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What's the Cost to Replace Siding? Enter Zip to Receive Bids from Siding Experts. Compare Up to 4 Siding Estimates. Find a Contractor that Fits Your Budge Hollow core, $150. and up, solid core, $400 & up (include the hardware. These figures were from 2011 so use your discretion. I also do it to consider how much time each item will take and charge based on estimated time. Also allow for your tools, travel, and other expenses in your estimate As our numbers show in 2021 average cost that homeowners paid for trim installation in Wayne county is between $441.00 and $3,309.00. This Drip Edge Installation Ontario Quote Includes: Average labor costs to install trim in Ontario, New York. Average costs for materials and equipment for drip edge installation in Ontario As our numbers show in 2021 average cost that homeowners paid for trim installation in Malheur county is between $398.00 and $2,987.00. This Wainscoting Installation Ontario Quote Includes: Average labor costs to install trim in Ontario, Oregon. Average costs for materials and equipment for wainscoting installation in Ontario

How much does trim installation cost? Dec 18, 2018 The average total cost of trim installation projects ranges from $350 to $570 nationwide, and trim installation costs per linear foot can range from $4.50 to $6 for installation and painting of simple baseboards, chair rails and crown molding The total cost of labor for installing the new trim is between $410 and $660, almost all of which is for installation. This project requires about 6.3 hours, with an hourly rate ranging from $65 to $105 per hour. The major tasks included in this labor cost include measuring and cutting the trim as well as nailing the trim and caulking the holes

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  1. For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 125 linear feet, the cost to Install Trim Molding starts at $6.82 - $10.34 per linear foot. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. To estimate costs for your project: 1
  2. It comes in several styles and materials, so it has a wide range of associated costs. The national average range for installing trim is between $80 and $200 per window, with most people paying around $125 per window for painted cedar exterior trim. At the low end, you can install MDF interior trim for around $50
  3. Install decorative glass in entrance door . $500.00 - up . New Storm door . $450.00 - up . Install patio doors - brick wall . $2,500.00 - up . Install patio doors - wood frame wall . $2000.00 - up . Replace existing patio doors . $1000.00 - 2000.00 . Install basic skylight . $1,000.00 - up . Install venting skylight . $1,500.00.
  4. The cost to install all interior trim in a 1500 square foot house should be between $1,770 and $2,740. The cost to install all exterior trim in a 1500 square foot house should be between $4,840 and $5,910. Whether interior or exterior, vinyl trim looks best when installed by a professional
  5. Labor Cost to Install Baseboard Trim The labor cost to install baseboards is $4.90 to $7.75 per linear foot. Baseboard materials are pretty inexpensive (only about $0.80 to $1.20 per linear foot). Labor makes up most of your price
  6. In Ontario, the average cost to supply and install a new patio door is $2,100 for a two-panel, pre-hung sliding door, tax excluded. All figures include labour and related materials such as casing along the interior side of the new frame, as well as removal and disposal of your existing french or sliding patio doors
  7. Home Window Replacement Cost - from $200 - $2,000 per Window. An exact home window replacement cost is hard to give, as the average cost ranges anywhere from $200 to over $2,000. This range is so great because of the many factors involved in getting an actual quote, including: The size of your windows. How many you need replaced

Professional installation starts around $1.50-$2 a linear foot when included as part of a larger flooring or remodeling job, or $2-$4 for a stand-alone trim installation--making it $120-$320 for labor for a living room, or $750-$2,000 for for an average-sized home. Also, how much should I charge for cleaning baseboards? Cost to Clean Baseboard Average Cost per linear foot for Baseboard Installation in Ontario The average cost to Install Baseboards in Ontario 2021 is $4.81 to $8.32 per linear foot. Always make sure to make all hiring decisions carefully and to make sure the contractor is fully insured, bonded and licensed

