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  2. 23 Clever Game Ideas For Your Raffle Fundraiser. 2014 October 13. by Raffle Tickets . Dart Board Game - Use a standard dartboard, hung on. a wide, hard surface about 6 feet high. Make sure the area. behind the dartboard is in a safe location. You will need a
  3. Raffles have long been common ways that organizations raise money. If you are having a fundraising event or organizing a raffle, consider choosing a more creative way to go about it than simply selling tickets and having a drawing for a prize
  4. For inspiration, we have put together a list of 35 ideas for eye-catching, exciting raffle baskets. These creative themes and components will make selling tickets for your fundraising basket raffle a breeze. Top Ideas for Exciting Raffle Baskets. Football Frenzy. Football season is upon us! Raffle off 2-4 tickets to a college or pro football game
  5. Unique Raffle Basket Ideas: Getting creative and adding a few unique baskets will take your raffle strategy to new heights! 9. Date Night Basket: Most fundraisers offer some kind of date night raffle basket that involves a romantic night out on the town
  6. 50/50 Raffle How It Works. Sell as many raffle tickets as you can. Tally the total revenue. Draw a ticket, and award the winner half the total proceeds. Pro Tips. Tickets for this raffle can be sold for any price that is legal in your state, and the goal is to sell as many tickets as possible. Offer price advantages to people who buy tickets in.

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  1. Jewelers often like to sponsor this raffle. Free Download: Raffles & Games Handbook (PDF) For even more ideas, download our latest resource, the Raffles & Games Handbook. View details on 23 exciting revenue enhancers sure to entertain guests and raise more for your cause. Fill out the form below to instantly access the handbook
  2. 50/50 Raffle: Sell tickets online for a 50/50 cash raffle. 50% of the proceeds from ticket sales go towards your charity, and the other half goes to the winner.; Mystery Box Raffle: Put together a mystery box of goods and sell tickets. Winner takes all! Restaurant Raffle: Team up with a local restaurant and offer dinner for two for the winner of the raffle
  3. Great Raffle Prize Ideas. Your raffle prizes need to grab attention and offer potential ticket buyers something they'd be head over heels to win. Aim to offer a must-have grand prize as your headliner and a collection of incredibly desirable items for a handful of lucky runners up. Let your creative juices flow
  4. Sep 1, 2018 - 12 super creative and profitable raffle ideas to help you raise more at your events and succeed with your fundraising goals..
  5. 31 Unique Raffle Basket Ideas for the Most Profitable Fundraiser Ever. Whether you want to make your own or buy one in, these gift baskets would all make fabulous fundraising items to boost the coffers of your organization. From healthy fruit to a chocoholic's dream, there are also non-food hampers for spa or car, so everyone can be catered.
  6. 121 Ways to Reward Employees: 1. Meaningful experiences that build authentic connection and community. Whether you're building a hybrid work environment for your employees or staying fully remote, there's a deep craving to recapture authentic connections and a shared sense of community lost during the pandemic.. No amount of cash, points, or gift cards will fill that void

Virtual Raffle Fundraising Ideas. A virtual raffle has the same components as a live raffle - tickets are sold, prizes are promoted, and a draw is held to declare the winner. The only real difference is that this all happens online. Technology takes over the legwork of finding raffle prizes, selling tickets at live kiosks or malls, and. Looking to create the perfect fundraising raffle basket for school, church, a nonprofit or work? This list of creative ideas will inspire you to find the perfect fit for people of all ages and interests. All you'll have to worry about is keeping track of the highest bid! Family Fu 101. Raffle. How It Raises Money: Online and/or offline. Cost: Difficulty: Outcome: Ask staff, supporters, and volunteers to donate gift cards, gifts, and money that will be raffled off. Considerations: Ask local businesses such as restaurants, boutiques, and salons to donate items for the raffle Then, organize a raffle contest. The student who collects the most donations by selling the raffle tickets gets one day off from school. You can also brainstorm other fun rewards to act as incentives for students. For more creative school fundraising ideas, head over to this blog 10 Creative and Original Raffle Basket Ideas . With 10 great raffle basket ideas, you're assured of finding one that you can use in your fundraising efforts. Consider the many choices you have with each raffle basket idea and how you can modify all of them to fit your fundraiser criteria

