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Crabgrass can be prevented in the spring so they don't become a problem in the summer. Applying a pre-emergent weed seed germination inhibitor, like Scotts® Turf Builder® Weed Prevent in the early spring, will help stop weed seeds from germinating. Crabgrass gets its name because it sprawls from a central root low across the ground Prodiamine 65 WDG. Pre-emergent grass and broadleaf weed control. Flexible application allows for both spring and fall use providing season long crabgrass control. Generic Description: Effectively controls Annual Bluegrass. Non-Staining. Excellent tank mix partner with fertilizers and iron solutions. Low solubility and volatility — stays in.

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  1. Drive XLR8 Herbicide. Celsius. Pre and post-emergent crabgrass killer. Kills a lot of other tough grass weeds too. Destroys weeds to the root. Be sure to also use a Surfactant and Blue Dye in the mix for best results. Most effective selective crabgrass killer. Rainproof within 24 hour. See results in 7 days
  2. 5. Pendulum 2G Granular Herbicide. To finish of this list of the best crabgrass pre-emergent herbicides and preventers is Pendulum 2G. This herbicide contains an active ingredient Pendimethalin - which is the same chemical that is found in Scott's Halts. For 2-4 months of coverage, apply Pendulum 2G at rates of 2.3 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft
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  4. Drive XLR8 Herbicide is the latest technology in providing unsurpassed post-emergent crabgrass control. A proprietary, water-based quinclorac formulation, Drive XLR8 improves the control of crabgrass, torpedograss, kikuyugrass, several broadleaves (clover, speedwell) and numerous other troublesome weeds that you have relied on Drive 75 DF to control. . When compared to Drive 75 DF, the new.
  5. Actively growing crabgrass in your lawn calls for selective, post-emergent herbicides, such as Image All-In-One Lawn Weed Killer or Image Herbicide Kills Crabgrass, that kill crabgrass and leave your lawn grass untouched. Always read product labels carefully, and make sure the label lists your lawn grass type as approved

Canada Pre-Emergent options. Zone: Atlantic Canada (N.S.). Canada's Hardiness Chart says Zone 6a, but I don't know how that relates to the the USDA chart. For reference, I'm right across the Bay of Fundy from Main, but that state varies from 3b to 6a. Regardless, it's a cool season grass growing area. A) In Canada, what are my pre-emergent options It's Time to Apply Pre-emergent Herbicides. April is an important time to apply pre-emergent herbicides. Weeds are beginning to emerge and most pre-emergent materials should be applied either before weed emergence or when weeds are small. In most southern Ontario locations, mid-April is a good time. There are quite a few materials to choose from

BARRICADE Pre Emergence is the first herbicide to make our list that you can use on seedlings. It's a granular pre-emergent designed to selectively control crabgrass, broadleaf weeds and other grassy weeds. It's safe to use in many environments beyond turfgrass lawns, including on potted plants, in nurseries and seedling nurseries, ungrazed fence rows, and Christmas tree farms In the previous years I have had good success following the same procedures by dethatching the lawn in spring and spreading out pre-emergent to kill off any crabgrass under the top layer. The second phase I normally follow is buying new top soil (aprox 6 yards worth) and spreading it liberally and then spreading out new grass seeds and then a. Crabgrass weed is beginning to sprout. The notorious crabgrass weed is beginning to sprout so listed are a few simple steps to help you control crabgrass in your lawn before it can crown out your grass. Learn more about post emergent crabgrass killer and pre emergent herbicide for crabgrass and get the best crab grass killer Its track record in both Canada and the U.S. demonstrates that Authority 480 herbicide combines excellent weed control and crop safety. And, it's effective against resistant weeds. As a Group 14, Authority 480 herbicide controls a wide range of broadleaf weeds, including those resistant to Groups 9, 5 and 2 and adds crabgrass control as a bonus

I have a crabgrass problem in my backyard each season. I have read that the only way to combat them is through pre-emergent applications in early spring. In the past i use to buy Scott's Halts Crabgrass Preventer. It use to work well on one of my properties, but it appears it has now been removed out of Ontario (and possibly Canada) Tenacity Herbicide is a systemic pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicide for the selective contact and residual control of weeds in turfgrasses. When applied as a pre-emergent, weeds absorb Tenacity during emergence from the soil. Dry conditions following application may reduce the pre-emergence activity

