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Jesus' physical torture was part of the payment required for our sins. We are redeemed with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect (1 Peter 1:19). Jesus' suffering on the cross showed the devastating nature of sin, the wrath of God, the cruelty of humanity, and the hatred of Satan So, Jesus had to suffer because it was God's will. Not that Jesus' physical pain was necessary for salvation—Out of the anguish of his soul he shall see and be satisfied refers to Jesus' emotional pain when He was separated from God. But we can see what benefit it has on us Why was it necessary for Jesus to suffer and die? Because He wanted to make us victorious. He wanted us free from sin and the powers of satan. Revelation 7:14 KJV And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the. Jesus told two of His disciples on the road to Emmaus that it was necessary for the Christ to suffer before He entered into His glory (Luke 24:26). Hebrews 2:10 says that it was fitting or proper for Him to go through sufferings. Therefore, let us reverently ask, Why was it essential for the Christ to suffer? For. However, why did Jesus have to suffer and die in the painful way that was described in the Gospels? By subjecting himself to the extreme test and remaining faithful, Jesus refuted once and for all the Devil's claim that humans would not remain loyal to God when under trial

Why Did Jesus Have to Suffer So Badly? Jesus was perfected by his suffering and those who abide in Christ are also being perfected. Christ overcame darkness by rising from the grave, and we have also been raised, but we still suffer until we are finally united with our Savior in heaven. Candice Lucey Contributing Write If it was possible to redeem mankind any other way, then why was it necessary for Jesus to have to suffer such an excruciating death and suffer for hours and hours in agony on the cross? It must have been necessary, otherwise God the Father made Jesus suffer and die for nothing Why would God ask His own Son to suffer such a horrible death? It was because only the perfect Son of God could pay the price for the sins of the whole world. Why was this necessary? The Old Testament sacrificial system provides a model to help us understand why Jesus had to shed His blood for us

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Two primary qualities of God help us understand why Jesus Christ had to suffer and die in order to redeem mankind. First, God is righteous. Thus His justice demands that a penalty for sin be paid Jesus' suffering was necessary! Why? The answer to that question gives a whole new meaning to our own suffering. Christianity sees suffering much differently than . do other world religions. Suffering, or undergoing pain, distress or great hardship, whether physical, mental or spiritual, is a part of all of our human existence. But. Why did Jesus have to suffer so much and die such a violent death? After all, He could have escaped. A: I too was sobered by the film you saw, and I don't think anyone could come away from it without being deeply moved. As the Gospels make clear, Jesus was innocent of any wrongdoing but He refused to escape or take another path From the perspective of our sins, Jesus died so horribly because that is what our redemption costs. We tend to underestimate just how awful our sins are and the kind of suffering they have set loose in the world. Hence Jesus takes up and experiences the full load of human suffering we have inflicted on each other God also allowed His Son to suffer crucifixion because it was a very shameful way to die. It was the death of criminals and incorrigibles, for those considered the scum of the earth. No one in Jesus' day would have bragged that his uncle had been crucified any more than we would be proud of a relative who was executed by electric chair

Given these conditions, Aquinas concluded, it was correct for Christ to say that he must suffer, that it was necessary, because at that point the matter was already settled: What the Father ordained could not be avoided, and what he foreknew could not be mistaken. As our Lord put it at the Last Supper, The hand of him who betrays me is with. Isaiah explained that He had to suffer and die in our place for our sins ( Isaiah 53:4-6) because it was the LORD's will to crush Him and cause Him to suffer and afterwards to raise Him to life so that many people could be forgiven ( Isaiah 53:10-12 ). Jesus understood the significance of His suffering the same way the prophets did In these cases, Jesus—as a Jew—was used as a stand-in for all Jewish martyrdom throughout the ages. Yet his death remained unique among all the other deaths of his coreligionists, because it provided atonement not for an individual or small group, but for the world. This content was adapted from an earlier Jews for Jesus article. Endnotes. 1

Jesus Is Messiah, Savior . The suffering and the glory of the coming Messiah was foretold in Isaiah chapters 52 and 53.God's people in the Old Testament looked forward to the Messiah who would save them from their sin. Although he did not come in the form they expected, it was their faith which looked forward to his salvation that saved them. Our faith, which looks backward to his act of. The silence of Jesus makes us remember how he prophesied that the Son of Man must suffer and die for our salvation. And he strictly charged and commanded them to tell this to no one, saying, The Son of Man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and on the third day be raised. For those we love, suffering and even death for ourselves would be more desirable than to watch them suffer. But, Jesus willingly set His face like flint to suffer the Cruel Death of the Cross for friend and foe alike, e.g., the Roman centurion in charge of His Crucifixion exclaimed about the events and manner of Christ's Death on the Cross.