Raffle nights enable your organization to support local businesses while fundraising uniquely. If you run out of creative ideas, host a design competition where donors and volunteers submit their most ingenious creations. Then, make the wackiest creations come to life! Make sure to offer fun prizes for attendees of all ages, too. Then, line. Apr 16, 2014 - 12 super creative and profitable raffle ideas to help you raise more at your events and succeed with your fundraising goals.. You need to find raffle items that both excite your audience and generate a large net donation. Raffles can have multiple winners at different price levels so you'll want to mix and match prizes of different values. To get the brainstorming started, we've put together a list of 24 raffle prize ideas for your nonprofit fundraiser

Fundraising Potential $$$$. Travel packages are great auction item ideas that your supporters will be eager to win. These can include hotel stays and airline tickets, plus guidebooks or certificates for great local activities. Ask a local business to sponsor the trip in exchange for promotion of their services Sports fundraising ideas. 29. Golf tournament. If there's a particularly ritzy golf course nearby, ask them to donate some less popular hours to your cause. 30. Roshambo tournament. You don't need any special equipment to play rock-paper-scissors, just your hands and some black-and-white-clad referees at a bar 50/50 Raffles. 50/50 raffles are quick and easy to run. You don't even need to organize prizes in advance, though a roll of raffle tickets will make things easier. This type of raffle is cash-based only. Participants buy tickets and all the money is put into a prize pool. When the tickets have been sold, a single ticket is drawn as the winner You found our list of unique virtual fundraising ideas.. Virtual fundraising is the effort of raising funds online, usually for a charity or non-profit. Virtual fundraising ideas are specific methods you can use, such as launching a video livestream, hosting a virtual auction, or sending email freebies Everyone loves a good raffle, especially when the prizes at stake are highly desirable. The better your raffle, the more people you will have purchasing tickets—sometimes even multiple tickets—for a chance to win. Try these unique and creative ideas the next time you do a raffle

Feb 7, 2020 - Auctria: Raffle Ideas, baskets, increase marketing and bidding. Using auctria.com, a web based program, makes the auction seamless from procurement through close-out. www.auctria.com. See more ideas about raffle, fundraising, auction Raffles and games; Food and drink; A fun theme; Ask for donations; Additional creative charity fundraising ideas can be found on our list of 101+ Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits & Charities Proven To Work. To use CauseVox to power your charity event, check out our guide How To Plan A Nonprofit Crowdfunding Campaign Now let's look at some creative photography giveaway ideas to increase your sales. Creative Photography Giveaway Ideas 1. Caption a Photo. Running a photo caption contest is a fun way to introduce your brand to your target audience. All you need to do is share a photo and ask participants to submit their best caption to go with it

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One-Pieces, Overalls & Jum Uniforms. Clothing Set Shop Raffle Display for Contest, Donation & Fundraising. Order Today Raffles can also have multiple prizes and raffle winners, encouraging a wider audience to participate. Before we dive into prize ideas, we'll give you a couple pointers to help you choose the right one. A great prize and a strong promotion strategy is key to a successful raffle A 50/50 raffle is an easy fundraiser to raise money with and it pairs perfectly with larger events. With a 50/50 raffle, the prize is half of the money raised from the raffle ticket sales. The more tickets people buy, the more they might win! Remember to let donors buy as many raffle tickets as they please

Once you have your prizes, sell raffle tickets for the bingo night. The more tickets a bingo player has, the more likely they'll be to win the basket of their choice. If you're struggling with basket ideas, try themes like a spa basket, fruit basket, picnic basket, or coffee basket. 28. Virtual Road Rac 25 Creative Facebook Contest Ideas You Can Use Today; 30 Amazing Examples of Branded Facebook Contests Done Right; Written by Carlo Pacis. Carlo is a Content Marketer at Wishpond who lives and breathes all things social media. He also has an obsession with music, sneakers, and coffee. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram @carlonathan 31 Unique Raffle Basket Ideas for the Most Profitable Fundraiser Ever; 32 Fun, Playful and Gourmet Gift Baskets for Men; Scrapbooking is a much-loved pastime for many creative people, so give them some pretty things to add to their books with a Mason jar filled with gorgeous embellishments, gems, and washi tape 101 Good Catchy Giveaway Slogans. Mar 25, 2019. May 1, 2017 by Brandon Gaille. In order to orchestrate a great giveaway you should tag it with a catchy slogan. This will get people excited and keep them that way. Here are 101 of the greatest giveaway slogans out there. A Great Little Giveaway. A Surprise Awaits You