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How Does Crabgrass Spread? Crabgrass seeds have been known to remain in soil for easily up to 15 years and normally blow down along the street resting near curbs and driveways until the seed has the right amount of soil contact, heat, and water. Looking for a Crabgrass Killer in Canada? There is not currently any effective, selective treatment for actively controlling growing crabgrass For crabgrass control, the best strategy is prevention. Crabgrass and other weeds thrive in lawns that are dry and bare. A thick, lush lawn will choke out crabgrass and other weeds, so be sure to water and fertilize your lawn when needed. Crabgrass also loves short lawns and has been known to grow in grass as tall as 2 inches Pre-emergent herbicide; Crabgrass weed killer. The best weapon in your quest to learn how to get rid of crabgrass is pre-emergence herbicide (also called crabgrass preventer). Apply it in the spring before the crabgrass seeds sprout. The granular herbicide works by creating a chemical barrier at the surface of the soil Crabgrass - often confused with Quackgrass - is an undesirable grass due to the weakness of the plant's structure, its coarse texture, and unsightly color. These characteristics do not blend well into a fine-textured, dark green, Weed Man-approved lawn. Control measures for annual and perennial weed grasses differ, and your Weed Man Lawn Care professional will be glad to discuss these methods.

Re-apply pre-emergent herbicides if you question your product's coverage. Because crabgrass seedlings do not all germinate at once, re-application can kill some of the later-germinating seedlings. Make sure not to aerate the lawn after applying pre-emergent herbicides. The act of doing so will deactivate the barrier and allow weeds to sprout Herbicide to kill crabgrass with a pre-emergent that prevents crabgrass for up to seeds! A deep view of the hottest driest summers on record with long spells of grass-killing heat and drought at. Bare areas and turf-free areas up to 6 months kills more than half the area spring.. Ortho Weed B Gon plus Crabgrass Control Concentrate is guaranteed to kill crabgrass, dandelions and other listed common lawn weeds to the root. When used as directed, you can kill over 200+ weeds without damaging your lawn. Apply with the Ortho Dial 'N Spray Hose-End sprayer or any other tank sprayer. It starts working immediately And rounding out our best crabgrass killer product list is from Ortho. I've also used Ortho products in the past with mixed results. This is what you usually find and the local hardware store and is usually a value priced item. Works good for lighter applications. Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer. $31.99 $32.74 11 new from $31.97. in stock. BUY NOW

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Kills Crabgrass, Yellow Foxtail, Yellow Nutsedge, Bentgrass plus more tough weeds Remember to use with a surfactant Tenacity is a selective, systemic herbicide that features a new mode of action for pre- and post-emergence grass and broadleaf weed control in several cool- and warm-season turf species--like keeping bentgrass out of your rough How to Use Pre-Emergent Herbicides on Crabgrass Timing is essential when using pre-emergent herbicides. Apply the herbicide when the ground temperature rises above 16 degrees. For newly seeded lawns, wait until you have mowed your lawn three times before applying the herbicide to avoid killing the new grass seedlings

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45lb bag - $49.99 covers 15,000 sq ft. 5 oz bottle - $20.48 covers 27,000 sq ft. And you are going to find this is the case with almost all lawn products. The liquid formulations are usually cheaper overall. Granular products are just bigger and bulkier so you have to pay for more material to start with, and on top of that, they are more. Wipe out crabgrass killer plus active ingredients include 2,4-d, dimehtylamine slat, quinclorac and dicamba. The toughest formula ever on crabgrass. Kills more than 250 weeds, roots and all. Kills tough broadleaf and troublesome grass weeds including dandelion, chickweed, clover and foxtail Grass bur (sticker bur) and Crabgrass Control. Many ask for help with grass burs/sticker burs/sand burs/sand spurs and also crabgrass. These are annual grassy weeds that germinate in the spring, grow during the early summer, then start producing the seedheads and burs you know all too well by mid-summer until frost Use Corn Gluten Pre-Emergent Herbicide. One of the best crabgrass control methods you can use is a pre-emergent added to the soil before seedlings begin germinating. The best time of year to use this crabgrass preventer is in early spring or when soil temperatures rise over 60°F You can use it from early to late spring or during the fall to relieve the stress of dealing with weeds in early summer. Plus, the granular pre-emergent herbicide dissolves easily in water to offer flexible application on lawns and will work fast to kill crabgrass, other unwanted grasses and weed seeds. 2. What month do you put down pre-emergent

