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The basic concept around this modification is to bypass the baffles and reduce the distance the gasses travel inside the exhaust canisters (cans), which creates a throatier, deeper, more V style sound. Basically, instead of the gasses performing two 180o turns, this mod allows the gasses to travel straight from the front of the cans to. here's how i modified the baffle plate. drilled 2 small holes in it. this allows me to retain the actual baffle and it's not nearly as loud as when you cut the baffle off. the 2 small holes open up the restriction of the baffle plate and give the exhaust more flow. these engines don't give off a lot of exhaust or a lot of pressure, so 2 small. I think you got it backwards-make the exhaust mods THEN get the jetting right. You will just have to make a change again. I cut my baffle with a saws-all, piece of cake. 10 mins, I welded mine closed at the end, 10 mins more work to make sure the two layers of metal didn't separate Note there is a baffle between the big and little holes in the middle of this tube, which is what you drill with a 5 by (up to) 3/4 drill bit, after having cut off the piggies with a hacksaw. This is another shot I had laying around from another baffle, that shows dimension with a ruler Cut these 2 loose. Cut these 2 loose and you then should be able to slide the big cover off. Once the cover is off you can then start drilling the spot welds the hold the baffle to the case. There should be 8 total spot welds. Don't be afraid of using a little bit bigger drill bit because it will make it a little easier to get off

17 Posts. #2 • May 12, 2009. i did the mod on my 01, i drilled a bunch of holes in the baffel, took a big pipe (big enough to fit inside the stock muffler) and hammerd the sh** out of it until the baffle broke off, then i pulled it out. its about 8 inches long. as far as the sound goes with my intake mod and the mufflerectomy mod it sounds. I marked end so they go back same place then cut the ends off with cut-off wheel, pulled out baffle, cut back pipes off where they came thru. disc #2 removed welds and small pipe sections. Then cut off 1-3/4 pipe flush to back of disc #2. Took finished baffle and drilled 5/16 holes thru. on 4 sides spaced 3/4 apart To make a long story short, I found a really helpful hobby mechanic who I gave the bike for a week, he also has access to a industrial cutter an d he cut the exhaust just before the second baffle chamber. I picked the bike up yesterday and it sounded great!! My only worry was that I would have performance issues as in running rich or lean

N0mad. Today I tackled for the second time the job of removing the welded exhaust baffle on my 2021 R nine T Classic. The first time I used the Dremel reinforced cutting discs and they were doing the job but there is little space between the screw posts and it started to get messy, so I stopped. Then I got a 9901 Dremel Tungsten Carbide Cutter. B.) The stage 1 baffles had (4) complete turns of 1/4 fiberglass wrap to equal 1 of packing !! I don't know if that's primarily for sound dampening or heat, as the cats would generate hot exhaust being located in the mufflers. You won't have any access to the baffles or wrap w/out cutting the cap off

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  1. Cutting out the Baffle with a hole saw. Interested to see how it affects the bike afterwards. Stay tuned for more as I continue enjoying every second of the.
  2. Cut through weld which is roughly in the middle of the muffler using angle grinder with thin cut off wheel. Cut and Bash out all baffle tubes and chambers this includes using a 32mm hole saw to release the centre tube from rear end cap; Re weld muffler back together remember to use old cutting disc to pack out the gap before welding, approx 2-3mm
  3. cut the front off the pipe off, again right in front of the factory weld, then take a hammer and chisel and knock out the factory core. So far the only tools i used were. Hammer. chisel. drill+ bits (1/8 and 3/8bits for the spot weld) sawzall. Tomarrow I will cut out the 7/8 tail pipe and weld in the 1-1/2 new pipe
  4. A free-breathing exhaust means less restriction and back pressure, which (in many cases, at least) can enhance horsepower, torque, throttle response and acceleration. After all, back in the 60s and 70s, a set of cherry bombs or glass-packs was an easy bolt-on way to squeeze some more horsepower out of your ride. 2
  5. The stocker with the baffle out will be more free flowing but not as much as a quaility aftermarket exhaust. and the air box lid removal is a MUST if you want better performance. 07 450er- HMF, Powermadd, ASV, ITP, Holz, U ni, Pro Armor , Pro Taper, Streamline, Tusk, Teixeira Tech, Laker Customs, Oury, GT Thunde
  6. Scout stage 1 exhaust baffle mods. Jump to Latest Follow Hey everyone! Enter your ride HERE to be a part of JULY's Ride of the Month Challenge! 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. B. BradDrummond · Registered. Joined 9 mo ago · 4 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · 9 mo ago. Just got a 2020 scout for my wife and she wants a bit more noise. Might cut the.
  7. Slash-Cut Exhaust Modification by Matt Arbogast This was surprisingly easy. After looking at some other examples, I figured I could do the same easily. I ordered a set of pipes off of ebay, cost $40. Then I went to Home Depot and bought a metal cut off wheel for my 10 chop saw and replaced the blade with the wheel