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To help you plan more effectively and improve sales performance, here are six easy creative sales contest ideas you can implement today. 1. Raffles. This type of contest is always fun because it is a contest of chance. To motivate your sales team, offer a raffle ticket each time they perform a specific action or hit a performance threshold. Help!! Need some creative ideas for raffle! was created by Kelly Crowell. Hello everyone My name is Kelly and I'm in charge of our school raffle donations this year. I have just moved to this school from another elementary (within the same district) and have done this for several years at our last school but this year I'm a bit worried Raffle Names Ideas . The Great Race - Quota Buster - Card Raffle - Now is the time to do it. Fantasy Team Names Football Baseball Basketball Racing Golf Soccer Hockey Funny Team Names Group Chat For Girls For Work Walking Fitness Girls Softball Running Dance. Team Names Soccer Golf Tennis Name Generator Baseball Hockey Bowling.

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50/50 Raffle - Sell raffle If you'd like to read about even more fundraising ideas, check out additional articles on the SignUpGenius Resource page. You can also leave your own creative idea for a fundraiser or let us know which ones you like best from this article in a post below. In order to protect our users, we ask that contact. Raffle Tickets: Raffle tickets are another incentive that are offered at most events. Raffle tickets are sold for a chance to win either a price or half of the money raised. You'll want to ensure you have a great prize for this in order to attract buyers. Reach out to your host course for foursomes and other gift ideas Pet Toy Raffle. Raffles are easy fundraising ideas for nonprofit animal rescues, but they can be tailored to meet any fundraising initiative, including raising funds for a pet's medical expenses! For this raffle, you can create the ultimate pet care package with toys, treats, a dog bed, and other items to raffle off

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Feel free to add personal touches with which can take the ideas to another level. Adding your own touches makes the fundraiser more personal and in turn special. So, read on and brainstorm! Here are a few of our favorites creative and fun fundraising ideas: 1. Bake Sal 44 Creative School Fundraisers: 1. Raising Bail. Find some willing volunteers to be jailed (in public view), and set a bail amount (fundraising goal) to be raised to set them free! 2. Vote for Torture. Get students to pay $1 a vote to decide which torture your volunteers (teachers, principal, etc.) will receive

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Either way, here are four popular raffle prize ideas you can look into: Electronics. Gift baskets. Gift cards. Home appliances. Choosing a prize for your raffle can feel like a chore, but these ideas will hopefully inspire you to have fun and explore different options. pinterest-pin-it. Electronics are a great raffle prize option Sales Contest Names: 400+ Best Raffle Page Names Ideas. Here we shared some cool and catchy sales contest names that will inspire your ideas. You can use these raffle page names and contest names anywhere you want. But. Make sure to check the availability before finalizing any name 1. Plan a T-Shirt Fundraiser. Fundraising Potential: +++++ Cost: $ Popularity: √√√√√; Individuals and nonprofits can create t-shirt fundraisers to raise money for cancer treatment and research. Plus, you can design your shirt to include a positive message or a your specific cancer ribbon so anytime someone wears your shirt, you're raising awareness for your cause and for your.

However, if you're collecting prizes, you have the opportunity to be more creative. Try procuring prizes by asking for donations (or discounts) from local businesses like popular restaurants and retailers. This way, they get free marketing and you get a prize for the raffle. It's a win-win! 25. Online Wine Pul There are so many creative raffle basket ideas that can be whipped up in no time. You can even use spare items lying around your silent auction to package into baskets! There are also unique raffle strategies you can try, such as Chinese Raffles and Penny Auctions to help drive more revenue and add the competitive giving element to your event For an even more creative raffle, you can set it up so that people can sell their tickets back on a sliding scale the first 10 will be taken back for a $1 donation, the next 10 for $2, the next 10 for $4 and so on. 3. Direct Action Fundraising. Unique fundraising ideas work best when they are directly tied to the mission of your organization Helicopter Drop & Pin On Map: These are two creative fundraising ideas that take a bit of a twist on the common raffle. They are fundraisers that will work best at events, but you could possibly use them as standalone fundraisers as well.. Supporters will either buy marked blocks on a field (for the heli drop), or pins to place on a map where they think the treasure will be hidden 13. ABC Fundraising. ABC Fundraising is a product fundraising company that assists churches in raising money for their congregations. By selling face masks, coffee, candles, or discount cards to churchgoers, you can raise money for your church by offering tangible incentives to members in exchange for their support

