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In the Netherlands, however, an 8 is a very good grade, since most grades are between 6 and 8; only excellent students achieve a grade higher than 8 IntheNetherlands, thetraditional gradingscaleisfrom1to10, where1isthelowest and10thehighestgrade. Thepassmarkfor asinglesubject is6, butfor school leavingexaminations, where6or moresubjectsareexamined, one5or one4maybecondonedif compensatedfor byhighgradesinothersubjects. Grades1to3areveryrarelygiven, andthesameistrueforgrades9and10. Themostcommongradesinbothsecondaryandhigher educationare6and7

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The grading system in the Netherlands may not be the same as what you are used to. Don't expect to get the highest grade as it is rarely given. An 8 is a very good grade and only excellent students achieve a grade higher than 8 A grade of 10 is the highest and 6 is the minimum pass grade. Grading practise in the Netherlands differs from that in the US and the UK. In the Netherlands the really high grades (10 and 9) are very rare, because of a 10 is awarded in the case of absolute perfection, which is almost inaccessible for many students Grading system. The grading system in the Netherlands might differ significantly from the grading system you are used to. Our university uses a 10 point grading system: 1 is the lowest grade and 10 the highest. In the Netherlands, grades 1-3 and 9-10 are rarely awarded. The lowest passing grade is a 6. In a few specific programmes, Utrecht.

7 = More than satisfactory Getting a 7 is like owning a Toyota Corolla. It's a good and solid result, and it is the most commonly awarded grade in the Netherlands. It can be officially translated into meaning 'more than satisfactory', but most students will agree that a 7 is actually 'more than enough' The traditional grading system in the Netherlands is from 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest grade. The minimum passing mark is decided upon by the university and might vary between 4 and 6. On final lists, grades are normally rounded off (above 0,5 is rounded up and below 0,5 is rounded down) In the Netherlands, much more emphasis is put on extra curricular activities (boards, councils, committees) and personal development (volunteering, travel, holding a job next to your studies) as a sign of excellence opposed to just grades. A student with cum laude and additional experiences will generally be ranked as more successful by.

In the Netherlands, a 10 is the highest grade to exist, but an 8 is really the highest grade you can get—9 if you're a real overachiever. 'As an overachiever, it does frustrate me a bit' For the students who grew up with this grading system, viewing a 7 out of 10 as 'great work!' is the norm In the Netherlands, most institutions grade exams, papers and thesis on a scale from 1 (very poor) to 10 (outstanding). The scale is generally further subdivided with intervals of one decimal place, although the use of halves (e.g., 7.5) and quarters (e.g., 7+ or 7−, rounded to 0.8 or 0.3) is also common Grades e.g. Good (3.50), or Excellent (5.75), are common. Every passing grade at or above the .50 mark is prefixed with the term of the higher grade. The minimum is 2.00; grades below 3.00 are failing grades, and the maximum is 6.00. Grades like Very good (5-) and Average (3+) are also possible - these are ignored in calculations Before we fully start, let's look at wages in the Netherlands. This differs depending on many different factors, such as age. As it is revised often in order to keep it in line with inflation, this may change but is up to date as of 2021. Note: minimum wage is based on a full-time employee (36-40 hours per week), so that's what you're.

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  1. Academic grading in the Netherlands Pass grades are 6 - 10. A 10 is a perfect grade and rarely achieved. A GPA of 10.0 would basically be unheard of
  2. Education in the Netherlands Most children start primary school (called basisschool in Dutch) the day after their 4th birthday; whenever that is throughout the year. From their 5th birthday, all children are obliged to go to school (leerplicht). Primary school has eight grades, group 1 through group 8 (age 12)
  3. Netherlands - Get a free salary comparison based on job title, skills, experience and education. Accurate, reliable salary and compensation comparisons for Netherlands

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The grade of 10 is almost never awarded and the grade of 9 is also highly uncommon, which means that the grade of 8 is factually a very good grade in the Dutch system. A handful of higher education institutions use different grading scales, such a U.S.-style A to F scales We require a Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs (VWO) with a grade of between 5.5-6.5 (depending on the course applying for), when awarded after six years Average income in the Netherlands According to the Centraal Planbureau (CPB), in 2021 the median gross income for a person working in the Netherlands is 36.500 euros annually or 2.816 euros gross per month. A salary can vary greatly from the median income as it is influenced by age, sector, professional experience and hours worked The Dutch education system explained. In the Netherlands, education is compulsory for children from the age of five to 16. However, most children begin their education at age four. Dutch elementary or primary school has eight grades, known as groepen. These range from Groep 1 (4-year olds) to Groep 8 (12-year olds) Entry requirements for your programme. The requirements you need to join the three-term International Foundation Year vary depending on the University you are looking to progress to. Generally, you need: Good high school graduation grades or equivalent academic study (IGCSE/GCSE/O Level and IB Certificate are not accepted) To be aged 17 or older