This pic is the Akra Titanium exhaust flow with the baffle cut short {on the inside} to increase noise. Note how exhaust now routes straight from chamber 1 to the 3 outlet tubes. Chamber 2 and chamber 3 now do nothing. Pic says baffle removed but with the tubes cut short...it's the same result Use the same diamond wheel to now cut these lines. This is the most time consuming part. When lines are cut put your wooden doll rod in the end of the tail pipe. Use a rubber mallet hold the muffler and beat the doll rod in tighten so it dos not move. Now cut off the end of tail pipe so only 1 1/2 inch's is left out the end of the muffler So I decided to mod my 2011 1700 Classic stock exhaust. Took off the end caps and drilled 8 holes in each plate on the rear of the baffle that is about 6 inside the pipe. No real difference in sound level. I am thinking about trying to get the baffles out. Do I just use a hole saw to cut around.. I have included a video at the end of the resulting exhaust note This is a mesh panel from B&Q. Cut one for each pipe to fit the circumference and exact length from where back plate was to the end plate inside Silencer Packing from M&P (£5) one packet will do both pipes easily. Cut same size as mesh Roll round spray can to get wide cylinde

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  1. If i were you i would remove the stock exhaust baffle cut the air lid HRC style and drill out the 3 way breather T and rejet the carb. So far ive removed my baffle and done the green wire mod and i can notice quite a difference already
  2. You can improve sound and flow of the exhaust, by drilling. You can drill holes in the back plate of the mufflers, bigger the better >5/16. Small holes can whistle, <5/16. You can also drill the end cap of the baffle. Requires drill extension of about 12-14 if done from the exit end
  3. If you cut off the muffler, you end up with a problem on your hands. One of the more popular mild modifications you can do to your exhaust is the 1-3/4 holesaw mod. Just get a 1-3/4 holesaw and drill out the rear baffle on your stock exhaust, it does remove some of the restriction from your exhaust and, in my opinion, sounds much better.
  4. cut it close enough to get a hole to cut the plate people are drilling. Maybe an 1 1/4 or an 1 1/2 don't remember what size I used. Then hole saw again with an hole saw that just fits in the pipe might be 2 7/8 or a 3 inch again don't remember. that will cut that plate out which will give you room to wiggle the hell out of the baffle in the pipe
  5. Well, just to update, for any of you that have the Akra Ti, I think I nailed it with my mod to the DB killer! With the baffle out, it really is just too loud, although performance is increased (I truly feel it). With baffle in, too quiet and choked. So I first removed (hacksaw) the 3 outer tubes (the tips are different lengths cut at an angle.

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V-Mod.com aka mainstreet motorcycles. Steve runs a good shop. There are two mods he does, the original V-Mod and the new V-Mod II The original V-Mod cut is simply removing the inner baffle of the pipe. I have been running this pipe for 4 years and love it. I like the swoopy looking pipe with the inner baffle gone, it sounds like it looks Joined Aug 18, 2009. ·. 5,592 Posts. #7 · Feb 23, 2017. Many people take a drill bit and drill holes into the baffles of a muffler. Harley guys, Suzuki guys, and so on. The problem with using a drill bit, and you see this when simply cutting off the pea shooter, is that the flat hole tends to make a noise of its own I bought a second end cap off eBay to try this on my 05' 400ex. I drilled the holes and cut the second end caps spark arrester and baffle off. ( I did weld a new SS screen on the modified end cap) My quad does breathe better now and it's sounds cool. All for about $20.00