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  1. Depending on the brand and the thickness of drywall needed for installation, the per sheet price is going to range from $9.50 to $18 each, average price $11.25 each. Installers can often get access to lower unit prices for drywall if they buy in bulk. A 12' by 12' room = 12 panels for the wall, 5 more for the ceilin
  2. Cost of painting trim and ceilings. As well as walls, if you want other features painted such as trim or a ceiling, add about $1 per square foot for trim and a flat ceiling is about $0.50 per square foot. A stucco ceiling (also called a popcorn ceiling) costs about $1 per square foot. Preparation work costs
  3. um insulated doors for a new house construction or rough - in ready installation costs $1,200.00 in the London Area. Garage door opener $350.00 - 500.0
  4. Professional installation starts around $1.50-$2 a linear foot when included as part of a larger flooring or remodeling job, or $2-$4 for a stand-alone trim installation--making it $120-$320 for labor for a living room, or $750-$2,000 for for an average-sized home
  5. No additional charge for carpet, pad, carpet removal and disposal fees. Cost excludes moving furniture and floor trim installation. Reported by: ProMatcher Research Team: 92879, Corona, California - July 14, 2018 Carpet Installation $5.10 - $7.97 per square foot (mid-grade with padding) Estimated quote considers the cost of carpet installation

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  1. A leading interior trim company in Toronto, Expert Crown Moulding is proud to offer GTA homeowners interior trim services to elevate the appearance of their home. We specialize in: 1. Crown moulding installation. 2. Waffle ceilings installation. 3. Wainscoting installation
  2. Vinyl Siding Installation - 91761, Ontario, California. $3.82 to $5.51 per square foot (mid-grade siding) This is a general price for vinyl siding installation. Cost includes mid-grade vinyl siding and cleanup. Excludes insulation, trim, and moldings. Reported on July 31, 2018 by ProMatcher Research Team
  3. g, Drywall installation, repair and plaster) Baseboards, trim and Caulking) Bathrooms (Toilet, Sink, Mirrors, etc.) Plumbing (Sink, Faucets and Washroom leaking), Washer ,Dryer , dishwasher Hookups) Mounting (picture frames, mirrors, blinds and curtain,) Professional.
  4. Labor cost to install baseboard trim. A typical baseboard installation with paint should cost approximately $3.50 per linear foot and around $3.25 per linear foot without paint. For the average 10 x 10 foot room, it should cost around $500 for the baseboards and any additional trim for one window and one door
  5. Average Cost per linear foot for Baseboard Installation in Toronto The average cost to Install Baseboards in Toronto 2021 is $4.49 to $7.72 per linear foot. Always make sure to make all hiring decisions carefully and to make sure the contractor is fully insured, bonded and licensed

For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 1 door, the cost to Install a Prehung Door starts at $375 - $578 per door. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. To estimate costs for your project: 1. Set Project Zip Code Enter the Zip Code for the location where labor is hired and materials purchased Here are the common door parts and hardware pieces you may need: Knobs/Handles: $10 to $300 each. Hinges: $2 to $20 each. Door Jamb: $100 and up. Door Slab: $100 and up. Threshold: $50 each. Deadbolt: $15 to $300 depending on manufacturer and model. Glass: Varies. Door Insulation: $5 to $25

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  1. Step 1: Enter Zip Code. Step 2: Describe Project. Step 3: Get Quotes From Pros. Avoid The Stress Of Doing It Yourself. Enter Your Zip Code & Get Started
  2. Cost of Interior Trim and Molding Installation in Ontario, California $9.28 per linear foot (mid-grade trim or molding) (Range: $8.74 - $9.82) Free Estimates from Local Pro
  3. Star Crown Moulding always provides Crown and all your trim needs at wholesale cost. Saving our customers even more money. Please take a look at the Star Crown Moulding Facebook Page for more photos and reviews of our work. We look forward to taking your home to the next level of Luxury. Call us today (647) 869-3884
  4. No order is too small for Custom Trim. We want you to feel comfortable with your installation, if you decide halfway through that you prefer to not do the job yourself, call us and we can set up to have one of our own experienced installers do it at a reasonable cost
  5. How much should I charge per sq. ft. to trim a 6500 + sq. ft. custom house with 7 1/2 inch crown downstairs, 5 1/2 inch upstairs, hang doors, run casing and base? I'm a master carpenter, not a master estimator. Please help! Forum Responses (Business and Management Forum) From contributor C: Sit down and work out your cost per foot of moulding
  6. The Cost to Install Baseboard Trim estimator will provide you with up to date pricing for your area. Simply enter your zip code and the Lineal footage, next click update and you will see a breakdown on what it should Cost to Install Baseboard Trim installed at your home. Baseboard Trim Costs Zip Code Per Lineal ft