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Understanding why Jesus had to endure such terrible suffering in His final hours helps us understand not only important lessons about the consequences of sin, but also His current role as our High Priest and Intercessor This brings us to the second issue. The suffering which the wicked will suffer in the lake of fire at the end of the 1,000 years is the fulfillment of the promise, I will repay. The saints will sit with Jesus in judgment during the 1,000 years and together they will determine what each wicked person must suffer Why, though, was it necessary for Jesus to die to accomplish this? Could not Almighty God have simply issued a decree that Adam's descendants be allowed to live forever? He certainly had the authority to do so. But that would have disregarded his stated law that the wages of sin is death As I strongly suspect you know, Skwim, the standard reason given by most Christians for the necessity of Jesus suffering on the cross is that his suffering was a sacrifice necessary to redeem humanity from the original sins of Adam and Eve Question: In a recent religion lesson in my second-grade classroom, we were talking about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, and one student raised his hand and said that he knew why Jesus died — to redeem our sins and, through his resurrection, to open the gates of heaven — but the student didn't know why Jesus had to die such a violent death, with so much torture and suffering

Mark 15:37-41. The main takeaway here is Jesus' suffering means access.. It means we have access to the temple of God and without His suffering, that access wouldn't exist. The death of Jesus on the cross made a clear path to eternity. There is only one path to God the Father - through Jesus Jesus Faced Suffering to Win Salvation 6. His perfection accomplished the best outcome ever—salvation for us! Hover over Heb. 5:9. Jesus knew what was necessary to save our souls and willingly accepted that plight long before any of us took our first breath Why It Matters That Jesus Was Really Human. Silverio Gonzalez Thursday, 2 April 20. Amid the concern to defend that Jesus was God, we can lose sight that Jesus was human, that in Jesus God became a man. I understand the desire to protect Jesus' divinity, to confess his Lordship, to ponder his glory, to recognize his victory, and to anticipate.

  1. One of the great reasons it was necessary for Jesus to become flesh is because he had to shed blood. The law requires that cleansing can only happen with the shedding of blood. There would be no way for Jesus to do this unless he took on human flesh. The good news about the blood he shed is that it once and for all met the requirement of the law
  2. #0127 (Series: The Book Of Colossians: Jesus Is Enough pt.19 / Mini-Series: Rejoicing In Suffering pt.2 - John 15:18-20) - In this episode, we continue our tangent into the topic of Paul's sufferings. We learn what it means to suffer for Jesus and why we should rejoice when we do! In this series, we di
  3. It shows us that Jesus, formerly known as the Word, was born for a particular purpose: to save. We see this in the second part of verse 21: He shall save His people from their sins.. Jesus was born for the purpose of saving human beings. Yes, Jesus was a human being
  4. In short, the answer is, Jesus had to be truly God so that he could satisfy God's wrath and secure for us true righteousness and life. More could be said here but certainly not less. The Redeemer had to be truly human: in order to suffer and sympathize. The Redeemer had to be truly divine: in order to satisfy and secure

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There is this great misconception in SEMI-BIBLICAL CHRISTIANITY where they ignore the following truth about what they read in the Bible: 1. That the Bible is authored by God, but written by MEN in their respective language. 2. And so, it is. Why Did Jesus Have to Suffer? the cries for His death and all the horror of His final hours were necessary to lay upon Him all our sins. We see in this the violence of our own sins upon the life of one who was innocent. It is easy to see the violence of sins such as murder or rape. But the violence is just as real when it comes to the. #0126 (Series: The Book Of Colossians: Jesus Is Enough pt.18 / Mini-Series: Rejoicing In Suffering pt.1 - Colossians 1:24) - In this episode, we take a tangent into the topic of Paul's sufferings and how He embraced Jesus' promise that we will suffer for His name's sake!. In this series, we dig into the Book of Colossians verse by verse, discovering why it is so important for your. John 11:45 NKJV. By allowing Lazarus to suffer and die, millions who have faced death have been comforted with the hope of the resurrection. By allowing Lazarus to suffer and die, millions have believed in Jesus as their Savior from sin and death. God wants us to prosper in heath and strength as we love and serve God with all of our health and.