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Insert baffle into vise with the pin that's the root of the nasty whistle vertically. The evil pin is held into place by the welds on the outside, grind that weld down until you see the outline of the pin. Flip the baffle, do the same on the other side Below are how I mode the muffler on both a 261 and a 241, as referenced by CBeal34 above. While you're in there, you might as well go ahead and advance the ignition timing. It's simple to do. Remove the flywheel and thin the key such that you can index the flywheel CCW about 1/4 on the OD of the flywheel. CBeal34 Re: Removing the baffles in a fuel injected bike I for one would not remove the baffles , that's the way we did it back in the old days but with the newer FI engines we have today you really need the back pressure the baffles provide . Slip on aren't that expensive and you can even find some good used ones on ebay or craig's list The guy at that link I sent says he went through many mufflers before getting it right. It was only when he worked with engineers and and got it all down pat that he was hapy with the sound. If you can find some used ones for $20-$30 it is worth a try IMO. My buddy just took his screamin eagle slip ons off of his 08 1200 XL, and used a rod to. VTX1800C exhaust mod for VTX1800R install. Tags This part is fun, I went through 4 cut-off wheels just for this procedure. Orient your parts. Notice I drilled out the welds, this saved huge amounts of time. The front part of the pipe killed my drill bit so I cut into it to remove the last 4 welds. Thanks guys, I would like to see if any.

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Because of many requests, here again is a condensed versoin of the Apache Baffle Mod I made to my not so Quiet Baffles This mod is designed for my 2002 VTX 1800C with removable slant cut tail pieces. Slight changes to my design may have to be made to accomodate other model bikes Have a read of this thread, a few people trying different mods to the baffle. I personally cut the two inner pipes halfway and sanded down the large outer ring/plate to make it easier to get in and out and it's made a massive difference to the sound As for your mod. The biggest benefit of the mod is to increase the size of the outlet pipe. You don't want to gut everything. In fact the internal muffler baffles act as a spark arrestor to catch any that might fly out your pipe. There is a USFS stamp on the muffler that states it is approved as a spark arrestor Slash-Cut Exhaust Mod : I love the sound of a Harley or S&S V-Twins with drag pipes. So I made mine sound just like them (only better). I ordered some internal baffles and cut away the unneeded parts. The results are below... Lots of questions on this mod: Cut off can mounts. 93db 12 feet away (idle) 1' from the side of the bike (idle.

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  1. Quickly and easily shift your exhaust system from street legal to full-race mode with exhaust cutouts from Summit Racing. Choose from both electric and manual exhaust cutouts in diameters ranging from two-inch to five-inch. Exhaust cutouts are available in a variety of materials and finishes from top brands like Quick Time, Pypes Performance.
  2. The baffle is tack welded in two places to each of these flanges. Use the hole saw to cut through the rear flange of the rear baffle. This gives you a nice smooth cut. Use a drift or hold an appropriate sized socket against the rear baffle tube with channel locks or vice grips and tap it sharply to break the spot welds on the front flange
  3. But since the clamps were broken off it gave me the chance to get a 2 hole saw in the back end to cut out the screen and I was able to then cut the mounts for the baffle. It took a little work but I got them out and then sealed the clamps back on with high heat JB weld putty and exhaust tape
  4. i Glass Pack (silencers). At the end of each Baffle there are the Baffles Plates

Discussion Starter · #1 · May 9, 2009. I am a new owner of an 05 C90 and would like a bit louder exhaust. I might have to add aftermarket, but I like the size and looks of the stock pipes. I have read for hours on this forum, thought I found a post that stated that you could not modify the C90 stock exhaust; but I cannot seem to find it again Doing this mod will make more of a difference on the 2001 and 2002 models because the newer ones have a battery in the air-box that restrict air-flow. Un-corking the Exhaust. The exhaust baffle on the WR250F is very restrictive because it has to be quieter and have a spark arrestor for trail riding. The exhaust hole is very small, taking away a. Joined Jun 22, 2017. ·. 138 Posts. #6 · Feb 14, 2018. There is a cheaper technique called 'coring' where you remove the end cap from your stock muffler , remove the cat and anything else you want to whilst your in there and then refit the end cap. I'm not familiar with the stock ninja 300 exhaust so dont know if it is just a matter of.

