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If you pick a Live Photo, the app will ask you if you want to use the still photo or the Live one. You can choose whether each Live Photo plays on a loop, and even add music to your moving collage... As the main camera is 12 megapixels and the Live Photo is 1.5 seconds long, taking too many shots will soon make you run out of space. A single Live Photo is comprised of a 3-4MB.mov file and a.. It's not a dealbreaker as I'll still have the Live Photo versions on my Macbook and iPad, but it would be a shame to lose them from my phone if I can avoid it. I know it's silly but I'm quite attached to some of the video clips that have been captured in my Live Photos. Thanks in advance for any info you can give me

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  1. LiveData Overview. LiveData is an observable data holder class. Unlike a regular observable, LiveData is lifecycle-aware, meaning it respects the lifecycle of other app components, such as activities, fragments, or services. This awareness ensures LiveData only updates app component observers that are in an active lifecycle state
  2. When that is done and dusted, here are the steps required to send live photo as GIFs WhatsApp-. Step 1: Open photos in your device, and navigate to the live pictures album/folder. To do this, select the album tab and click the one named 'Live Pictures'. Step 2: Select the Live Photo you want to convert into a GIF
  3. Part 1. Export Live Photos with USB Cable. Step 1 Connect your iPhone to computer. Go to This PC and find iPhone storage under Devices and driver The photos of iPhone can be copied to computer directly by device connection. Thus, it could be an easy way to export live photos to computer directly with USB cable. Step 2 You need to sort the photos if you only want to select live photos
  4. As we mentioned, Live Photos are nothing but GIF images with audio, so we are including apps that let you create GIF images with audio. So, here's how you can get Live Photos on Android: Apps that bring Live Photos feature on Android. Phogy 3D Camera; Phogy is one of the best apps if you want to recreate iOS' Live Photos with an original twist
  5. Open the Live Photo. Tap Edit. Tap the Live Photos button . Move the slider to change the frame. Release your finger, then tap Make Key Photo. Tap Done. You can also toggle the Live Photo effect between off and on. When you're editing a Live Photo, tap the LIVE button at the top of the screen to turn Live Photo off or back on
  6. Tips: If you want to share the Live Photos, Open the Photo and click on the Upward Arrow sign in the bottom left corner. Now, select the Air Drop or Messages to share this photo with your friends. Make sure that you have the live icon on the photo. However, if you just want to send these photos as normal, click on the Live button and it will turn OFF
  7. Open the Photos app on your device > Tap on the live photo you desire to turn into a GIF. Step 2. Swipe up the photos you choose and you will see four live photo effects - Live, Loop, Bounce, and Long Exposure. Step 3. Choose an effect and turn back to Albums > See photos as GIFs in the newly created Animated Album

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Live Photos currently only works on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus so make sure you have one of those first. Sorry old iPhone users. To take one, open the Camera app and make sure the circular icon in. Select the Live Photo you want to send, then tap Send. In addition to text messages, you can send photos, videos, voice messages, your location, and even money (via LINE Pay) in LINE chat rooms. If you're an Android user: You can use Google Drive to back up your chats You can then paste the photo into an Office document, an email message, or to your desktop. Edit a photo from your Android device on your PC. You can open an image in Windows Photo Editor, modify it as you wish, and save it on your PC. Windows Photo Editor lets you edit an image, print it, add it to a slide show or album, and more 3 years ago. Try with Google Photos, it supports Apple Live Photos. 6. level 1. Comment deleted by user 3 years ago. 1 more reply. View Entire Discussion (2 Comments) r/AndroidQuestions. The place to get help for any problems you have related to your Android device and the Android ecosystem

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  1. The easiest way to transfer Live Photos is to use AirDrop.. Starting with macOS Sierra 10.12.3, Apple added a new Live Photos Smart Album to Photos.It can be accessed either from the Sidebar (⌘ cmd ⌥ opt s) or in Albums view (⌘ cmd 4).. Once you're in there, select all the Live Photos you want to transfer, then right-click, Share → AirDrop. To use AirDrop, you will need one of the.
  2. If you lose an Android phone or tablet, or Wear OS watch, you can find, lock, or erase it. If you've added a Google Account to your device, Find My Device is automatically turned on. Learn how to make sure that your device can be found if it gets lost
  3. If you're running Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7 and want to view Live Photos on your PC, you have a couple of options. You need to either play the MOV video file using a media player, convert Live Photos to GIF images first on your iPhone and transfer them to your PC to view them, or transfer Live Photos to your PC and then convert to GIF to view Live Photos on your Windows 10 PC.

