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Kwanlin Dün First Nation now has its own Lands Act, legislation years in the making that leaders say will help citizens fully benefit from what settlement lands have to offer and is an important step towards self-determination.. The act was passed earlier this year and came into effect Oct. 15 but was marked with an announcement and celebration at the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre Oct. 20 The Government of Yukon does not provide land for homesteading or any land free of charge. We determine a value for agriculture land and collect it through the land development process. We carefully consider all applications to ensure the land: will support agriculture; an Explanatory note: The Appointments table is a list of all appointments in force made under the authority of the act, with links to each appointing Order.Note that this the table only includes appointments made by way of Order-in-Council, Ministerial Order or Commissioner's Order An Act to approve, give effect to and declare valid land claims agreements entered into between Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada, the Government of Yukon and certain first nations in Yukon, to provide for approving, giving effect to and declaring valid other land claims agreements entered into after this Act comes into force, and to make consequential amendments to other Acts (Redirected from Yukon land claims) The Yukon Land Claims refer to the process of negotiating and settling Indigenous land claim agreements in Yukon, Canada between First Nations and the federal government. Based on historic occupancy and use, the First Nations claim basic rights to all the lands

The federal government's Yukon Act, which received royal assent on March 27, 2002, established Yukon as the territory's official name, though Yukon Territory is also still popular in usage and Canada Post continues to use the territory's internationally approved postal abbreviation of YT 83. Developments to conform to land use plans and zoning regulations 84. Subdivision must comply with Act or Land Titles Act, 2015 (Yukon) 85. Application for authorization to develop 86. Issuance of authorization to develop 87. Request for approval to subdivide 88. Decision - approval to subdivide 89. Revocation of authorization to develop 90

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Legislation. We've recently moved Yukon legislation to this website which went live on June 24, 2021. You can find what you need by using the menu at the top. If you cannot find what you're looking for, contact us and we'll help you out Yukon Act. S.C. 2002, c. 7. Assented to 2002-03-27. An Act to replace the Yukon Act in order to modernize it and to implement certain provisions of the Yukon Northern Affairs Program Devolution Transfer Agreement, and to repeal and make amendments to other Acts Land Titles Act, 2015 — YUKON LAND REGISTRATION DISTRICT Version: 1 RO: 7 Page 2 of 2 February 7, 2018 SCHEDULE A Application by a Settled First Nation to have the Registrar of Land Titles (Yukon) Cancel Certificate(s) of Title, in the name Her Majesty the Queen and/or the Commissioner of Yukon describing First Nation Fee Simple Settlement Land 3 (1) Subject to subsection (2), this Act applies only in respect of territorial lands under the administration of the Minister. Marginal note: Nunavut. (2) Sections 9 and 12 to 16 and paragraph 23 (k) apply to territorial lands under the administration and control of the Commissioner of Nunavut. Marginal note In areas of high demand Yukon government makes land available through the Agriculture Planned Land Application Review (APLAR) for applicants who wish to establish commercially viable farm operations. Agriculture Branch (AB) is releasing one 5 hectare non-soil based lot near Gentian Lane, approximately 25 km southeast of Whitehorse

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The Kwanlin Dün First Nation, Yukon's largest, is celebrating the finalization of its modern Lands Act. The act allows the First Nation, the territory's largest private land owner, to allocate settlement land to its citizens Subject to sections 2 and 3, the Yukon landsdescribed in Schedules 1 and 2 are withdrawn fromdisposal under the Lands Act. Section 1 does not apply in respect of any substances or materials that may bedisposed of under the Territorial QuarryingRegulation; and forest resources that may be disposed of underthe Timber Regulation Yukon First Nation celebrates new Lands Act. Duration: 02:30 2020-10-28. The Kwanlin Dün First Nation, Yukon's largest, is celebrating the finalization of its modern Lands Act. The act allows the.

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Yukon. Lying in the northwestern corner of Canada and isolated by rugged mountains, the Yukon borders Alaska to the west, British Columbia to the south and the Northwest Territories to the east. Historically, it is indelibly associated with the great Klondike Gold Rush. October 18, 1867. Government and Politics KDFN offices are closed to the public without an appointment. Masks must be worn in all KDFN buildings and offices. You cannot enter a KDFN workplace for 14 days if you have been outside Yukon or had contact with someone from outside Yukon. Click here for the most up-to-date (as of June 15) pandemic guidelines for Citizens, staff and the KDFN.