Why did Jesus have to die? — The punishment for sin is death. God created earth and man perfect. But when Adam and Eve disobeyed God's commands, He had to punish them. A judge who pardons law-breakers isn't a righteous judge. Likewise, overlooking sin would make the holy God unjust Why Jesus had to suffer It is necessary for the Son of Man to suffer, and afterwards to enter in to his glory. Thus did Jesus state the necessity of his suffering. The question is, Why? The scriptures on this matter, as with all fundamentals of the Christian faith, is specific and repetitive The Lukan answer to the why of Jesus' suffering and death is complimentary to the Pauline understanding of the salvific value of the suffering and death of Christ. Luke, in his turn, explains Jesus' death in a more appealing and acceptable way to a non-Jewish community, who could not grasp the idea of an expiatory death by proxy Jesus experiences the pain that any human would, in that unanswered prayer in the garden of Gethsemane, which represented the eclipse of God. 7 It is in this place that Jesus feels the pain of damnation, a distance from God and lack of His presence, and his soul is tormented. 8 For Moltmann, it is essential that Jesus choose to follow his. (1) We suffer because we live in a fallen world where sin reigns in the hearts of men. (2) We suffer because of our own foolishness. We reap what we sow (Gal. 6:7-9). (3) We sometimes suffer because it is God's discipline. For those whom the Lord loves he disciplines, and he scourges every son He receives (Heb. 12:6)

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Why did Jesus Christ have to suffer? Essentially, Jesus Christ suffered and died because of sin—not His own sin, but the sins of all of mankind. Upon His return, one of Christ's first acts will be the binding of Satan as He takes the necessary steps to establish the Kingdom of God on earth Why Is Suffering Necessary? I understand that God is good, and that John 3:16 is at the core of faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and eternal life in heaven. And yet, as hard as it is to accept, God's people (i.e., those who tell others that they are Christians) experience suffering at the hands of friends, colleagues, and others The most important questions anyone can ask are: Why was Jesus Christ crucified? Why did he suffer so much? What has this to do with me? Finally, who sent him to his death? The answer to the last question is that God did. Jesus was God?s Son. The sufferi

The New Testament makes the claim in several places that Jesus told the disciples that the Hebrew Scriptures foretold that he (the Messiah) would suffer, die and rise from the dead on the third day. This is the complete passage found in Luke. But they were terrified and affrighted, and supposed that they had seen a spirit Catholicism and Suffering. Howard Kainz. Saturday, March 24, 2012. When a Catholic goes into a Protestant church, he will often notice a cross or crosses, but usually without a corpus. Catholic churches almost always have a crucifix; Orthodox churches also, but sometimes two-dimensional rather than three-dimensional Jesus Christ: The Man of Sorrows. One. First Reason: Sharing the Consequences of Original Sin. Of the many reasons why you must suffer, the first and principal one is this: As a child of Adam and a member of the great human family, you must, like all the rest of men, endure your share of the painful consequence of original sin Part of the reason why the Christian life is out of step with the world is because Christians are called to minister to the poor and the vulnerable. As Christians, we live as Jesus lived; we love as Jesus loved. We suffer as Jesus suffered. During his earthly ministry, Jesus consistently surrounded himself with the poor and the vulnerable For Christianity, redemptive suffering is the belief that human suffering, when accepted and offered up in union with the Passion of Jesus, can remit the just punishment for sins and allow to grow in the love of God, others and oneself. Why is suffering important in Christianity? Christians also pray for those who suffer and try to help them

The immediacy of Jesus' actions is important in understanding Jesus' view of suffering. Jesus does not question the man at length to determine whether he deserves deliverance or whose fault it is that he is suffering. Instead, we see Jesus' uncompromising view of suffering. He is here to confront it openly and defeat it through the. Why do we suffer? Does God have a purpose for pain—even the pains of His redeemed people? This 6-day study will consider how God is intimately at work in our suffering, providing Christians with hope in a future where pain and death will be no more Our text continues the theme of Jesus' humanity, showing us why He became a man: Jesus became a man so that as our high priest, He could offer Himself for our sins and come to our aid when we are tempted. He makes three points: 1. Jesus became a man, not an angel, because He came to save men (2:16) Jesus asked at Emmaus (Lk 24:26): Was it not necessary that the Messiah should suffer these things and enter into his glory? Yes, it was necessary -- but not because God willed it to happen exactly in that way. Q