Send an existing photo or video. In a message conversation, tap . Select a photo or tap All Photos to pick a photo from your Photos app. After you choose a photo, you can edit the photo or use Markup before you send it. Just tap the photo thumbnail in the message thread and select Markup or Edit. Tap to send That photograph you took is stunning, but you know what would make it look even more amazing? Projecting it onto a big screen. With Smart View, you can wirelessly connect a compatible Samsung device to a Samsung Smart TV. Beam photos, videos, presentations, and games on a large screen to make them look bigger and better You will receive alerts when visitors press your doorbell or trigger motion sensors in your device. You will also get live streaming video and two-way audio. There is, however, a Ring Protect Plan available. Ring Protect will allow you to review share and save Ring videos. You can choose between Ring Protect Basic and Plus 1. Open Whatsapp from your Android phone's app drawer. 2. Once you are in the app, tap on the Chats tab located in the bottom part of the screen. 3. Open the conversation where you want to share your live location. The conversation can be an individual chat or a group chat. 4. Tap on the Attach button Like Method 1, please launch Photos app and choose the desired live photos in Live Photos album, and choose the effect of Live Photos you like. Step 2 . Tap the Share icon on the bottom and choose supported share platforms like Mail, Messages, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram and etc. to send your live photos as GIFs

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Google is rolling out the new features afforded by RCS as chat and it is part the existing Android Messages app - alongside SMS and MMS. While the app on Android phones is now widespread - you. 1) Install IPwebcam for Android in one phone. The phone that will be placed in the victim's room. 2) This application automatically turns on wifi hotspot and provide you the ip address of the phone. 3) Safely hide the phone somewhere in the room. 4) Turn on wifi on your phone and search for wifi connection. You will get the connection How to use live location - The Live Location feature allows you to share your real-time location for a specific amount of time with the participants of an individual or group chat. You can control whether and how long to share your live location. You can also stop sharing your live location at any time. Once stopped or expired, your live location is no longer be shared. Individuals who you.

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  1. Instead, you have to open the Camera app itself. At the top of the frame there are a series of icons. The one in the center --a circle with concentric rings-- is the toggle for Live Photos. If the.
  2. You can now stream your Yi 4K camera directly to YouTube and Facebook through a new iOS app. Not only can it send live to these servers, but it seems that it can stream to both of them simultaneously. For a quick introduction to how the app works, Mn_nH have provided a video showing how to set it up. They also have a sample video showing the.
  3. For example, if you want to tell a friend which coffee shop to meet you at, tap the location pin or the More icon, and then instead of choosing Share Live Location, tap the red pin in the upper right hand corner. From there, you can search for a place to share, or you can drag and drop the pin on the map. Then, tap Send

This also happens when sharing a Live Photo directly from Photos for Mac through Messages using the share action. This is the case on both the public version of OS X El Capitan 10.11. and the. The app, dubbed Xfinity Share, lets you stream live video as well as send photos and recorded videos to your own TV, or another Xfinity customer's TV. You can also stream live video and share. From here, you can either push the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen to talk to the person at your door, or you can send one of the three default Quick Responses. Sadly, it is not. You can send that link via an SMS message. Begin by logging in to your SimpleTexting dashboard and starting a new campaign. Make sure you select SMS as the type. In your message box, paste a link to a Youtube or Vimeo video of your choice. Utilize the URL shortener by clicking the Shorten URLs button above your text

WhatsApp has updated its iOS app to natively support GIFs for the first time. Users can now send and receive animated pictures - as well as convert videos to GIFs directly within the app TikTok is without a doubt one of the most popular social media platforms that lets you create and share short videos with the world. Sometimes some viral accounts can get really annoying and for that TikTok allows you to block those accounts. That brings us to the question — what happens if a user whom [ Answering questions. As the host, co-host, or panelist, click Q&A in the webinar controls.; Find the question you would like to answer. Click Answer Live to answer the question out loud during the webinar.; Click Answer by Text to type out your answer for the attendee. Type your answer and click Send. (Optional): Check Answer Privately before clicking send, if you would like to answer to the. Chat live with website visitors and create contact forms. Send quotes & invoices to negotiate and close deals. Run every part of your business and chat with visitors on the go. Capture leads, talk to customers and streamline your workflow. Create an engaged client network with a blog, groups & forums Select an Image to add a photo if you'd like. Click Schedule Live video on the bottom left. When you schedule a live broadcast, an announcement post is created and published to your page: people who see this can click Get Reminder for a one-time notification shortly before the stream starts up

The Safety 1st Baby Monitor provides a high-quality live streaming video connection to your mobile phone. Using our Safety 1st Baby Monitor App (iOS & Android compatible) and your home Wi-Fi network (2.4 GHz Required) you can receive real-time notifications on your mobile device when there is motion or noise detected If you are on the lookout for a way to view another person's cell phone's screen remotely, then you need to use TTSPY which is the ultimate app for monitoring someone. The app is available for most of the iPhone and Android devices. Use the app to find out all the answers you have been looking for All messages you send go to the outbox. How long they stay there depends on your settings. How long they stay there depends on your settings. Most users opt to Send messages immediately , so if everything is working as it should, you won't notice the message in the outbox because it will only be there for a second or two (Optional) Click on the drop down next to To: to change who you are sending this message to. Click File, then click Your Computer to send a local file. Note: You can also send a file from a third-party file sharing service. The following indication will be seen once the file is successfully sent re: Getting a live view from the camera to the computer. The quickest and easiest way is to plug the HDMI cable directly into your TV if it has an HDMI connector. If you want to use your computer monitor then you have a lot of choices. Most photography apps on computers use the USB cable to provide live view and control for the camera so it.