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Spread the pre-emergent evenly to prevent the crabgrass from growing in open pockets of the lawn. Killing Crabgrass with Vinegar. The most common way to kill broadleaf weeds is with a vinegar-based spray. This same mixture works wonders as a crabgrass killer and is one of the best ways to get rid of crabgrass once the plant produces new shoots This common lawn weed generally appears in late May in the North (earlier in the South), so earlier in the spring is the time for applying crabgrass killers -- if you want to get the jump on your nemesis. You will want to use pre-emergent herbicides, specifically. These products are also termed crabgrass preventers, because they do just that (if used properly) Apply crabgrass pre-emergent when the soil temperature is around 50-degrees. Killing the weed might require a second application in areas with long growing seasons. Follow the manufacturer's.

The best month for applying pre-emergent weed killer varies by region. In northern areas of the US and throughout most of Canada, temperatures may not be ideal for spring pre-emergent application until as late as May. Warm coastal regions in Florida and California may require spring pre-emergent weed killer as early as January The pre-emergent is used to control grassy weeds such as crabgrass and foxtail. Plus, it can also help with a select few broadleaf weeds, such as dandelions . Unfortunately, there isn't a surefire way to prevent all weeds Most preemergents are not effective against crabgrass once the crabgrass seeds have germinated. Therefore, if you suspect the crabgrass preemergence will fail, then you will have to reapply some preemergent as soon as possible, after the heaviest of the rain has ended. This is important to keep in mind: most preemergents for home use will have. If crabgrass has already gained a foothold, you can use a pre-emergent herbicide. It prevents seed germination and root development in crabgrass. Because pre-emergents also inhibit the germination and growth of lawn seed, you'll want to wait a couple of months before overseeding in the areas you've applied it

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Crabgrass Killer For Lawns-32 oz. Ready-To-Spray. Key Features. Kills Crabgrass, even Large, Hairy and Smooth Crabgrass. For use on Northern turfs (Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass 1) Rainproof in 1 hour. 32 oz. Ready-To-Spray treats up to 5,000 sq. ft. 1 Temporary discoloration may occur in Kentucky Bluegrass lawns, but they. Pre-emergent weed control isn't the only defense against crabgrass. In many ways, as a property owner, your lawn care practices affect how well your turfgrass can stand up to weed invasions. While it's true that pre-emergent weed control can help stop crabgrass in its tracks, good lawn care practices are also beneficial Pre-emergent crabgrass killer: prevents crabgrass and other undesirable annual grasses; Up to 5-months control: apply with a spreader at the rates directed on the product label; Apply spring through fall: apply when weeds are actively growing; Coverage: this 10.8lbs bag treats up to 3,000 sq. ft Manufactured by Syngenta, Tenacity Herbicide is a highly effective systemic pre- and post-emergent for the selective contact and residual control of over 46 broadleaf and grassy weed species in turfgrass. The active ingredient, Mesotrione 40%, works to prevent photosynthesis from occurring in target weeds so that they cannot grow The maximum application rate of Ortho® Weed B-gon™ Lawn Weed Killer Ready-To-Spray + Crabgrass Control is 6.4 fl. oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. per application. Do not make more than 2 applications per year with the second application happening no sooner that 21 days after the first application. The maximum seasonal rate is 12.8 fl. oz. per 1,000 sq.

Applying pre-emergent herbicides during the spring when soil temperatures are about 10˚C can provide good control. However, a second application about 8 weeks after the first treatment is most likely necessary for season-long control over Large Crabgrass. After good pre-emergent herbicide application, followed by clean cultivation, gives. For preemergence grass and broadleaf weed control, apply Dimension ® 2EW specialty herbicide as a single or sequential application at 1 to 2 pts./A. For postemergence control, when applied at 2 pts./A, Dimension can be applied before weeds emerge and early postemergence, up to the five-leaf stage for crabgrass Crabgrass - often confused with Quackgrass - is an undesirable grass due to the weakness of the plant's structure, its coarse texture, and unsightly color. These characteristics do not blend well into a fine-textured, dark green, Weed Man-approved lawn. Control measures for annual and perennial weed grasses differ, and your Weed Man Lawn Care professional will be glad to discuss these methods.