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The First Nation is the largest private landowner in Whitehorse, owning a total 1,042 sq. km of settlement land. The new Lands Act also gives KDFN authority to create and enforce laws on. Homesteading in Canada is a thing of the past. Most land that is not owned by a private party is Crown Land and is managed by the government. While all Canadians are entitled to camp on Crown Land for up to 21 days, claiming a piece of land as your own and developing it is illegal and is often referred to as squatting.There are a few alternatives to homesteading on government land in.

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  1. There are 14 First Nations in Yukon.Eleven of these nations are self-governing, while the remaining three are governed under the Indian Act.The 11 self-governing First Nations have legislative and executive powers much like a province or territory.In 1993, they signed the Umbrella Final Agreement (UFA) with the governments of Canada and Yukon
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  3. In 2003, a new Yukon Act completed the devolution process with regards to land, water and resource management. Federal Representation Unlike the Northwest Territories councils from 1905 to 1967, Yukon's appointed officials were all residents in the territory
  4. Background. Land-grant laws similar to the Homestead Acts had been proposed by northern Republicans before the Civil War, but had been repeatedly blocked in Congress by southern Democrats who wanted western lands open for purchase by slave-owners. The Homestead Act of 1860 did pass in Congress, but it was vetoed by President James Buchanan, a Democrat.. After the Southern states seceded from.
  5. Mortgage Residential.Land Titles Act (Yukon).TABLE OF CONTENTS.Section1 TERMS YOU NEED TO KNOW 2.Section2 HOW THE MORTGAGE WORKS 4.2.3 Type of Mortgage 5.2.4 Payment Provisions 6.3.1 Interest Rate 6.3.2 Compound Interest 7.Section4 YOUR REGULAR PAYMENTS 7.Section5 BANK ACCOUNT FOR PAYMENTS

The Yukon government amended its Land Titles Act so its settlement lands could be listed on the territory's land registry — a requirement for bank financing — without affecting Aboriginal. New Land Titles Act regulations are first of their kind in Canada WHITEHORSE—The Government of Yukon has proclaimed the Land Titles Act, 2015 and enacted its accompanying regulations, an unprecedented milestone for the territory and the country C. 2015 / 208 DÉCRET 2015 / 208 TERRITORIAL LANDS (YUKON) ACT LOI DU YUKON SUR LES TERRES TERRITORIALES LOI DU YUKON SUR LES TERRES TERRITORIAL LANDS (YUKON) ACT TERRITORIALES Pursuant to section 11 of the Territorial Lands (Yukon) Conformément à l ' article 11 de la Loi du Yukon sur les Act, the Commissioner in Executive Council orders as.

15 (1) For greater certainty and subject to section 14, the Supreme Court of Yukon has jurisdiction in respect of any action or proceeding arising out of this Act or out of a self-government agreement of a first nation named in Schedule II. Marginal note: Federal Court of Appeal or Federal Court. (2) Nothing in this Act shall be construed so as. 1. The submerged lands rule providing lands under river to state ownership applies to navigable rivers only. 2. To reach her opinion, Justice Kagan had to ignore the plain language of the law in subsection 103(c) of the Alaska Lands Act (ANILCA) The Alaska Native Allotment Act of 1906 authorized the conveyance of up to 160 acres (64 hectares) of non-mineral lands to individual Alaska Natives, for lands they used as residences, seasonal camps, hunting, fishing, gathering, or other purposes. The Act was repealed in 1971, after which no new applications for Native allotments could be. The Central Yukon Planning Area is approximately 56 million acres, of which approximately 13.1 million acres are BLM-managed public lands. Other federal lands in the planning area include portions of the Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, the Koyukuk, Innoko Northern Unit, Nowitna, and. Maps - Kwanlin Dün First Nation. Click here to view the Kwanlin Dün First Nation Settlement Land Map in a new window. Kwanlin Dün First Nation Traditional Territory: click here to download. Settlement Land Map (1:50,000): click here to download. Settlement Land Map (1:250,000): click here to download. Settlement Land Signage