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The DIY prices have been adjusted to reflect 2012 material costs. Remember, these prices are for a quality installation and paint job. CROWN MOLDING-103 (54′ lineal feet) Professionally installed for about $648.00; DIY for about $162.00; You Save $486.00; DOOR TRIM-103 (3 ea., entry, closet and master bathroom Trim & Mouldings; Interior Doors; Door Hardware; Flooring; Info 460 Applewood Crescent Unit 2 Concord, ON L4K 4Z3 Call us at 905-851-0025 Subscribe to our newsletter. Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sale Most carpenters will charge $300 to $400 per day to install crown molding in your home. How many days it will take for your carpenter to install crown molding in a room or home depends on the carpenter. This is a good reason to get a quote in writing for the task at hand. That is a legally binding document if you have it in writing Start with the side pieces first and remember to leave a space at the top to allow the top trim to fit past it with out hitting the finish trim. This is a shot of the side of the garage door and you can see we butted the finish trim tight up against the weather stripping. The door trim will slid into the finish trim giving it a nice finished look Electrical Work & Repair Costs. The average cost to hire an electrician to install or repair light fixtures, outlets, switches, or fans ranges from $141 to $419 with homeowners spending $280 on average. For larger electrical jobs like installing wiring or replacing an electrical panel, expect to pay $2,000 to $6,000.. Get free estimates from electricians near you or check out our pricing guide.

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  1. Interior Trim and Molding Installation $25.00 to $75.00 per hour $1.50 to $5.00 per linear foot (mid-grade trim or molding) $1.00 to $5.00 per linear foot (baseboard installation) Provide professional and quality service at a low and reasonable rate. Reported by: Shane Rys, Done-Right Construction See the Stafford Carpentry Cost Repor
  2. DOORS. The door is the first impression to any room. Our various sizing and looks offer unique styles for all spaces. Available in hollow or solid-core moulded panel doors, solid recess panel wood, shaker rail and stile, & a large variety of French/glass doors. Door heights range from standard 80″, 84″, 90″ & 96″ tall
  3. Total cost. $31 - $44. $0.97 - $1.38. 100%. 1 All prices in the chart are for basic installation or hanging, typing, mudding often refers as patching, sanding and primer application of gypsum boards in standard rooms with 8' - 9' high ceilings. Installation of drywall on arches, tray, coffered, vaulted, cathedral ceilings or on the custom.
  4. Crown molding installation: 12'x14' room, 52 linear feet of materials, wood molding: Item. Cost. Materials- $3.50 per linear foot. $182. Labor- $6-$12 per linear foot. $312-$624. Setup/Cleanup- $15-$25 per hour, 1-2 hours total. $15-$50
  5. ute fire-rating; prehung, with standard lockset, all trim, hardware, and touch-up. $418. each. 1. $418. Upgrade: additional cost for a medium-duty fixed exterior awning; alu

Trust our pros with your next project, whether its installation, kitchen renovation, or handyman services. Special offers on select services - get a free quote now The elevator costs between $15,000 and $25,000. Retrofitting it costs about $20,000, but installing in a new construction costs about $10,000. Installation on each extra floor costs an about $10,000 because of the extra materials and labor used Precast concrete window and door trim can be used around windows, doors, or any other opening. They can add to the architectural design (classical, southwestern, colonial, etc.). Several standard colors are available. The main types of trim we offer are step surrounds and channel surrounds The average price for installation or replacement of kitchen cabinets is $69-119 per linear foot. This Home Depot guide will explain the cost to install new kitchen cabinets or replace existing ones so you can decide which options are best for your budget Crown Moulding throughout the house. Trim and Moldings review in Toronto. 9 months ago. The team at VIP was fantastic. We met at their location in Vaughan and appreciated their advice on sizes and styles, they were always prompt and responsive. Day of the installation they were timely and very cordial. It was easy to communicate to the team and.

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The average cost to install hardwood flooring is between $4 and $10 per square foot whereas refinishing your floors costs about $3.75 per square foot. Most homeowners spend between $2,200 and $8,100 to install new wood flooring vs. an average of $1,550 to refinish The cost to install a drop ceiling is around $5.50/sq. ft. when a contractor is hired to handle the installation, or about $2,750 for 500 square feet. DIY installation costs an average of $2.75 per square foot. High-end drop ceiling installed cost exceeds $8.00 per sq. ft