The product will kill over 200 lawn weeds commonly found in home lawns, including dandelion, chickweed, thistle and clover, and will prevent crabgrass and other undesirable annual grasses. This product has up to 5 months control. Won't harm lawns when used as directed. Pre-emergent crabgrass killer. Kills 200+ weeds as listed Preen Lawn Crabgrass Control should be applied in the spring or fall prior to weed seed germination for control of weeds in established yards. For the ultimate in season-long weed control, apply in the fall with a sequential or second application the following spring. If this product is applied in the fall, do not reseed, over-seed or spring. The best way to kill crabgrass naturally is to prevent it from growing altogether. I like to take a two-pronged approach to this. Step 1: Organic Pre-Emergent. The first is to spread an organic pre-emergent early in the spring which blocks crabgrass from germinating for the first 6 weeks (I use this one from Jonathan Green)

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Vigoro Ultra Turf Pre-Emergent Crabgrass & Weed Control. Products in this Consumer Product Information Database (CPID) are classified based on their composition: Substances: single chemicals. Preparations: products which contain chemicals that can be easily separated during normal use Drive XLR8 even controls crabgrass in the mature stages — four tillers or more. And Drive XLR8 provides outstanding residual control for up to 30 to 45 days with a single application.Where To Use Drive XLR8.Drive XLR8 is labeled for use in: residential, commercial and industrial turfgrasses, golf courses, sod farms, sports and recreation fields Applying a pre-emergent on mature crabgrass or applying a post-emergent prior to germination will have no effect on the crabgrass. It is important to select the right product, not only based on pre or post emergence, but also based on the types of grass that the products are designed for

Stores. 1. Lawn Weed and Crabgrass Killer ( 32 oz.) Kills Over 200 Listed Broadleaf. 9.6. View Product. 9.6. 2. Pennington 100536604 UltraGreen Crabgrass Preventer Plus Lawn Fertilizer, 12.5 LBS. It is versatile and it halts pre-emergent crabgrass. Scotts halts crabgrass and grassy weed preventer, 5,000-square feet pack is more than enough. Regardless of what the weather is; cold, rain, heat, this product will not stop working A pre-emergent herbicide intended for use to control crabgrass will be applied at a different time than a post-emergent herbicide intended to be used to kill clover or dandelions, Churchill says. I would not suggest buying a broadleaf and crabgrass killer all-in-one. All this needs to be timed with any planned seeding or overseeding. Fall and spring pre-emergent for crabgrass. S. Snagglefoot. Messages 9,452 Location SE British Columbia, Canada. Jun 29, 2021 #22 I have a neighbour who has a seasonal property with a lawn but he doesn't.

Authority 480 herbicide is a powerful, flexible pre-emergent Group 14 herbicide that provides extended activity on challenging weeds like kochia, redroot pigweed, lamb's-quarters, wild buckwheat and cleavers. Authority 480 herbicide can be tank-mixed with glyphosate. As a Group 14, Authority 480 herbicide is active on the following resistant. Re: pre-emergent options in Canada Post by rjjrmiller » Wed Mar 31, 2021 3:12 am The 65 WDG on seedworld is enough to last a home owner with say 5k sq ft AND applied at the Maximum annual rate every year so many years they will likely never finish it in a life time

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Prevents and controls crabgrass pre or post up to four tillers; Eliminates weeds at seeding so new grass can flourish. Rate: For pre-emergent and post-emergent applications, apply 4 to 8 ounces of Tenacity per acre in at least 30 gallons of water per acre. For spot treatments, mix 0.33 ounces (0.5 teaspoon) of Tenacity Herbicide in 1 gallon of water to treat 1,000 square feet Applying pre-emergent after the seed germinates will fall flat at controlling the target weed. In areas with long growing seasons, crabgrass can sprout for a long season as well. Pre-emergent herbicides have a characterized viability period, So it might end up essential to apply pre-emergent herbicides a few times over the course of the season. A herbicide for the selective contact and residual control of weeds in ornamental turfgrasses. Tenacity is a selective pre and post-emergent herbicide concentrate that targets a variety of weeds such as Chickweed, Clover, Crabgrass, Dandelion, Foxtail, Henbit, and Nutsedge. Its mode of action prevents photosynthesis in plants