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  1. C. 2010 / 92 DÉCRET2010 / 92 TERRITORIAL LANDS (YUKON) ACT LOI DU YUKON SUR LES TERRES TERRITORIALES LOI DU YUKON SUR LES TERRES TERRITORIAL LANDS (YUKON) ACT TERRITORIALES Pursuant to section 11 of the Territorial Lands (Yukon) Le commissaire en conseil exécutif, conformément à Act, the Commissioner in Executive Council orders as l.
  2. Alaska: Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, December 2, 1980, P.L. 96-487: Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska Series title Alaska Boundary Serie
  3. The repeal was unsuccessfully opposed by RRDC, one of three Yukon First Nations which has not yet signed a land claim agreement. The Open Entry Mining System in the Yukon. Under the Quartz Mining Act, a claim to resource rights is acquired by staking the parcel. The system is open entry, meaning any individual may claim un-staked land.
  4. The Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) is a United States federal law signed by President Jimmy Carter on December 2, 1980. ANILCA provided varying degrees of special protection to over 157,000,000 acres (64,000,000 ha) of land, including national parks, national wildlife refuges, national monuments, wild and scenic rivers, recreational areas, national forests, and.
  5. The Land Claims Act extinguished the Dawes Act (Native Allotments). There was no land classification in the Yukon Flats until the Land Claims Act of 1971 created Regional and Village Corporations
  6. signed the 1862 Homestead Act enabling over 1.6 million people to claim federal land intended for small farms. Homesteaders included men, women, freed slaves, and European settlers. During the homestead era, about 270 million acres of federal land were claimed in 30 states, from Florida to Michigan to Alaska

Do you need to access boundary or survey information about Canada Lands? (These include lands in the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut; more than 3,100 Indian reserves; Canada's national and historic parks; and Canada's offshore area as defined in Section 24 of the Canada Lands Surveys Act.). Under the Canada Lands Survey System (CLSS), our Surveyor General Branch (SGB) defines. AN ACT RESPECTING PLACER 1\fiNIXG IX THE YUKON TERRITORY C'IIAPTER 64, R.S.C., 1006 As arnended by Chapter 54 of 6-7 Edward VII., Chapter 77 of 7-8 Edwar

Their legislative powers are enumerated in specific federal statutes (the Yukon Act, the Northwest Territories Act and the Nunavut Act). From a practical perspective, the territorial legislative powers are quite similar to those of the provinces under the Constitution Act, 1867, but the relevant statute must be consulted in each case On April 1, 2003 the Government of Yukon took over administration of all lands and mineral resources in Yukon. Legislation was created that mirrors the Territorial Lands Act, the Yukon Placer Mining Act and the Yukon Quartz Mining Act. As the new statutes are not yet accessible on the Interne On 1 December 1978, US President Jimmy Carter designated the Yukon Flats as a National Monument on the basis of the Antiquities Act of 1906. In the course of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act of December 2, 1980, the area boundaries were changed after political criticism and the status was downgraded to that of a wildlife refuge including the Western Interior-Bering Sea and Central Yukon RMPs. Additionally, BLM has failed to consult with affected Tribes. Subsistence values, which are guaranteed to Alaska Native residents under § 802(1) of the Alaska Native Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA),[2] in addition to related cultural values, are put at high risk b 9.2.0 Yukon Settlement Land Amount 81 9.3.0 Yukon First Nations' Settlement Land Amount 81 9.4.0 Land Negotiation Restrictions 82 9.5.0 Balanced Selection 83 9.6.0 Crown and Settlement Land Exchange 84 Schedule A Allocation of Settlement Land Amount 85 CHAPTER 10 SPECIAL MANAGEMENT AREAS 87 10.1.0 Objective 8

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Pinned search result. Find information about COVID-19 in Yukon. Supports for Yukoners and businesses. Guidelines and resources for industry, health professionals, Yukoners and at home. Displaying 1776 - 1800 of 7175 results Africa is the world's second-largest and second-most populous continent, after Asia in both cases. At about 30.3 million km 2 (11.7 million square miles) including adjacent islands, it covers 6% of Earth's total surface area and 20% of its land area. With 1.3 billion people as of 2018, it accounts for about 16% of the world's human population.Africa's population is the youngest amongst all the. Download Regulations For The Disposal Of Petroleum And Natural Gas Rights The Property Of The Crown In Manitoba Saskatchewan And Alberta The Northwest Territories The Yukon Territory The Railway Belt In The Province Of British Columbia And Within The Tract Containing Three And One Half 3 1 2 Million Acres Of Land Acquired By The Dominion Government From The Province Of British Columbia And.

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Details. Created: 04 November 2020. In April of 2019, the Parties to the Yukon Forum (represented by leaders from the Government of Yukon, Yukon First Nations, and the Council of Yukon First Nations) sent the Council a series of recommendations that stemmed from their review of the implementation Chapter 11- Regional Land Use Planning On 1 April 2003, Yukon became the first territory to officially take control of its land and resources. This was achieved by an amendment to the Yukon Act. Party System. Candidates for seats in the Yukon Legislative Assembly have run under a party banner since 1978. (See Canadian Party System. As per section 78(1) of the Lands Act land regulations, administration is requesting this parcel be sold for nominal consideration ($1) as a public purpose parcel. Kosick also explained owning well properties is viewed as being better for the city for rights to access, maintenance and more Open government. Open government is designed to improve government transparency, and ensure better collaboration between Government of Yukon and citizens. This portal is a collection of datasets and publications by government departments. The public can use and access this data freely to learn more about how government works, carry out research. Yukon Water Board. The Yukon Water Board is an independent body established under the Waters Act and the Water Board Secretariat provides administrative support and works on the Board's behalf. Under the Yukon Waters Act, the Yukon Water Board issues water licences for various activities for the use of water and/or the deposit of waste to water