Exhaust diffuser and intake baffle - As noted before, the exhaust is too noisy with the diffuser removed. After a few minutes studying the diffuser, I decided that a hole in the upstream end and four holes in the sides would open it up sufficiently. next to the kill button. I had to cut off a small plastic locating pin in the bottom half of. So here it is, almost all of this mod was done like for like from the original with the exception of one step. First, remove the rear part of the exhaust including the cans (one piece). Remove the heat shields from the cans and set aside. This next step is where I vary from the original method. I cut the exhaust outlets off first, fairly close. Experiment.Removed Cat and Baffles Awesome thread ! Thanks to the forum for all the info. Figure i add to it my experiment. (It was kinda ghetto, wanted to try something cheap) Gutted the cat and removed the baffles. left DB killer on. Total cost about 100 bucks which included buying a riveter and used mufflers off ebay Make sure you don't push the bike forward off the kickstand. Once the drill bit drills through, you will be finished. All that is left is to turn the bike on and and listen to your new exhaust. Figure 3. Put some oil on the drill bit. Figure 4. Start drilling the exhaust baffle. Featured Video: Exhaust Drill Out Baffle Mod


The rear baffle comes loose in em. If you can find someone to weld the back of the muffler you can cut into it and remove the old one , then weld the back of the muffler back on. I will still be a touch louder, just without the rattle. It will also more than likely start backfiring when you let off the throttle once in a while I started off with Donut mod, by installing a 2'' washer in the pipe. Since the stock baffle is still is,all did was place a small pin between the washer and the pipe and slowly tap it in the place until it was stopped by the baffle Joined Nov 26, 2010. ·. 3,062 Posts. #11 · Jul 28, 2011. i tried several mods to my seII slip ons. lost alot of bottom end. put in a set of thunder monster baffles & haven't looked back. great sound & good torque 2:know '05 1200c stage I:USA:2guns

The baffle cut ratio should affect the muffler performance analogous to a shell-and-tube heat exchanger. Fig. 1 summarizes the tested configurations regarding the effect of baffle cut ratio. The muffler chamber length is 202.2 mm with diameter of 153.289 mm, the inlet and outlet pipes of the muffler has 104.78 mm similar to dimension of muffler utilized in experimental validation section Yep, drill the rivets out of the baffles and pull them out of the muffler. then cut off the section of pipe that goes up to the front of the slip-on, leaving the baffle at the output end of the muffler, it'll sound a lot better, it won't be real loud but it will be better First you have to drill the rivets and remove the exhaust end cover. Next I bent the flange of the end of the pipe back with pliers so I could access the pipe for cutting. Here it is after I cut it off: Next get a sawz all (recipricating saw) with a good quality metal cutting blade and cut off the pipe As it is, the exhaust I have on bike has had the end caps cut off so it's just a big opening and the baffles have had 3 big holes drilled into them. I'm looking for a deep thunder sound but I don't want to cut open the mufflers 3 different times to experiment with i The Python baffle mounting holes are different and will not accept a Propipe baffle. In addition, the Propipe Performance baffle is an open baffle and designed for a big cube/high output motor, otherwise it will kill your bottom end torque by moving its peak way up the rpm scale and your peak may drop off as well. B