LESCO® Crabgrass Breakthrough Prevention and Treatment Guide. Crabgrass can be one of the most difficult weeds to control. There are many factors involved with controlling crabgrass using preemergent herbicides. These include herbicide selection, application rates, soils, cultural practices, environmental factors, and most importantly, timing A pre-emergent one will not work in such cases. 6. When to apply a crabgrass killer? A crabgrass killer must be applied in mid-spring when the temperature is mildly toasty between 50 and 65 F. if you apply it earlier than this, the cycle may be too short to address the weeds that are germinating. 7. How to know when it's working

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BONIDE Duraturf Crabgrass & Weed Preventer is a pre-emergent that controls grassy & broadleaf weeds. One application can last between 2-to-4 months. Stops crabgrass, clover, chickweed, oxalis, spurge, and over 200 more listed weeds. Prevents crabgrass and over 200 listed broadleaf weeds. Prevents for 2 - 4 months PRE-EMERGENT PRODUCT FMC KEY MESSAGE CROPS KEY WEEDS RESIDUAL CONTROL Express® PRO Groups 2 & 9 when mixed with glyphosate Professional strength burnoff with extended control Wheat (spring, durum, winter), barley **Canada fleabane, cleaversE, common ragweed, kochia, narrow-leave Weed Stop. For Lawns Plus Crabgrass Killer Concentrate. Use the Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns Plus Crabgrass Killer Concentrate to kill over 470 types of weeds as listed, including crabgrass. The product produces visible results in 5 hours. This product kills broadleaf and troublesome grass weeds including dandelion, chickweed and clover as. The best and one of the only true postemergent crabgrass killers on the market. Quinstar quickly controls a broad spectrum of both broadleaf and grassy weeds from crabgrass and foxtail to clover and dandelion. Each bottle treats 1/2 to 1 Acre for broadcast spraying One bottle makes 42 gallons for handheld or backpack spraying for spot treating. The Dithiopyr however, has both pre- and post-emergent capabilities. As long as the crabgrass plant has not grown out beyond 5 tillers, Dithiopyr should kill the crabgrass. Depending on the desired grass height and area of the country, the amount of AI per acre will vary

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Controlling crabgrass after it emerges. Kevin Frank, and Aaron Hathaway, Michigan State University Extension, Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences - June 27, 2013. Crabgrass has emerged in many turf and lawn areas, and there are several herbicide options available for post-emergence control. The recent, warm temperatures have pushed. Stops crabgrass before it starts. Effective pre-emergent control of crabgrass, foxtail, oxalis, spurge, and other grassy and broadleaf weeds. Apply in early spring for season-long prevention of crabgrass, Fall application prevents winter weeds such as poa annua, henbit and chickweed. Scotts weedex prevent with Halts prevents crabgrass all. Half Gallon Herbicides pre-emergent Herbicides Work by killing the crabgrass for payment is 26 days stop Weed. Tire ' s a granular pre-emergent designed to rid your lawn, perennial flower beds, and plantain to! And Partner location information radiate out from the ground pre-emergent herbicide withdraw or refuse your consent clicking..

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The benefit of purchasing separately is that the ideal timing for applying the crabgrass pre-emergent and the ideal timing for fertilization don't quite line up. At least they don't where I live. So, if I wait to put down a combo product till a little later in the season where I get the most bang for the buck with the fertilizer, the crabgrass. Next, we're onto Crabgrass 102 to discuss the importance of applying pre-emergent in the spring in order to prevent germination in the summer months. Crabgrass Control in the Springtime is Especially Important. Summer is a particularly challenging time for lawn lovers because it's the season that crabgrass loves most. This stuff takes root. The active ingredient in Preen is trifluralin, a pre- emergent herbicide. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Pre-emergent herbicides are designed to control germinating weed Authority 480 herbicide is a powerful. Dimension® 2EW specialty herbicide provides preemergence and early postemergence control of crabgrass, and season-long control of crabgrass, goosegrass, foxtail, spurge and Poa annua. Dimension 2EW can be used over the top of field- and container-grown nursery and landscape ornamentals, and in established lawns, golf course fairways, roughs.