Aside from the jigsaw, none of these tools costs much, so it's usually cheaper to buy rather than rent them. Home centers carry the same quality tools the pros use. Installing Aluminum J-Trim. We Nail J-channel against the existing soffit into the soffit framing. We custom cut the soffit panels to size and prepare the material for installation cost to install window blinds Calculator. For your project in zip code 23917 with these options, the cost to install window blinds starts at $51.85-$109.85 per blind. Your actual price will depend on job size, conditions, finish options you choose. Window blinds are a great way to enjoy a beautiful view without having to sacrifice privacy Home Renovation Cost Guide provides accurate price estimates for the most popular remodeling projects. You can calculate the cost of a full house remodel and the cost to gut and build a new house. Get accurate remodeling costs per square foot for top projects such as: bathroom, kitchen, house addition, attic, basement, flooring, windows, roofing, siding, decking, HVAC, electric and over 45. Fiberon. 4-in x 4-in Fiberon Composite Railing White PVC Deck Post Base Trim. Model #POST SLV MLDG 4 WH F. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. Freedom. 4-in x 4-in Matte Black Aluminum Deck Post Base Trim. Model #73041370 Hardie Board Siding - Total Average Cost per square foot. $7.45. $9.75. $12.35. Cost can add up quickly, especially if you're a novice and have never attempted a Hardie Board Siding installation before. I would strongly recommend you hire a licensed and Insured siding contractor to perform the installation for you

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Simple Exterior Window Trim Anyone Can Do. March 2021. If you are looking to add curb appeal to your home, this is a simple way to do so. Frame out your windows. This is a dramatic and easy way to make your Saved by Vasea Tverdohleb. 7.4k Experienced: An-Trim Overhead Doors is a second-generational family-owned-and-operated business that has been serving their customers across southern Ontario for more than 30 years. Professional: We pride ourselves in our quality of work as well as our customer service. Our foremen are not only experts in their trade, but they are also friendly, proficient and a pleasure to work with Quarter Log Siding.... The most economical way to give your home the full log appeal that you've always wanted for a just splinter of the cost! Available in 2 popular sizes.....2x6 & 2x8 Pine in smooth or hand hewn texturePrice in cart includes a current - 20% off Sale! (62.5 sq. ft. packages)That's only $2.65 a sq. ft. for 2x8 Smooth Tongue & Groove Log Siding!Check Possible Shipping Times. MDF is cheap, at least compared to wood molding. Wood molding can also vary in cost. Clear pine is one of the more common stain grade materials and can run from $.50 to $1.50 a lineal foot, compared to the $4 -$5 per stick for comparable MDF. If you're working with hardwoods like Oak, Maple, or Cherry, the price can go up dramatically There's a whole other level to siding. It's called Celect® Cellular Composite Siding by Royal®. Engineered to elevate your entire home exterior with gorgeous, virtually seamless looks, Celect is durable, virtually maintenance free and compatible with any home design

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Most other online estimates of house siding costs are unrealistically low. Many other resources take the cost of the basic material and add the base installation costs to reach their total. — This approach fails to consider accessories like trim, supplies and fasteners that can add $1.50 to $2.50 per square foot. Vinyl Sidin Canamould is the leading manufacturer of durable, low cost exterior and interior mouldings, architectural details and limestone fireplaces. 1-866-874-6762 905-264-443

Auto Trim Design & Signs is your vehicle accessories, automotive window tinting and vehicle graphics headquarters. We provide full colour signs, banners, vehicle wraps, vehicle striping, boat and snowmobile lettering and graphics. We can accessorize your car or truck to make it unique to reflect your style or business all in one visit and. On average, the cost of installing below-ground, prefabricated egress windows may be between $2,300 to $5,000. While calculating an egress window installation cost, consider three kinds of expenditure: window unit ($200 - $1,000 apiece), egress well, ladder, as well as cover price, and the installation. For a clear idea, you can always get a. Adjustable Trim Clip (7239) makes AXIOM Classic Trim compatible with WOODWORKS and METALWORKS panels that drop greater than 3/8 below the grid flange. Crisp-edge detailing and excellent corrosion resistance compared to steel systems. AXIOM trim is part of the SUSTAIN portfolio and meets the most stringent industry sustainability compliance.