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14 Essential Giveaway and Contest Ideas for Retailers to Boost Traffic and Engagement. 14 Essential Giveaway and Contest Ideas for Retailers to Boost Traffic and Engagement. so be creative. Sales Contests. Many employers offer rewards to employees who hit sales targets or generate the most revenue for a certain period of time Sep 17, 2016 - The biggest question that we faced when considering adoption is, Can we afford it? Rarely does anyone have $35,000 just lying around. Fortunately, we have been successful with our Artwork Raffle and we have more creative fundraising ideas on the rise. So far, between fundraisers and careful family budgeting, we ha Creative PTO Fundraising Ideas Sometimes offering new, unique, and engaging events is the best way to get the attention of your community and raise some funds. More creative fundraising ideas sometimes require more planning or resources, but the donations you'll receive more than makeup for the effort

So, If you want to create Group for your community then here is a great collection of creative group names ideas, Like, Unique WhatsApp Group name, Facebook Group Names, Instagram Group Names, etc So Before creating a Group check out here best creative group names ideas for Friends group or family Group Fall Raffle Basket Ideas - Fall Raffle Ideas. 1. Legos - This is my son's favorite set. Find Here. 2. Spa/ Bath Products. 3.Fishing. 4. Movie Night - One or Tw o Family Friendly movies and 4 movie passes, popcorn and a pack of real fruit sodas Creative and Fun Fundraising Ideas Sometimes the best way to ensure the success of your fundraising campaign is to make sure it stands out from the crowd! These creative and fun fundraising ideas will almost always perform better than even the most well-organized but run-of-the-mill fundraising project 4 Game Ideas to Try at Your Virtual Event (Plus Examples!) Nonprofits scrambled to adapt after COVID-19 disrupted spring events season. And they came up with some outstanding virtual events! Now, as we move into the summer and fall seasons, we're seeing nonprofits think of more and more creative ways to engage and excite virtual event attendees

If you have a raffle coming up or a need for inexpensive gift baskets - pin the image below to save! This post became so popular I wanted to share even more ideas for creative gift basket ideas. You can find dozens of more themed gift basket ideas here ——> Ultimate Guide to Gift Baskets. Want more gift basket ideas Creative Uses of QR Codes in Businesses or Industries. 5. Next to packaged food in groceries or on the packaging Give shoppers quick access to recipes that include the ingredients they see on the shelf this gives any consumer product a digital dimension and a direct added value to use your product. This can be a great way to do marketing Creative theme baskets make excellent raffle prizes and silent auction items. Creating a basket is as simple as choosing a theme, finding some interesting items that fit the theme, and placing them in a basket or, better yet, a themed container to sell or raffle as a single unit 6. Up the ante. It's easy to bet big when you're playing with fun money. Set up slots, poker tables, and roulette for a fun and unique corporate holiday party activity. Yelling Mama needs a new pair of shoes and accusing your colleagues of being card sharks is mandatory. 7

If your nonprofit or school is looking for some creative fundraising ideas for relay for life, we hope you enjoy some of our favorite tips. Additionally, if you make your Relay For Life fundraiser a fun event, the odds are your friends and family will not only donate to support it but will also have a great time doing so Also, have extra diaper raffle tickets on hand in case people bring extra diaper packages. And that's it! Below is a comprehensive list of cute diaper raffle sayings for you to choose from: Your Best Diaper Raffle Wording Ideas. Bring a pack of diapers in any size for a chance to win a special prize 9 Raffle Fundraising Ideas. Running a raffle is a great way to add value to a larger event or to get donors excited. Check out our ideas below for a few variations on the theme. 1. 50/50 Raffle. Overhead Cost: $ Complexity to Plan: 1. Expected Return: $$ Host a raffle where the charity and the winner split the proceeds half and half

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Buy this chocolate raffle basket on Amazon. Related Posts: 13 Summer Co Ed Baby Shower Ideas; 13 Creative Backyard DIY Ideas on a Budget . 4. Great Outdoors. For those events for outdoors-y people: raffle off camping essentials such as a headlamp, tent, camping hammock, coolers and other gear from top brands such as Yeti and S'well 50 : 50 Raffle. A simple fundraising idea. That's a great money-maker! A 50:50 raffle is one of the most simple fundraising ideas you can do. It fits in perfectly with all sorts of events. This is how it works-. You sell raffle tickets at any event that you have going on. There is only one prize- 8 Creative & Unusual Ideas for Your Next Contest or Giveaway. Your ultimate goal for putting on a contest or giveaway is to enhance your customer's experience with your brand. In other words, your contest needs to provide value to their life in some way or another. Remember: you want everyone who enters the contest to enjoy the experience of. Here are 10 creative fundraising event ideas that can provide the inspiration you need to truly be successful! Small Scale Fundraising Ideas. If you're trying to raise money for a personal cause or a small organization like a school, the following fundraising event ideas will help you get started on your next fundraiser without too much.