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Control crabgrass in the spring and do your seeding in late summer or early fall, making sure to keep these two chores at least eight weeks apart. There are a few pre-emergent herbicides, such as Tupersan, that are compatible with newly established seed, but they're expensive and can be hard to find Tenacity Weed Killer Overview. Tenacity weed killer can be used as a pre-emergent herbicide or as a post-emergent program control. It's a systemic herbicide which doesn't mean much to you I know. So pretty much you spray your mix onto the weeds and the weeds absorb the control through the leaves and root system. Tenacity pre-emergent

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Preventing & Controlling Crabgrass. 1.Use Pre-Emergent Control: Because germination occurs when soil temperatures reach about 55 degrees Fahrenheit, an application of crabgrass control material in the fall or very early spring before crabgrass seeds have had the chance to germinate is important Pre-Emergent and post-emergent weed killer, white bottle mark to learn the rest of the shortcuts. Strawberry, and crabgrass worst of all the warm season grasses on application alright post hours. Grass, any alternative to tenacity for weed control products after a few weeks, most of keyboard.. Dimension 2EW with 24% Dithiopyr is a selective, pre-emergent specialty herbicide formulation with early post-emergent control of crabgrass and other broadleaf weeds in home lawns, turf and landscape and ornamental nurseries. Available as .5 gallon and 2.5 gallon jugs. Coverage: .5 Gallon: 87,000-228,000 sq. ft Quinclorac 1.5 L with Quinclorac 17.79% is comparable to Drive XLR8 herbicide with 18.92% and is an excellent crabgrass killer. It is a post-emergent, selective herbicide that is superior in crabgrass control. It also treats a broad variety of other grasses and broadleaf weeds. It may be applied in residential or non-residential areas, parks, golf courses, athletic fields and many more locations Crabgrass Preventer Plus Lawn Food 26-0-6 Pre-emergent Weed Control & Fertilizer. View Product Buy Now Lawn Starter with Weed Preventer 21-22-4 Pre-Emergent Weed Control & Fertilizer. View Product Buy Now Barricade® Pre-Emergent Weed Control. View Product Buy Now Surge® Weed & Feed 16-0.

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Worth A Mention SpeedZone Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate. Speedzone weed killer is n excellent selective herbicide for post-emergent applications. Can be used on cool and warm season lawns that are established to control poison ivy, clover, creeping charlie and over 100 other broadleaf weeds. You can use it for spot treatments or on hose end sprayers for complete blanket cover The problem is the post emergent is on corn cob carrier that has to land perfectly on the leaf of the weed to be killed with dew on and left over a period of time to work. Your best bet is to spray a pre emergent in spring to prevent crabgrass and goose grass and spot spray or fully spray a post emergent herbicide for other weeds This formulation is no different than any other generic barricade WDG that is 65% prodiamine. PrimeraOne® Prodiamine 65 WDG. Broad Spectrum Pre-Emergent Herbicide. Pre-emergent grass and broadleaf weed control. Flexible application allows for both spring and fall use providing season long crabgrass control. Effectively controls Annual Bluegrass Why Didn't my Pre-emergents Work? The class of weed control products known as pre-emergents are highly effective herbicides if used properly. They are relatively simple to apply and can save a lot of headache later in the season if care is taken to apply them properly. Sometimes though, weeds will grow even after you've applied pre-emergents 31 Image Crabgrass Killer Label. Do read the complete label and follow all directions carefully. Learn more about post emergent crabgrass killer and pre emergent herbicide for crab grass and get the best crabgrass killer. Groundwork Crabgrass Amp Broadleaf Weed Killer Concentrate 32 Oz 7611277 At Tractor Supply Co

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1. Which pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides are available in BC for crabgrass? 2. Where can you buy these chemicals? 3. When is the best time of year to apply them in Pitt Meadows? 4. Can a homeowner do the application or is a licensed pesticide applicator required? 5. What do I do about the crabgrass that is presently in the lawn? Pull. Seller: edealcentral ️ (28,210) 99.3%, Location: Atlanta, Georgia, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 334017085454 Quinclorac 75 DF Turf Herbicide 1 Lb Crabgrass Clover Foxtail Dandelion Killer. Quinclorac 75 DF is a selective post-emergent herbicide that's designed to control both broadleaf and grassy weeds. This can be used in residential and commercial lawns as well as golf courses, sports fields. Apply fertilizer and pre-emergent herbicide to any spots where it's been a problem before, and do your best to bring your bare spots to life. Ultimately, the most powerful weapon against crabgrass is a healthy lawn. Letting your yard go is a great way to invite weeds and other pests, and crabgrass can quickly become the least of your problems

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