Wolverine American Legend™ coordinates with Vinyl Carpentry® Decorative Trim and Soffit so you can create and achieve the look you desire. Panels are available in a wide range of coordinating trim colors. Three Classic Styles: Double 4 Woodgrain Clapboard. Double 4 1/2 Woodgrain Dutchlap. Double 5 Woodgrain Clapboard Read trusted reviews on local pros in Ontario, California from real people. See reviews for home, auto, and health services in Ontario Molding and Trim Painting Services in DeSoto, TX. Painting the molding and trim in your home may seem like a small detail but at CertaPro Painters® of Cedarhill-Seagoville, we know the difference it can make in any room.If you have a small room, painting the molding and trim will make the room appear more spacious

INTERIOR TRIM. We have over 60 years of finish carpentry experience in the Ottawa and surrounding area. Pride, honesty and a quality commitment help us to exceed our customer's expectations. We provide delivery and installation services to both residential and commercial clientele. We have a wide variety of trim options for your home from. If you want any kind of modification in your home designs and decoration and also if you are thinking to refurnish your Kitchen Cabinet Installation Cost Ontario then you will certainly have to think some good ideas in home decoration. Redecoration is one of the best suggestion to reveal your Kitchen Cabinet Installation Cost Ontario and also passion to interior designing As for baseboard prices, uninstalled baseboards may cost $50 to $75 for an 80 feet living room and $300 to $500 for an average sized two-story home. The cost to install baseboards, however, may range from $1,100 to $3,000 for an entire average-sized home. Of course, the baseboard installation costs will depend on many factors Trim-Tex is the premier manufacturer of vinyl drywall beads & accessories. We coined the term Drywall Art and serve as a Design & Training Center

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For example, an average 2,000 square-foot house typically has about 450 linear feet of walls. Costs to wire the house are about $3,800 on a national average. Note that while these rough-in costs include cable and electrical boxes, they do not include the installation of the devices or light fixtures, which comprise an additional cost Siding and Trim :: Weyerhaeuser. Enjoy single-source convenience and draw on Weyerhaeuser Distribution's buying power. Partnerships with leading manufacturers enable us to supply many popular brands of siding, trim and fascia. Choose from a wide range of panel, lap, shingle, trim and soffit profiles to suit every budget and home design, as. Option 1) Professional Installation. The price for a fully outsourced egress window installation varies by geography, but the total project cost for a professional installer typically starts at $4000 and ranges up to $6500 including the cost of a smaller window and other components. Larger windows add more to the total cost, of course, for both. Installation is a breeze with easy-to-follow instructions. Trim Tabs for Small Boats. When shopping for boat trim tabs for smaller boats, automatic trim tabs are a smart choice and are offered in two styles: stainless steel and thermo-molded composite. These boat trim tabs are easy to install and automatically adjust to boat speed, water. 25 reviews of Ochoa's Painting Ochoa's Painting (Guillermo) came out and quoted the job. He gave me a great price, so I hired him. He exceeded my expectations. Told me the job would take 3 days and he finished it in 2 days. He and his associate did a great job. Cleaned up well & he was great to deal with from the first meeting. Highly recommended

Our prices include complete potlight installation with white trim and premium 7.5W LED bulb.Trims are also available in different color and material for an extra fee (Stainless steel, Nickle finish, black, silver and brushed aluminum). Prices vary, please call 647-680-QLTY for more info Vertical siding is perfect for achieving the board and batten look. Comes in 5 ExpertFinish colors (or preprimed) Available in cedar texture, smooth finish (Panel only), and stucco (Panel only) Next. 2 / 6. Trim. Material used to frame windows, doors, walls and more. Product Details. Great for home, shed, and light commercial applications Paint Cost Estimator calculates how much it costs to paint a room or the entire house. Get instant price quotes for professionally painting all rooms in an existing or new construction home. Average cost to paint a 1900 sq. ft. house is between $2,625 and $3,953, and about $300 to $500 for a single 140 sq. ft. room. These prices can vary, depending on amount of prep work, repair, and other. The cost is slightly higher, too at around $1,500 to $2,000 in addition to the cost of a pier-and-beam foundation. Floating slab : The most popular type of permanent foundation, a floating slab is exactly what the name suggests - a concrete slab, around 6 inches thick, that is laid on top of the ground