What grades do you need to get into a Dutch university? The admissions process for Dutch universities is very different from the British system. Although there is a centralised admissions process, Studielink, it does not work in the same way as UCAS Which grades are most important when I want to study abroad? If you are going to study in an English speaking country it is obviously very important that you speak good English. However you don't necessarily need good grades in English since you can prove your English skills by taking a TOEFL or IELTS test instead Holland Scholarships are provided by Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences to non-EU students following Bachelor's or Master's programmes. Scholarship receivers obtain a one-time grant worth € 5,000. Erasmus programme. Designed to facilitate interaction and collaboration between academic institutes in the EU, the. Below is a rough guide to how German grades correspond to grades awarded by universities in the USA: (1.0) - outstanding, rarely achieved (A+) (1.3) - very good (A) (1.7 to 2.3) - good, seen as a relatively good result (A- to B

1) First, the grades are converted to the U.S. equivalent for countries other than the U.S. 2) The GPA converter converts each U.S. grade equivalent to points using the following scale: 3) The points for each class are multiplied by the number of credits or hours for that class, added together, and divided by the total number of credits or hours The Dutch grading culture is rather conservative: a 10, or even a 9, is not often awarded. At TU Delft even higher standards are the norm. MSc average grading For a better appreciation of TU Delft MSc student results, the overview below shows the distribution of grades obtained by students graduating from September 2015 to August 2018

USWNT vs. Netherlands participant rankings: Alyssa Naeher will get good grade for conserving USA alive in Tokyo Olympics Getty Photos The United States women's national team advanced to the Olympic semifinals on penalty kicks against the Netherlands The grade system in the Netherlands is used for both secondary and higher education. It goes from 1 to 10, ten being the highest score, six being the lowest passing grade. Note that grades 1-3 are almost never assigned Netherlands. Marks exceeding 9 are very rare. Educators uniformly comment on the great difficulty in obtaining a 9 or 10 and the respectability of getting a 6. There is also agreement that an 8 represents a high level of achievement, while grades 6 and 7 generally account for the majority of passing grades of awarded

The Grading Tables provide statistical distributions of grades awarded at Utrecht University. They show which percentage of all passing grades that were awarded in the three most recent academic years were (rounded-off) a 6.0, a 6.5, a 7.5, etc Compare European grades. Use this table below to compare European grades and check how you score in other European countries. A (excellent) B (very good, with few errors) C (good, with some errors) D (satisfactory, with many errors) E (sufficient) Austria. 1 (Sehr gut A-/Very Good A-Generally, the highest grades awarded by French professors are a 14 or 15. Grades of - 25 - 9 or 10 are satisfactory. Netherlands Educational Institutions International Grade US Equivalent Note: 8.5-10 (outstanding) A 7.5-8.4 (very good) B 6.5-7.4 (good) The Netherlands (Holland) is one of Europe's leading countries for international education. Holland offers a good mix of traditional and modern institutions, and many universities in the Netherlands enjoy an immaculate reputation around the world, such as Wageningen, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), UvA University of Amsterdam or TU Delft Hi there, For all of Holland (no Amsterdam surcharges): around 3000-4000 euro gross per month which usually (taxes and social security premiums) translates to between 1500-2000 euro net in hand. This is between 1 and 2 times the 'modal' income as we call our statistical target. As a comparison: Sandya does a relatively simple job in catering and gets 600 euro net for 20 h/week, would get 1100.