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  1. Hi All, I finally got a 2014 Versys. My other bike is a KTM 690, so the extra cylinder, smoothness, and comfort have me very happy. I really like the look of the stock exhaust, and how it looks seamless on the bike, but the sound is just too damn quiet. I don't long for an ultra loud, look..
  2. 6.2 EcoTec exhaust mods. This exhaust modification was done on a 2014 6.2 EcoTec. Similar modifications may work on other models. The next modification is the exhaust. I want retain the quiet ride of the 2014 Sierra but get better flow, performance and fuel economy. The factory exhaust pipe on the 2014 6.2 EcoTec is a nice 3.5 stainless pipe
  3. Exhaust systems like the SuperTrapp 2-1, Hooker, White Bros. E-series 2-1, Vance&Hines, Khrome Werks and Cycle Shack 2-2 Slash Cut exhaust have a long track record of making power. The familiar sound of a drag pipe may be music to a bikers ears, but the performance rider hears the labored acceleration as the motorcycle moves by
  4. So the bike is way to quiet with stock exhaust. It sound like a moped instead of a 1200 v twin. And since Indian decided to weld everything up to the muffler, making it harder to remove the cat on the 2022 model, I figured I'd remove the baffles from the stock exhaust while I wait for a solution to not have to replace the whole exhaust system
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Modified Exhausts for Triumph America/Speedmaster. OK, so this is one mod' I didn't do myself... some things are beyond either my capabilities or willingness to attempt. I wanted my bike to sound like a Triumph instead of a sewing machine, but I was reluctant to spend upwards of AU$1000 on aftermarket pipes Use a 3/16-inch drill bit to drill four to six pilot holes on the face of the inner baffle, spacing each hole equally apart. Enlarge the holes with a bigger drill bit as desired. In most cases, the exhaust note increases in volume with larger holes. Repeat on the remaining muffler. Start the motor and listen to the exhaust note

This one to be exact: Biker's Choice Can Opener Style Exhaust Pipe Baffle - 1-3/4 You just have to drill a hole in the proper place in the muffler for this baffle to bolt into it, but that is easy. Now the bike sounds much better and the low end performance is improved again and I still have the increase in top speed RE: Makeing Screaming eagle muffler louder. Yep, drill the rivets out of the baffles and pull them out of the muffler. then cut off the section of pipe that goes up to the front of the slip-on, leaving the baffle at the output end of the muffler, it'll sound a lot better, it won't be real loud but it will be better MrTriple said: ↑. Just to avoid confusion, it's the other way round - you drill/cut out the restrictive disks with a hole saw, and remove the baffle by grinding away the exhaust tip where the baffle is welded in place. Click to expand... Ok, I need to find some pictures then as it seems I am confused Harley-Davidson FL Touring 1995-2016. Will NOT Fit Trikes. Part No: 121-1296-Tip-Baffle (See Part Number Explanation Below) 8-12 hp increase over stock exhaust*. Installs in minutes using a few simple tools. Comes with tips and baffle of your choice. Tips can be rotated in 90 degree increments for different looks. Price is for the set (2 pipes I cut/pounded out the factory baffles from the stock exhaust so I was left with empty metal tubes (be careful if you do this-easy to dent the exhausts from the inside)! Sounded great but too loud and obnoxious after a couple days riding. I then made new baffles out of perforated metal tubing and the circular end cap from the stock baffles

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The exhaust pulses mix in that chamber with the backflow exhaust and cause a nice mellow rumble. The key to removing your baffles is to disturb the inner plate that the baffle is welded to as little as possible. That plate serves as a torque cone, reducing the diameter and increasing flow (velocity) while maintaining just enough backpressure to. hi wolf, just google xjr1300 exhaust mod.click images and have a look at the drawn images. you should be able to work out how to do it without buying the dear mod kit. i did mine. its a bit louder but not offensive. the more you cut off the center tube the louder the note. as you can see in the images the center tube goes through baffle plates. i will try and find the printed instruction site. Option e) - Cut open rear silencer(s), remove insulation, wrap/cover perforated pipes, replace insulation material, weld shut. There seem to be 5 different ways of doing this mod, which became. Baffle and Convection Plate(s): This mod is to correct the Left to Right temperature imbalance. In stock form, these smokers, and others in the lower price range suffer from unbalanced heat across the grate area. near the Firebox (right side) can run 50 degrees hotter than the Left, depending on where you are in terms of fire/heat management

A couple small mods are OK - like cutoff piggies or drilled baffles inside. I can fix the latter if you are ordering Silencers. If they had the ragnar cut - the exit baffles have been hacked out leaving large holes - then your silencers are ruined and if you want them, there will be a core charge to replace them. I can still do the exhaust mod (09-17-2014 02:13 PM) mgoodie Wrote: Has anyone done/heard of modding stock exhaust on these to make it louder or deeper? Just wondering if baffles can be removed or holes drilled in them. Ive modded other exhaust systems in a similar fashion and had good luck with sound and performance. It sounds awful kinda like a tin can Headstrong. ·. Registered. Joined Aug 23, 2005. ·. 3 Posts. #69 · Aug 25, 2005. the only problem with removing the whole muffler assyembly is that you lose the back pressure you need for the bike to run properly. now if you cut the end of the muffler off (the end with the nipple)about 2 inches and leave about 4 inches of the pipe that goes. This is because the exhaust system has been designed to create a bit of back pressure in order to scavenge more spent exhaust gasses from the combustion chamber. Remove the baffle and you remove this feature, which helps the engine produce more power. Noise. Noise is different than sound. To us, sound is the vibration that travels through the.