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Hookup costs and fees, including trenching, are covered under Utilities, but it doesn't hurt to review your water and sewage plan with your plumber. Make sure all costs are covered for fees, pumps, trenching, plumbing, wiring (to a well pump or pumped septic system), pressure tank, water treatment, and whatever else is required Labor Cost. Vinyl plank flooring installation cost is $1.50-$2.75 per square foot for most jobs. Cost factors are explained in detail below, but the most important one is who installs the flooring. DIY installation is free, except for tools you might need to purchase. Vinyl Plank Flooring Prices. These pricing ranges are general General pricing guidelines for new tires: Inexpensive tires will generally be in the range of $50 - $150 each. Moderately priced tires will usually be in the range of $100 - $300 each. High-end tires (ultra-high performance or specialty off-road tires) can be $300 - $1000 each. While these tire prices may seem high, remember that tires are a. Proudly family-owned and operated since 1991, Cornice Trim Ltd. has the reputation to get things done cost-effectively, with efficiency and in a timely manner. At Cornice Trim, we offer crown moulding, wainscoting, waffle & coffered ceilings among other decorative moulding complimenting and adding to the finishing touch to a residential or. Wallpaper Installation Ontario Projects - Cost Breakdown: $505.48 to $926.44 - typical hourly labor costs seen for wallpaper installation Ontario projects in 2014. $77.69 to $84.13 - typical costs associated with Ontario wallpaper installation projects in 2014

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Expect to pay from $250 per square (100 square feet) to $450 per square in material costs including trim and supplies. Installation Costs. Hardie Plank Fiber Cement Siding on a Cottage style home. Professional warrantied installation (not including the cost of materials and supplies) will typically cost between $400 and $900 per square (100 sq. Cellular PVC Trimboard and PVC Moulding Products: VERSATEX offers cellular PVC trimboard as a great alternative to wood. Our PVC trim offerings come in trimboard, sheet, cornerboards, beaded profiles, soffit, fascia, frieze, column wraps, mouldings, and our innovative stealth trim system

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Ready Pine is the fast and convenient way to install your pre-finished tongue and groove pine for ceilings and walls. Pre-finished panels. Our superior fit end-matched panels come pre-finished and sealed on the back to prevent warping. No more messes. Choose from variety of factory applied stains and say goodbye to drips, runs and odours A new resource to support Royal® professionals with product information, resources, webinars, videos, sales tools, and installation guides Elevate all of your outdoor living spacein style with Duradek. With over 40 years of proven performance and more than 150 million square feet of vinyl. installed, Duradek offers a waterproofing solution for a variety of deck styles in both. residential and commercial applications. 45+ years It will cost between $18,000 to $29,000 to install standard stucco siding on an average sized home. The ROI (Cost-to-Value Return) is a bit low compared to the other siding options, coming in at 70%. In some regions, it is much higher, as the quality and chosen texture pattern makes it more coveted

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With GenStone, you can have the look of stone or brick without the mortar and mess. More importantly, we've engineered the labor out of the install, so GenStone is DIY friendly and costs about 50% less than masonry work. GenStone fastens to any existing flat surface including wood, brick, stucco, concrete and drywall 100% non-combustible over the entire life of the roof. Standing seam. for residential and commercial roofs that require architectural (requiring a roof deck) and structural (requiring a suitable roof frame only) profiles. $10-20 / sq.f. (material + labour cost). The price depends on the type of metal and on roof design Installation Supplies Costs. If you're putting together a supplies list and prices for how much to drywall a ceiling, here is what you'll need and their costs. 25 to 40 cents per square foot | Standard Drywall Panels, 1/2″ and 5/8 thick. This works out to $8.50 to $18.00 per 4×8, 4×10 or 4×12 panels. Larger panels cost less per. Shadow & Reveal Beads. Trim-Tex Architectural Reveals and Shadow Beads are available in a wide variety of widths and depths. The properties of rigid vinyl allow the reveals to form around curved walls with the additional benefits of built-in expansion. Show: Beads & Accessories. Beads & Accessories Beads Accessories High-end aluminum railing panels cost more than $85 per linear foot at The Deck Store, so our retail cost range is broader at $36-$90 per linear foot. $28 - $80 per post | Post Kits including post, cap and connecting and mounting hardware. An average deck rail post cost is about $35 - $60 3/4 x 7-1/4. SHIPLAP VS. NICKEL GAP. SEE NICKEL GAP PRODUCT INFO. WindsorONE offers Nickel Gap products as an alternative to the true shiplap profiles: SHIPLAP: Choose your own reveal, Reversible/ Smooth or Rough-Sawn, Protected with a 30yr Warranty. NICKEL GAP: Consistent pre-set gap for easier installation, Smooth Finish.