Why is suffering important in Christianity? Christians also pray for those who suffer and try to help them. Evil and suffering in this life is a preparation for heaven . Evil and suffering give people a chance to become better people and improve their souls. They believe that God will reward them in heaven Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world. He was the sacrifice that was acceptable to God. The death of Christ was also a visible demonstration of the love of God for sinful humanity. His death should serve as an example for the believers. Believers are to love one another in the same manner as Jesus has loved us

Although there are many reasons why Christians suffer, I would like to address what I believe are eight of the most common reasons why there is suffering in our lives. #1: A Lack of Word Knowledge. Many Christians suffer because they're too busy seeking carnal knowledge instead of the Word of God Jesus carried the sin-weight of the entire world (1 John 2:2). It was the sin of the world that caused Jesus Christ to cry out, My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? (Matthew 27:46). Jesus' physical suffering was brutal, but it was our sins that caused Him the most suffering. Jesus' suffering and torture shows the hatred and cruelty of. The New Testament is a witness for Jesus Christ. But the Book of Mormon is also a witness for and a testament of Jesus Christ, and it gives us additional insights and concepts about why the birth of Jesus took place and why it was so important. There is no other book in all this world that tells us as clearly about the mission of Jesus Christ.

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Why Do Christians Suffer? Maran from India - part of our TWR360 audience - asks a simple yet profound and important question: Why do Christians suffer? There is a lot to be said about suffering in the Christian life. Many believers have a poor understanding of what God says about suffering, both in general and for believers In discussing Christian identity, we must remember that Paul viewed the dynamic gospel as indwelling and determining the activity of both apostles and churches (1 Thess 1:6-8). In Paul's thinking, it was impossible to have a church or an apostle apart from the gospel. The genuine presence of the gospel was the determiner of Christian identity. Jesus' Mother had once said words very similar to these, when she told the servants at the wedding in Cana: Do whatever He tells you. We can see now that the Transfiguration was a counterweight for the disciples to Jesus' dark but necessary prediction of the suffering in His path

Why is the blood of Jesus so important. Leviticus 17:11 says - For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given you the blood to sprinkle upon the altar as an atonement for your souls; it is the blood that makes atonement because it is the life Our body without blood is like a corpse. There is no life in it That's why the death of Jesus looks like gratuitous violence. The Bible is crystal clear on our predicament: ever since humans rebelled against God, we forfeited the right to eternal life. God cannot permit sinful, proud, selfish humans to live forever - we would only ruin the new paradise he has created Why is she suffering so much? My secretary's sister, Faith, gave her last twenty-five years to helping ghetto children. She was a godly, caring, humble disciple of Jesus Christ, doing everything He commanded her to do. She died recently, consumed by bone cancer The answer is yes. In God's infinite wisdom and intelligence, it's not only possible but even likely that God could have had other plans to redeem us from eternal separation from Him. But of all the thousands of ideas God could have had, he chose the sacrifice of Christ. 1 Peter 2:24 tells us, He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree.

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In the days of Jesus, nobody ever understood Isaiah 53 to be predicting the death of the Messiah. When Jesus said, I am going to Jerusalem where I will suffer and die, the Apostle Peter did not relate this in any way to the suffering described in Isaiah 53. Rather, Peter rebuked Jesus, saying, Be it far from you Lord, this shall not be unto. Why the resurrection of Jesus is even more important than his death. The death of Jesus is vitally important, because in God's arrangement it accomplished the purchase of 4 things at once: 1. Jesus died as an exchange or ransom for the first man Adam, whose disobedience had brought the penalty of death upon all men by the process of heredity Jesus, accordingly, was crucified there, that the standards of martyrdom might be uplifted over what was formerly the place of the condemned. [So] Jesus was to be crucified in the common spot of the condemned rather than beside Adam's sepulcher, to make it manifest that Christ's cross was the remedy, not only for Adam's personal sin. Further, after suffering and dying, Jesus rose again. In this way He opened eternal life for us, transforming death from an end into a beginning—turning death pangs to birth pangs. In becoming flesh as one of us, Jesus made our suffering part of His work of our redemption and salvation 'Suffering will raise my spirits, and far from discouraging me will give me the strength necessary to correspond with Thy grace.' 'Oh, how much I realize that by doing what the goodness of Jesus wills, every cross is changed into joy, suffering even becomes too pleasant