1964, and the Western Province (Land and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1970; and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing. Volume: Volume 12. Document: Lands Act.pdf. Public Financial Management Handbook. Amendment Acts. No. 20 of 2015 . Act Number 41 of 2010 . Bills. Lands (Amendment) Bill 2010 But before getting back to the high stakes/high rewards of the season, Tony Beets and his family had to quarantine for two weeks on their land in the Yukon. And for Tony, that wasn't exactly easy Establishment of Land Management Regime Land Code and Individual Agreement. Marginal note: Adoption of land code 6 (1) A First Nation that wishes to establish a land management regime in accordance with the Framework Agreement and this Act shall adopt a land code applicable to all land in a reserve of, or in a parcel of lands set aside for, the First Nation and that land code shall include the. The Yukon government has signed an agreement to establish a separate school board for First Nations in the territory, paving the way for schools geared specifically toward Indigenous students

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Both the Yukon Placer Mining Act and the Quartz Mining Act permit free-entry staking unless there is a withdrawal order that restricts staking, Veinott-McKeough said in an email In May 2018, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change announced her commitment to track and report on critical habitat protection for other terrestrial species at risk with critical habitat identified on non-federal lands. In fulfillment of this commitment, this first multi-species report: 1) reviews the extent to which existing. Yukon Land Use Planning Council; Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act Board; Yukon Water Board; Fish and Wildlife Management Board, including the Salmon Sub Committee; Dispute Resolution Board; Surface Rights Board; We are aware that our People have different ideas of what should be happening on our lands and to what extent Contact: Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation Natural Resources P.O. Box 94 Old Crow, Yukon Canada, Y0B 1N0 Tel: (867) 966-3261 Fax: (867) 966-380

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The Bureau of Land Management has proposed opening more than 13 million acres of public lands in Alaska's Central Yukon region to oil, gas, and mining Legislation of the Northwest Territories. This page provides an alphabetical listing of consolidated territorial Acts and associated regulations. These materials can also be accessed via the legislation search service. The Acts are the laws approved by the Legislative Assembly, and the regulations are laws that are authorized by an act relating. This service standard does not apply to survey documents related to surveys under the Land Titles Act — Nunavut, Land Titles Act — Northwest Territories or Land Titles Act — Yukon. Our standard: We record survey documents within two business days from the date it is approved or confirmed. Our target: We aim to meet this standard ≥ 95%. The British North America Act of 1867 established Crown Lands as a provincial responsibility. Only land petitions for Upper and Lower Canada (Ontario and Quebec) were retained by the Government of Canada. With the acquisition of Rupert's Land in 1869, western lands came under federal control

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Yukon's regulatory regime. Environmental assessments in Yukon are governed by the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act (YESAA). The Yukon Environmental Socio-economic Assessment Board has an important role in the protection of the environmental and social integrity of Yukon. An independent arms-length body, its role is to. In addition, the remaining three Yukon First Nations (Liard, Ross River Dena Council and White River) have not completed final agreements so they and their members are still entitled to relief from the GST/HST as set out in TIB B-039. Reserve status: For purposes of section 87 of the Indian Act, there are no longer any reserves in the Yukon. Alaska Federal Subsistence Management Program. The Federal Subsistence Board (Board) met January 26-29, 2021 via teleconference to consider 13 proposed changes to Federal subsistence fisheries regulations, one nonrural determination proposal, 12 fisheries closure reviews, the individual customary and traditional use determination process, and. Rod and Ekaterina Baker were subsequently charged with two counts each under Yukon's Civil Emergency Measures Act: failure to self-isolate and failure to follow a declaration The Gwich'in received fee simple title to 22,422 square kilometres of land in the NWT and 1,554 square kilometres of land in the Yukon. Included in that total, the Gwich'in also own 6,158 square kilometres of subsurface, including mines and minerals that may be found to exist upon or under these lands Canada Lands surveys: Tools and data. Access tools and geographic information system (GIS) / computer-aided design (CAD) datasets to help you find legal survey plans and related documents, as well as information about surveys in progress. Find geospatial representations of parcels of Canada Lands as well as cadastral datasets, oil and gas grids.