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In the fall of 1970, Oba Waja found the Yoruba Village of Oyotunji in Beaufort County South Carolina, and began the careful reorganization of the Orisa-Vodu Priesthood along traditional Nigerian lines. He was initiated to the Ifa priesthood by the Oluwa of Ijeun at Abeokuta, Nigeria, in August of 1972 Egungun festival in Oyotunji. Sheldon, South Carolina - Oyotunji African Village The palace and much of Oyotunji African Village is now full of grand stucco sculptures, monuments, and even homes. It is not the crumbling concrete I expected to see. The sign at the entrance is no longer on wood but is done with stucco Honoring Ancestors: Egungun Festivals in Porto-Novo-Benin and Oyotunji African Village-South Carolina. 12-minute film edited by Aaron Granat. 2016: Whirling Return of the Ancestors: Egungun Performances in Benin. A 10-minute compilation of Egungun performances in Benin, 2013, installed as part of the exhibition at the RISD Museum, Providence. Oyotunji, och bekannt als Oyotunji village, African village oder Oyotunji kingdom (op Yoruba: Ọ̀yọ́túnjí), ass en Duerf am Oste vun den USA a South Carolina dat no afrikaneschem Modell gebaut ass a wou d'Awunner probéieren déi traditionell Liewensweis vun de Yoruba, am haitegen Nigeria, nozeliewen.Oyotunji ass nom ale Yoruba Kinnekräich Oyo benannt a bedeit Oyo steet erëm op

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CHAPTER 1: INDIA Dance, Mythology, and Devotion in South Asia 1.1 Devadasi in Hindu Temples: Dancing Servants of God 1.2 Colonialism's Impact on the Devadasi Tradition 1.3 Bharata Natyam: Concertizing a Sacred Form Case Study: Rules on Indian Classical Dance from the Bharata Natya Shastra 1.4 Kathakali: Narrative Dance Theater from Kerala 1.5 Metamorphosis of the Performer Case Study. Bloomington, Ind.: Indiana University Press. Based on his 1983 doctoral dissertation and extensive field work in Ghana, Cuba, and finally New York City and the Oyotunji Village in South Carolina, this is a well-documented, highly scholarly, historical, and ethnographic study on Santería

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  1. The lineage of this house began under the leadership of Babalawo Sangodina Ifatunji, Ile Jalumi in Maywood, Illinois which is a mission of the Oyotunji, South Carolina lineage; then to Ara Ifa Ijo Orunmila in Los Angeles, California, under the leadership of the Olubikin of Ile Ife, Oloye Fasina Falade, who was initiated by the past Araba Agbaye.
  2. The asiento is centrally about the creation of a new earthly locus of oricha. is, the establishment of a. power-that. shrine-and the parallel birth of a new. generation of priesthood to serve and. channel that power for human benefit. Asiento refers to the seating of spiritual. power, ache, in the material world (aye)
  3. gton ⴢ indianapolis .̀ s.un across the O Waters a yoruba goddess in africa and the americas Joseph M. Murphy & Mei-Mei Sanford editors Publication of this book is made possible in part with the assistance of a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, a federal agency that supports research, education, and public.
  4. Creole Religions is a major step forward in the slow work of enlightening readers to the historic struggles and cultural triumphs of Caribbean peoples. Their traditions have now become world religions, as we find Rastafarians in South Africa and babalawos in the Netherlands
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Together, they embarked on a road trip and photographic project to document a village in South Carolina named Oyotunji. Established by African-American emigres from New York in the aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement, the village's life and running was based on the customs of a traditional West African village. Oyotunji still exists today. The African Theological Archministry (ATA) is a charitable and spiritual 501(c)3 nonprofit organization chartered in the state of South Carolina in 1980. It spawned as a cultural, historical and spiritual movement in New York in the 1970s from the Sango Temple, a branch of the ancient spiritual traditions of the ancient Isese of the Yoruba and Vodun of the Fon, that was founded by Oba. 87 Figure 4. Map displaying the population percen tages of blacks vs. whites in 1850Â's South Carolina. Sinha, Manisha The Counter-R evolution of Slav ery: Politics and Ideology in Antebellum South Carolina (Chapel Hill, NC: The University of North Carolina Press, 2000) p. 118 PAGE 100 88 Figure 5 To consider two theoretical issues in African American social movements as posed in Introduction, this paper scrutinizes the Yoruba American socio-religious movement histori- call Shortly after my graduation as a Photojournalist from San Francisco State University, my first assignment will be a visit to Oyotunji African Village at Sheldon, South carolina. Historically, North America's oldest authentic African settlement. This authentic Yoruba village was founded in the 1970s by Oba Oseijeman Adefunmi I. His followers came from New York, Chicago, and Indian

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