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It's a cheap buy just for riding around on weekends. My only concern is it still has the stock pipes, and want something a bit louder. Funds don't extend to purchasing a new exhaust. I've seen some forums and YouTube videos where they have drilled 13mm holes into the baffle, or even drilled out the baffle I cut about 4 inches off the end of my exhaust, here is a little comparison of before and after. I just put the pipe in a chop saw, and it removed the last.. Likewise, can I remove baffles from my stock exhaust? The baffles are located in the pipes of the exhaust system of your Harley and can be removed without damaging the bike. You can take your bike to an authorized Harley Davidson shop to have this done, but the cost will be much higher than doing it yourself using tools that you likely have on hand.. Also Know, should I wrap my motorcycle baffles

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I then cut the lower bracket off of the new header pipe, shortened it about ½ or ¾, welded it back to the new header and painted with some high-temp black to prevent rust. Lastly, I welded about a 4 bar with a nut welded to the end, about halfway down the arm that supports the baffle. Repainted the entire shock support arm and reassembled Exact Fit parts are designed specifically for your bike. Vance & Hines Eliminator 4 Slip-On Quiet Baffles For Harley Touring 2017-2021. $159. . 99. Out of Stock. Universal Fit. Universal Fit parts can be installed on various motorcycles and may require modification. Firebrand Exhaust 4 DB Killer Quiet Insert Baffle

Remove the aluminum baffle, cut two screws left and right from outside. Mount 2, 6 x 6 dc computer fans blowing out. Tie them into the Norcold fan wiring. Also make sure you have a vent cap on the exhaust stack. It allows the heating process to do it's magic to the absorption ammonia. Last year I left the fridge on 3and 4 ice cold beer First pic is my 372 muffler mod, second is my 357, third is my 394, all are ported, 394 with the most extensive work done. All are very strong runners. With the 372 and 357 I used 288 deflectors and screens, 394 got a Red97 deflector with no screen and I also cut off the baffle in the factory deflector Ok so I did some research and the stock exhaust can be modded. I knocked out the right side baffle so the exhaust has more of a striaght shot. So I have two questions. 1. Should I knock out the left baffle as well or just the right one. 2. Also, how do I disable the exhaust valve so it stays..

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The now tapered baffle pushes into the silencer by another 50mm. The concept being ; the pulses of exhaust gasses will be forced through the perforations, and although a very short length of baffle - this re direction of their high-pressure wave-fronts will happen progressively.as the cone gets tighter. Likewise the sound's wave-front will. Just completed the Exhaust mod from the FAQ, wasn't quite as quick or easy as it looked their, worked my arse off to get the baffle out. For the life of me I can't get the can half to slide back on the pipe (junction), never had this problem with my JAP DB's, the flange on this thing is a joke

Ok took my judge out for about 50 miles and I gotta say, take the cats out. Use your stock exhaust and it's not really any louder than with just the baffle cut out. I also disconnected my O2 sensors as well. The bike seems to rev a hellva lot nicer now. It's seriously a great poor man's mod. Oh and there was zero heat on my right leg during the. When you let off of the throttle though, it makes a really raspy snort/cough. I found that sound unpleasant. Performance-wise I noticed no difference between the two, although I admittedly rode much more aggressively without the baffles just because it sounded so mean. Putting the baffles back in can be a pain Schematic of stock muffler - Thanks Dro. Jack Phelps's Exhaust Mod - Drill out stock pipe ends, remove rear baffles, insert (or not) new tail piece. $10.00. From KevinBC: The picture is of the inserts I made to finish the job. Bought two 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 exhaust repair transition pipes about 6 long 3,906 Posts. #4 · Jul 24, 2005. steps to do 98-99 carbon pipes: drill rivet on hanger and tape end caps to prevent scratches. place tape up against end cap (rear) and remove cap. cut thru carbon/al. sleeve at tape (1 in from end of can) slide off end with baffle attached. install race core and rivet end cap on, place new rivet in hanger Code of Alabama § 32-5-216. (a) Every motor vehicle shall at all times be equipped with a muffler in good working order and in constant operation to prevent excessive or unusual noise and annoying smoke, and no person shall use a muffler cut-out, bypass, a muffler without baffles or similar device upon a motor vehicle on a highway

