silver Lab. So Then, What Does Play a Role in Their Personalities? The greatest thing to affect a dogs temperament is attention and lack of activity

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For the history of the fox red shade in Labradors and some of the breeders and labradors that have brought it back from near extinction please click on the Fox Red Labrador History, for more information on fox reds of today click on Fox Red labradors today, and for more general information on the coat color inheritance and the temperament of. What is a Fox Red Labrador - A brief history. Fox red is not a separate color of the Labrador but only a shade of yellow. In the early years of the breed development, fox red or dark yellow was the original yellow shade of the Labrador Retriever. The original yellows were in fact called Golden until the British Kennel Club came to register. American Red Fox Lab Breeder. Welcome, here at Williams Red Fox Labs we are dedicated to providing excellent Fox Red Labrador Retriever Puppies for sale. We currently have two Dams that we breed, Gracie and Faith. Gracie and Faith are both AKC certified, Our puppies come with limited registration through AKC 9 Black and yellow/fox red puppies. one yellow female available . 3 black females available . contact Laurkim Labradors at 330-421-1603 or Laurkimlab@me.com . Puppies at 7 days old ***** Katy and Cash Due January 9th. 2020 . All fox red puppie

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Here at Fox Red Pointing Labs, we are dedicated to providing quality Fox Red Labrador Retriever Puppies for sale. Click here and you will find information on the litters that are here now or that will be born soon. All of our breeding dams and sires are AKC Registered and OFA Certified AKC Certified Purebred Fox Red Labrador Puppies. Welcome to Four Star Kennels where the STARS shine bright on our high quality yellow (FOX RED) Labradors. Whether you are looking for that perfect labrador for hunting, show or companion, Four Star Labradors is right for you. We are located in Yorkshire, Ohio in Northern Darke County Fox red litter born June 6th 2021- 1 puppy. This was planned to be Row's last litter before she retires but since she only had 1 puppy we may consider having 1 more litter with her in the future. She has a beautiful medium fox red color, a thick otter tail, and short stocky build with the classic English lab conformation

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Colors: Fox Red DESCRIPTION: This litter is likely to produce outstanding, small to medium build, muscular pups that will be, terrific family dogs with a desire to please and a good on off switch. In the upland field they have the high probability to be outstanding natural pointers, and very solid upland dogs Cold Creek Farms specializes in producing yellow lab puppies ranging in color from light cream to fox red and we also breed black. A true Labrador is a great hunter, truly awesome in the show ring and has that wonderful temperament that fits in with any family

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The official AKC color of the fox red Labrador is Yellow. The precise beautiful red shade of our dogs vary but, all have the color of a fox red. The coats often change color over the years and will typically darken as the dogs age. Our Labradors are beautiful Purebred dogs that carry superior temperament, drive, and train-ability Absolute gorgeous AKC Dark Fox Red English Labrador Puppies. These puppies are 100% English with tons of Kelley Green & Keep Sake pedigrees. Sally Kelley has been breeding English style labs for over 51 years with tons of success and has some of the best lines and pedigrees in the United States We breed for the Multi-Purpose English Labrador for Quality, Type, Temperament, Soundness and Classic Lab Style having Labrador Retrievers since 1995. in New hampshire Black lab puppies for sale Black labrador retriever puppies black labrador breeders in New hampshire Fox red labrador breeders in New hampshire NH lab pups NH lab puppies lab. Retriever (Labrador) A breed standard is the guideline which describes the ideal characteristics, temperament and appearance including the correct colour of a breed and ensures that the breed is fit for function. Absolute soundness is essential. Breeders and judges should at all times be careful to avoid obvious conditions or exaggerations.