Your photos are automatically organized and searchable so you can easily find the photo you're looking for. Easily save and share what matters . Share photos and albums with friends and family. Bring moments to life with editing . Give the perfect moment a perfect finish with editing tools 2 and smart filters Pic.- Upload files; Once upload complete, press on the file until you see a pop-up message, select the option Copy the link. Go to WhatsApp, paste the link you copied and send it to your. If you are using an Android smartphone and want to send large files then go to play store and install an app called WhatsTools: Share File Via IM You'll learn how to go live on Facebook and stream video live directly to your page, events, and more! Learn how to live stream on Facebook with this tutoria.. Use Live-View since most rear LCDs have now a wide angle of view, you can still see what is in the frame from above and to the side. Buy a secondary monitor. This usually connect via the HDMI port and show you Live-View on a much larger screen which is positioned on an articulated arm. Use WiFi if your camera has it

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When you see the person you think you want to add, click on her face; this takes you to her Timeline. At the bottom-right corner of her cover photo is an Add Friend button. To add this person as a friend, all you need to do is click the Add Friend button. Clicking this button sends a Friend Request. When she accepts, you'll become friends Loud: Sends your message in a bubble that expands and shakes before shrinking down to its normal size; Gentle: Shrinks your message down to a tiny size before slowly reverting back to its normal size; Invisible Ink: Covers messages with a blurry screen that you have to tap or swipe to reveal what's underneath. To see the other type of animation you can send, tap the icon labeled Screen at. Select the product you need help with and find a solution Yahoo questions? Get 24/7 live expert help with your Yahoo needs—from email and passwords, technical questions, mobile email and more. Sign up here. Account; Create and manage folders in Yahoo Mail for Android. 4

To start a private chat, click on the NEW CHAT ICON and select PRIVATE CHAT. Select the recipient and send a message. The end-to-end encryption is complete once the connection has been established with the other user. Logging out of your Voxer account will erase all private chats. Note: Private Chats will only be visible on the device where you. 19. Use the volume buttons to take a photo or record a video in Snapchat. Yep, this is the same trick that works with your phone's default camera app. If you have a pair of earbuds or headphones with volume control then you can use those to take Snaps as well. You don't even have to hold your phone. 20 If you are facing any issue while adding a person using their live ID, you can send them an invitation link. Once they click on the link, they will be able to chat with you on Skype

In order to use this feature, a user needs to update his/her WhatsApp to the latest version and then send a picture to other users. For that to happen, it is important to open a chat, individual or group, and add a photo or video - either through the camera icon or the paperclip symbol on iOS and Android respectively A book for any occasion! Fill a Standard Photo Book with up to 366 photos perfect for vacations, special occasions, or a year book. Mini books, perfect for mini hands! Every month you'll receive a 30-page photo book with pictures straight from your phone. Transform your photos into beautiful wall art with our custom canvas prints

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If you happen to be an Android smartphone user with plenty of videos and photos stored on your device that you want to show others, you're most likely going to want to find a simple way to do it. Showing them off on your handset's miniature screen even if it's as large as 4.3-inches, isn't really the best option you have Faceter - Free DIY Cloud Video Surveillance. Faceter app for Android has the ability to organize video surveillance using a smartphone. In this case, you do not need to buy expensive equipment and install special software. With the help of our solution, you can watch the broadcast or access the saved videos in the cloud storage Photo Transfer App Easily transfer photos & videos to and from Computer and iPhone, iPad, iTouch & Android Transfer photos & videos over Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, no cables or extra software required. Your photos and videos are transferred directly from device to device using your local Wi-Fi network.They are not stored in an external server and they never leave your local Wi-Fi network keeping your. You're NOT going to be able to send software, hi-res pictures, or even big PDF files with the ease you're used to. We're talking bandwidths equivalent to a dial-up modem connection. And then.