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How to Make a Motorcycle Muffler Louder Insert the hole-saw into the electric drill, and remove the center bit. Cover the rear of the exhaust pipe with cutting oil or WD40. Using the saw, cut through the rear of pipe just inside the chrome ring. Attach a pair of vise grips to the baffle inside the exhaust pipe I used this 1 1/2 grinding wheel and cut-off wheel. The cut-off wheel worked best for the cutout process. I had to grind the exhaust tip inner pipe a bit for it to slide through and also enlarge the 1 3/8 hole in front part of the pipe. I also cut open the 1 3/8 hole so the grinding wheel and cut-off wheel had maxim reach to the center pipe. Its the majority that will post it does not do much and the very few that say they noticed something. When you combine the slip on with a few other mods it might become something you can notice. Otherwise its usually nothing more then a placebo effect on the butt dyno. Or a bike with a severely restricted exhaust for emissions which the 650 is not Part No: 211-2291-Tip-Baffle (See Part Number Explanation Below) 8-12 hp increase over stock exhaust*. 10-15 lbs lighter than stock exhaust. Installs in minutes using a few simple tools. Removable baffle core. Comes with tips and baffle of your choice. Price is for the set (2 pipes

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7/10/2021. § 46.2-1047. Muffler cutout, etc., illegal. It shall be unlawful to sell or offer for sale any (i) muffler without interior baffle plates or other effective muffling device or (ii) gutted muffler, muffler cutout, or straight exhaust. It shall be unlawful for any person to operate on the highways in the Commonwealth a motor vehicle. Hi all, I just installed the new termignoni kit onto my XDiavel and wow ! What a significant difference it has made to the sound, it actually sounds like a Ducati now I haven't had it re- mapped yet, will hopefully get this done later on this week and Hopelfuly notice some power.. The combination of the baffle and the spark arrestor were longer than the available space in the muffler so I trimmed about a 1/2 off the end of the HP-Plus baffle, making sure not to cut through the spot welds that hold the 2 sides of the baffle together

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I did a slash cut on my stock pipes using a swanson speed square as a template and a sawzall. Cut them right between to two baffles so it still has good back pressure but sounds pretty sweet. Oh, and it was free. Also removed about 10 pounds of weight from the bike at the same time The CRF250L muffler is very heavy and efforts to lighten it will focus on removing the catalytic converter, lightening the spark arrester, and internal baffle work. Tools used: Dremel tool with fiberglass cut-off whee

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I measured the AREA ( gap x depth) between fully formed fins on the exhaust side . Count the spaces on the intakes side of #3 that are missing fins. Multiply the area X number of missing fins. Divide by the width of the missing fins. The answer = the gap for a bypass baffle as noted in previous threads Now you said the top 1/3 was left untouched and the 1st step cut was cut to 1.892 in. and the 2nd step was cut to 1.845 inches. Now that makes sense, but in your hand written illustration you show. 04 R1 stock exhaust mod question. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts I took the end piece off, put a straight through baffle in, and a Vance and Hines end cap. I have just cut off the tabs that hold the side heat shields too. I plan on having my pipe powder coated once all mods are completed

The airbox mod is simply removing the snorkel from the top (in front of the battery) I wont be haking any further as it only fills with crap more easily. As for exhaust, I removed the baffle & cut through the innner core & removed the plates then bolted all back together Engineerd mod speed chip 3 made a big differsnce On my 03 sv1 adds about 9 to 15 hp to ur bike installes Easy. Along with a aftermarket exhaust I made my owne custom 2 to 1 exhaust with a custom Shorty yoshimura rs3 sounds mean pulls hard. installing a power commander Fortuning since if u upgrade ur exhaust, filter, ect.. My case i have th