24. Beach/Grounds Clean-Up. To make it even more dynamic, couple this spring fundraising idea with another activity, like a barbecue or outdoor concert. Ask for donations and give your supporters a chance to feel like they physically made a difference and moved you closer to achieving your mission. 25 While it is easy to just pull out those rolls of numbered carnival tickets, there are a lot more creative and exciting ways to give our door prizes! Try one of these 15 fresh, fun ways to distribute door prizes at your next Women's Ministry event. 15 Creative Ways to Give Away Door Prizes. 1. Place stickers on the back of their name tags. 2

Get down to business with this lottery gift! With over 125 scratch lottery tickets decorated as leaves, this tree is definitely going to have some big winners in there! Grab a vase, put some skewers, take your scratch lottery tickets and stick them nice and tight. Wait, scratch them and be surprised 65 Creative Employee Reward Ideas (2021 Update) Written by. Connie Du. Employee Recognition Company Culture Rewards. There are all kinds of employee and corporate rewards out there. To help you out, we've scoured the internet and wracked our brains for the very best and most creative employee reward ideas, and put it all into one big list for. 5. Cozy Slippers Basket. This gift is perfect for Mother's Day - which is coming up by the way - and is so easy to make. The slippers themselves act as the basket and you fill them with wonderful mom things like nail polish, chocolates, and even a gift card to her favorite spa or hair stylist

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Raffle. A raffle fundraiser is a great option for a school fundraiser because you have many willing parents eager to donate skills or goods as raffle prizes. By taking advantage of the community you have available, a school raffle can turn into an exciting event with tons of great prizes Creative Ideas for Wedding Reception Decor. The sky is the limit with reception decor. Don't limit yourself to standard centerpieces and run-of-the-mill draping. Connect with your event designer to dream up something truly magical. 46. Fragrant Candle for Scentscaping. Samantha James Photography Over 55 creative fundraising ideas for every nonprofit to use to raise much needed funds and build a stronger community with supporters. So if you want to raffle off 5 items, you can fill say 100 balloons with tickets and 5 of them will have the winning tickets. Recommend a minimum donation fee to get a balloon - this is a fun and.

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  1. Here are 5 of the most unique recruiting ideas that truly paid off: 15-Second Wacky Commercials: People love going to movies. So we talked with one of the most attended theaters close by our.
  2. A raffle is a fast and easy way to run a fundraising campaign. Instead of selling paper raffle tickets, use an online platform to sell digital ones. Create enticing prices that will make people want to sign up for the raffle. Ensure the online raffle drawing is visible. It creates excitement for the participants
  3. utes they read each night at home then cut and return the next day. Students will be given raffle tickets for
  4. Sell raffle tickets so people can bet on the winning team, and the winning team then runs a raffle by pulling tickets out of a hat. This is not only fun, but it's always a good show! Bonus Fundraising Ideas! We couldn't choose only 10, we want you to be well equipped with AWESOME ideas for this year and down the road. Customized Elite Sock

Balloon Raffle; This is a simple fundraising idea that you do not have to break the bank to execute - all you need is a pack of balloons, raffle tickets, and cool prizes. Event attendees would have to pay a small fee to pop a balloon and win and retrieve a raffle ticket. The kids can help you set up the event by blowing the balloons Themed gift baskets are a great way to show someone you put thought into their gift. You can be creative (and often thrifty) from the basket you choose to the fillers you use. Here are 13 great themed gift basket ideas to get you thinking outside the box when the next occasion comes around. I think magazine subscriptions make a great starter. 21 Creative Fall Fundraising Ideas. 1. Harvest Dinner. Organize a dinner featuring local chefs and businesses. For example, serve a sample of beverages from a local brewery, or liven things up with a local musician. Sell tickets for a seat at the table and attract sponsors by offering to promote their brand on event paraphernalia and on your.