Necessary Suffering. Jesus embraced suffering as his necessary destiny. He taught his followers that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things from the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and on the third day be raised (Matthew 16:21) Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. (NASB) 2 Timothy 3:12. We will suffer if we believe in and follow Jesus. A true Christian wants to live a holy life and not one that is filled with sin. As a result we can expect to be persecuted and insulted just as Jesus was and is WHY DID JESUS HAVE TO SUFFER? Time after time I've heard people ask the question WHY?.When the tsunami happened, many people throughout the world asked Why? and came up with some very strange answers. When someone we love very much suffers greatly throughout a long illness we ask WHY? Jesus affirms that is was God's plan for Him to suffer when He addressed His disciples on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24:26-27. Jesus told them Was it not necessary that the Christ should suffer before entering into his glory? Then starting with Moses and going through all the prophets, he explained to them the passages throughout the.

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Although I have also struggled greatly with this question throughout my life (and still do at times), I have begun to understand the value of our suffering if we offer it up for the salvation of souls in union with Jesus' suffering on the cross. Yes, it is very hard to understand why suffering is a necessary part of love and of our salvation Pope John Paul II explains why St. Paul writes so much on suffering: The Apostle shares his own discovery and rejoices in it because of all those whom it can help - just as it helped him. Jesus then answered, Oh how can you be so slow in heart to believe in all the things the prophets spoke! Was it not necessary for Christ to suffer these things and to enter into His glory? Jesus basically gave them a lesson about how important it was to keep their faith in this dire moment when many who knew Him believed He was dead

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wrong. The Bible describes how Jesus would come suffer and die for us according to God's will. For example, consider Isaiah 53, which was written 750 years before Jesus was born, yet who describes how the Messiah would suffer and die to save God's people from their sin. The cross was not a mistake Suffering is no joke - nor should you want it - but it can end up becoming your window onto a brighter world. 7. Suffering can deepen your faith and spiritual life. Suffering can deepen our faith and spiritual experiences. All life suffers in the literal sense. Organisms feel cold and hungry, animals being hunted feel fear And living in a sinful world includes suffering. So, the question is not why people suffer but what God has done about it and how He can work in and through it in our lives. We can take sin seriously and make it personal. We don't ask why God allowed it but ask Him to show us how He might use it our lives and the lives of those around us Jesus was buried, not only to fulfill the prophecy He made His grave with the wicked (Isaiah 53:9), but also so that we would not be able to doubt His death, on which our salvation depended. Pilate even posted a guard to make sure that Jesus' tomb was sealed so His disciples could not steal His body (Matt. 27:64-66)

Jesus actually chose to suffer so that He could one day bring an end to suffering for the rest of us and offer us comfort right now. Therefore, it was necessary for Him to be made in every respect like us, His brothers and sisters, so that He could be our merciful and faithful High Priest before God God's will made it necessary for Jesus to suffer and die. Our condition made it necessary for Jesus to suffer and die . March 28, 2021. Jose Perez. Jose Perez. What Does All this Mean? Jesus' Last Word . Get Connected, Live Connected. If we push out any major updates or events you'll receive a newsletter about it. First Name Jesus endured all that suffering as an innocent man. Our understanding of the inevitability of suffering does not mean that we should regard it with complacency. It is a core part of the Christian vocation to seek to relieve the suffering of others. Some do this through their work (doctors, nurses, engineers, plumbers, and so on)

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Yes, those who follow Jesus do suffer (at least to an extent). Knowing Jesus involves fellowshipping with His sufferings, according to Philippians 3:10. Jesus said that a servant is no greater than his master. Since the Master (Jesus) was pers.. Jesus' suffering. And so we come to the suffering of the only truly righteous man. In Peter's words, as he witnessed to Christ at Pentecost: this Jesus, delivered up according to the definite plan and foreknowledge of God, you crucified and killed by the hands of lawless men. Acts 2:23 ESV. Why does God allow the righteous to suffer And love was without beginning, it is and shall be without end. And for this love he said very sweetly this [to me]: 'If I could suffer more, I should suffer more.' He did not say, If it were necessary to suffer more, but: If I could suffer more; for although it might not have been necessary, if he could suffer more he would Why are we still tempted? This is because forgiveness alone was not the ultimate goal of Jesus' life, nor is it the ultimate goal of a Christian. In fact, forgiveness is only the beginning. Jesus Himself indicated this very clearly: If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. Why did Jesus Christ suffer and die upon the cross? This post is a chapter from Dr. Timothy Tennent's book, 30 Questions: A Short Catechism on the Christian Faith available for purchase from our store. This resource makes for a great teaching tool in local churches, especially for catechesis purposes