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If you snapped a picture of a restaurant receipt, for instance, you will be able to use Live Text to tap on the phone number in the photo to call the restaurant. Or if you point the camera at a. Send Live Photos As GIFs in iOS 11 #5 To share the Live Photo on WhatsApp in iOS 11, select Photos and Video Library option for sharing. 3D touch on the Live photo from the album that appears. Swipe above on the next screen and you will notice free options arose in the screen 6) Send live photos as GIF images. The Live Photos feature introduced by the iPhone 6S allows you to create and send moving photos that only iPhone 67S and above owners can see. On phones without 3D Touch like the iPhone 5S, live photos are therefore not displayed. If you want to send photos on the go to iPhone 5S users or other previous models. AOL Help. Do you want to speak with a real person? Get 24/7 live customer support for your email and password issues with Account Pro by AOL for only $4.99/mo. 1-800-358-4860 A simple easy-to-integrate Camera Fragment for Android. CameraFragment preview directly the camera view, and provides a easy API to capture or manage the device. You can setup your own layout and control the camera using CameraFragment. CameraKi

Snapchat lets you easily talk with friends, view Live Stories from around the world, and explore news in Discover. Life's more fun when you live in the moment Google Photos free unlimited storage to end today: What happens to your pictures, videos Premium The free 15GB or the additional amount of data purchased is shared between Google Drive, Gmail and. Effective solutions are available to help you manage your data, for example, backup & restore iPhone, clean system files, transfer data across platforms and more. System Repair. Discover all the tips and tricks to fix iOS and Android system issues with ease. Problems related to Apple TV and others can also be answered. Data Recovery A wireless transmitter/receiver kit will let you stream your own content from anything that has an HDMI-Out port. You can reference our guides on how HDMI transmitters work and also reference our instructions on how to set them up, but the long and short of it is you plug the transmitter in on one end, and the receiver to the projector, and you have your content on the screen

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  1. Culture 22 Levels of Cardistry: Easy to Complex. Cardistry pioneers Dan and Dave Buck explain cardistry in 22 levels of difficulty. From a foundational Z-Grip to complicated cuts like the Leno.
  2. To send pictures and videos: Tap on Photo & Video Library. Tap on an image or video. If you want to add more, tap on the plus (+) icon in the bottom left and choose 29 other files (total up to 30). Finally, tap on the blue send button. If you want to add photos from the Files app, tap on More Apps. (left image below
  3. If the cast button is missing on your browser, here is what you can do: Double check that you have the latest version of Chrome. Connect your Mac or PC to the same Wi-fi network as Chromecast. Ensure the cast button is not pinned in the overflow on the menu (this could happen if you have several extensions on your browser) If this is the case.

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The Family Link app from Google helps parents stay in the loop as their child or teen explores on their Android device, and lets parents set certain digital ground rules for their family. First, a child/teen will need a compatible device ( see which devices work with Family Link ). Then, parents can start by downloading Family Link onto their. How to check read receipts - Check marks will appear next to each message you send. Here's what each one indicates: The message was successfully sent. The message was successfully delivered to the recipient's phone. The recipient has read your message. In a group chat, the second check mark appears when all participants in the group have received your message. Two blue check marks appear when.

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Step #2. Give it a name. Step #3. Tap on + Icon again → Tap on Upload Photos → Select the Photos and Tap on Next. Step #4. Finally, tap on Upload. That's all, folks! So this is how you can upload photos to Dropbox. The problem, however, is that the folder doesn't switch to a photo-view and the photos don't show up in the Photos menu Then when a user replies with the SMS keyword RESEND, you either re-send the entire text message to them, or just the hyperlink. By resending the text message to the user, the user will be able to click on the links in that text message, because they will have received a previous message from your long code or short code

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It allows you to read the incoming messages, and if you can't read the message from the notification panel, then it's a really good advantage for you. There's also a camera widget, and it's especially useful for those who have to upload many stories or to send many photos, so you can add your WhatsApp camera one click away on Android The last model that we reviewed is also disguised as an everyday item, a charging block. Compatible with Android and IOS devices, this hidden camera can send live stream video to your mobile device. The camera can support up to 128GB SD cards and can also be set to take pictures that it will send to you when activated Jonno Riekwel Product designer, Jonnotie 89 products. Dave Ambrose Venture Investor 79 products. Charlie Irish Consultant, Founder, Entrepreneur, Cresta Rider 73 products. Derek Shanahan Growth Marketer, Playerize 72 products. Murat Mutlu Co-Founder, Marvelapp 72 products. Adam Kazwell Product Manager 64 products 7. Storage Issues. You should pay attention to this only if the Apple Maps app is crashing. What happens is the app will stop working abruptly because there is no space left to write data and crashes

The ability to send video snaps was added as a feature option in December 2012. By holding down on the photo button while inside the app, a video of up to ten seconds in length can be captured. Spiegel explained that this process allowed the video data to be compressed into the size of a photo Zillow Help Center. Zillow Help Center. Categories. Professionals. Zillow Homes and IDX Feeds Announcement. Info for Lenders. Mortgages. Co-Marketing (Premier Agent Lender) Landlords and Property Managers