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Whether they have a cubicle, door, or whole hallway, encourage workers to spread awareness with their decorating skills. Employees can donate to participate, or just do it for fun. Have co-workers vote for the most creative space. You may award the winner with a prize — a paid day off, 50/50 raffle earnings, etc. 14. Provide educatio 25. Raffle. Have some fun with your audience and encourage them to get involved through a contest. Which of these email ideas will you try first? I want to hear your story and learn the creative and innovative ways that you're marketing your business. I've worked in small businesses my entire life and now I'm excited to work with them So we've compiled 20 creative fundraising ideas to help you decide what kind of fundraiser is best for your workplace! Board Game Tournament. A board game tournament is a simple, cost-effective and easy-to-plan workplace fundraiser that can get your office's competitive juices flowing. Team fundraising on Mightycause is a great way to build.

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  1. A beach theme is a fun and cost-effective way to make a silent auction basket. Several low-cost items can quickly add up to an incredible basket. It's also appealing for a school silent auction where there are families with small children. Package the basket in something fun like a beach cart or cooler. Frisbee
  2. Gift baskets at the perfect way to raise money for causes, give as a part of general gift giving, or send as appreciation gifts. These catchy silent auction basket names provide a long list of ideas for you to participate in the next round of fundraising. 50 Shades Of Makeup. A Spot of Tea. A Tisket, A Tasket
  3. 10: Create a Theme. A successful food drive is compelling. It gets people involved and excited. It makes them want to participate and contribute. You don't have to be a marketing wizard to conduct a food drive, but you'll have a more successful event if you adopt a theme. Themes sound hard, but they actually make event planning easier
  4. Set up a sweepstake in your office. Charge everyone a set fee to enter in the sweepstake, pull names out of a hat and wait for the winner to be announced at the end of the event! Then split the collection 50/50 between the winner and the charity. This is a simple but effective office fundraising idea and can engage employees and boost morale

20 simple but effective virtual fundraising ideas for nonprofits. 1. Virtual concert. Just because we're living through a worldwide pandemic doesn't mean we can't enjoy our favorite artists performing live! Bring musicians together and host a concert or a mini-festival benefitting your organization AutoJini has compiled 9 creative auto dealer promotion ideas for you to try. 1. Raffle or Giveaway. This is the classic promotion that goes without fail. Whether it be an iPad, a computer, a new car, tires, etc. people love getting free stuff. You can use this to your advantage to collect customer information as well Randomly raffle offsome bigger prizes like a television, gift certificates, or a Keurig. You can also give them out by citing silly requirements, like person with the most pennies or the first person to bring me a pen. Be creative. The whole reason you are having a company holiday party is for fun, right? Rent a photo booth

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  1. • Consider offering a gift card raffle to those who show proof of vaccination. Boo to the Flu Campaign (South Hackensack Memorial School) Children in pre-k through 4th grade were given a handout with flu information. Kids who were able to provide documentation of flu vaccine could receive a bracelet with boo to the flu written on it
  2. Seamless raffle fundraising starts with the right decision. When you choose RallyUp, you gain the ability to run successful raffles online. The platform is fully customizable and works to get your raffle fundraiser off the ground in just a few clicks. Once you've signed up for free, the platform's entire suite of tools is at your disposal
  3. Silent Auction basket ideas A couple of overall tips on basket auctions: 1. Keep them somewhat small for auctions - People are more likely to bid up a smaller basket - $30 to $50 or so - than to bid up a real expensive basket (worth hundreds). Or to bid on several baskets, instead of just one, which drives the prices up on all the baskets.
  4. Charities are getting creative during COVID-19. The unexpected ways some are staying afloat. Mitch Besser, a doctor and philanthropist married to singer Annie Lennox, at his rowing machine, where.
  5. Online Raffle Game. August 24, 2020 ·. COLOR + HIGHLIGHTS+BRAZILLIAN BLOWOUT. BERmonth long PROMO ‼️‼️‼️. ‍♀️ rebond- (regular) 499 free keratin ‍♀️ rebond (xtenso-Loreal) -600 free keratin. ‍♀️ rebond (shiseido)-600 free keratin. ‍♀️ color-250 with haircut. ‍♀.
  6. Talk with a fundraising specialist for more creative tips and ideas by calling (201) 492-4294 at Charity Fundraising! Creative Gift Basket Ideas The Spa Basket - relaxation products, bath gels, lotions, spa gift cards, massage supplies, herbal teas and lavender sachets, soft music cd's, fluffy slippers and bathrobe

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Creative Raffle Gift Basket Ideas for Charity, School Fundraising or Silent Auction July 2021. Unique gift basket ideas to give as gifts - cute for Mothers Day or her birthday! #giftsforher #diygiftideas #giftsformom. Decluttering Your Life. DIY Gifts • Handmade Gifts. Theme Baskets

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