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Here, the blood of Christ represented the suffering and death Jesus endured as a sacrifice for our sins. Ephesians 2:13 states, But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. Here the blood of Christ refers to the sacrifice of Jesus that provided access to God and a relationship with Him Why Was Jesus Crucified. According to the gospels, the main charge against Jesus was that he claimed to be the king of the Jews. The Roman soldiers were mocking this idea when they dressed him in a purple robe and pressed a crown of thorns onto his head. This was also the charge written on the sign at the top of the cross to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. (2 Timothy 3:12). Suffering will be a reality for us in one form or another until Jesus returns. The issue of suffering is a complex one, since there are many kinds of suffering, many possible reasons for each kind, and often many perplexing mysteries Theology of suffering is the study of what the Bible says about suffering while considering who God is and the current state of humanity. Many different cultures have their own interpretations of why people suffer. For Christians, it is important to have a Biblical view of why God allows suffering and how we are to go through it When Jesus is exalted upon the Cross, lifted up, and it says in St. John's Gospel, that is when he is glorified, when he is lifted up. He enters into his glory, of God the Father at his right hand, through [suffering], by being lifted up upon the Cross. That's a very important way of speaking, especially in St. John

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Christ Wanted To Die For Us. In John 10:17-18 we read that Christ said He chose to die for our sins. Yes, the Father sent Him, but He also voluntarily wanted to die to save us. He was God the Son who wanted to die for us. For this reason the Father loves Me, because I lay down My life so that I may take it again Why Are We Here, Just To Suffer? Jesus already took the burdens of life for us when He died on the cross. He stands between us and the Father as our mediator so that we can pray to God and receive without guilt, anger, doubt, frustration or any feeling that feeds into anxiety and that will keep us from being thankful Today, much of the church's focus on the person of Jesus is on His divinity, to the point that aspects of His humanity are often overlooked. This can lead to a lack of understanding regarding such a critical part of His nature. It is important, therefore, to understand why Jesus took on flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:14) Matthew 16:21 (Jesus's sacrifice was necessary) Luke 22:39-46 (Jesus's suffering in the garden) 1 John 1:7 (Jesus cleanses from sin) 2 Nephi 9:21-22 (the Savior suffered for all people) Mosiah 16:6-8 (resurrection possible only through Jesus) Alma 11:40-45; Mormon 9:12-14 (all to be resurrected) Isaiah 1:18 (sins shall be made white

While all those words are important, and each is necessary, I would suggest that the keyword in Romans 5:3-4 is knowing. No one wants to suffer. But as children of God, we are able to rejoice, even in times of suffering. Why? How? Because we know. We know that God always has a purpose in all things Look in the mirror. So for someone's suffering to be as unjustifiable as Jesus' was, God must have a reason for suffering. Even among those whom He loves. Jesus was more than good. He is perfect in every way, but yet He suffered so that we might not have to if we trust in Him. That's as bad of suffering as much as anyone has A: It is more precise to say that Christ suffered and died for our redemption. He opened the gates of heaven for us — gates that we couldn't have opened ourselves. In his wisdom, though, he wants us to do our part in terms of making amends for our sins. Even sins that are absolved in the confessional might still have a temporal punishment. Why is suffering allowed is a question asked by everyone who believes in God. Then there's free will. Would we give it up in order not to suffer any longer? I know I wouldn't. I don't want to suffer but that is part of living in this world. What we can all do is jump in to help alleviate this suffering everywhere we find it in the world

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Jesus spoke these words to his disciples on the night he was betrayed. They knew this was a critical time. Jesus had talked about leaving and about the world hating them. Grief filled their hearts. But they were unwilling to take this grief to Jesus, unwilling to ask him to explain why and to help them understand. Rather they wallowed in self-pity The New Testament uses the Old Testament image of the Suffering Servant (Isaiah 53:5) and applies it to Christ. The theme of Jesus's death as a sacrifice is most drawn out in the Letter to the.

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