Once a mere 13th century fishing village, Rotterdam is the Netherlands most modern city today. Very bike friendly like Amsterdam, Rotterdam boasts several districts for visitors to explore. The popular Delfshaven district is where the pilgrims launched sail from in 1620, and the summertime festivals and carnivals there attract visitors from nearby European countries every year Shopping for the best Dutch oven can be a stressful task. But with the right one in your kitchen arsenal, you can bake bread, braise pot roast, and simmer soups like a pro.After all, the large pot, which is often made from cast iron, is designed to be as versatile as you are creative, and every home cook eventually finds the need to buy a Dutch oven Children in the Netherlands get 8 years of primary education, 4, 5 or 6 years of secondary education (depending on the type of school). After secondary school they can go on to vocational education or higher education. There are both public and private institutions at all levels of the education system; the private institutions are mostly based. Coin grades. A short description of the commonly used coin grades. Fleur de Coin (FDC) A perfect or virtually perfect coin. Fully struck up. No Contact- or other Detracting Marks visible with the naked eye, and only minute superficial imperfections, relating to the manufacturing process rather than any other cause, may be visible under magnification

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  1. Luckily, in the Netherlands there are many protective laws for the employee that cover these areas. Have a look below for some general information. The cost of living in the Netherlands has gone up since the introduction of the Euro. Compared to other cities in the country, Amsterdam is the most expensive one to live in
  2. As a black student, I know why our grades are worse: universities don't listen to us A d e s e w a E s t h e r A d e b i s i This article is more than 2 years ol
  3. Interviews in the Netherlands. In addition to the usual rules about how to make a good impression in a job interview - know about the organisation, don't answer 'yes' or 'no' to questions, relate your experience to the position you're applying for and, of course, don't criticising your present or former employer - there are some other things to think about when going for a.
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Bachelor and Master Grade range 0 to 20 Pass grade 10 Other pass grade levels 10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20 Description of the grading system: We have a system of 0-20 with an interval of 1 point. No half points are given. 10 is the pass mark. No overall average is necessary. Grades lower than 8 or highe Hey all I am a non-EU citizen and I am doing to take a MS course at Amsterdam University, I dont know any Duch though I speak Russian very good. So what you think what are my chances to get a job with a salary which will meet my expences (the university says it will be 800-1200eur per month) Our Dutch Yellowtail is a high grade sashimi, a grilled or smoked classic, and a 'Green Choice' recommended by the Good Fish Foundation as an excellent sustainable alternative. Now available fresh from the Netherlands all year round, with daily deliveries across the EU. Solar panels at the Kingfish Zeeland site in Kats, The Netherlands At Good Tutors Finder we generally see significant improvement within 2 months of a child having at least 2 hours of tuition per week. What grade levels are your services available for? Our large pool of tutors allows us to help students from the secondary (10 / 11 years old) to university (20+ years old) 1. (general) a. tengo buenas notas. I can't believe it. I have good grades in science class this year.No lo puedo creer. Tengo buenas notas en mi clase de ciencia este año. b. tengo buenas calificaciones. I have good grades but I'm not sure I'll get into that college.Tengo buenas calificaciones pero no creo que pueda entrar a esa universidad

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  1. Studying medicine in the Netherlands is just as competitive as studying in the United Kingdom. There are some options that start out in English but there is no way to qualify as a doctor without studying in Dutch. If you cannot get a place in the UK it is quite unlikely that you will get a place in the Netherlands
  2. You pay Dutch VAT over the customs value of the goods. The customs value is the value of the goods, plus the transport costs, insurances and suchlike, up to the external border of the EU. As foreign entrepreneur you are not able to apply the reverse-charge mechanism over the import of goods from non-EU countries
  3. The researchers, from Chicago and Maastricht University in the Netherlands, used data from four studies that tested students and young adults in Europe and the US on grades, IQ, personality, and.
  4. Amsterdam, Netherlands - Salary - Get a free salary comparison based on job title, skills, experience and education. Accurate, reliable salary and compensation comparisons for Amsterdam.
  5. Given below are marks in the German grading system and their translation in terms of your academic achievement. 1.0 - Excellent. You have successfully completed between 90 and 100% of the material required in the exam. 2.0 - Overall very good. However, you need to work more in specific study areas. 3.0 - Good
  6. Getting good quality flour is the easiest way to improve the way your bread will look and taste. Flour from supermarkets tends to be very white, often old, lacking in taste and natural enzymes, and, most important, not very useful for bread baking (at least over here in Holland)
  7. Students with poor grades on their transcripts still have opportunities to get accepted into college. Everyone makes mistakes - here are 5 ways to get into college despite a low GPA. Read the.

1. Grades create risk-averse behavior. Surely we agree that futile and vain feelings are associated with the letter grade F and proud and happy feelings are associated with the letter grade A. These links are deeply entrenched in society's perspective on education. As a consequence, the expectation of receiving a grade creates a fear to fail Netherlands Country Study. Learn about The Netherlands with this unit study. Primarily fill in the blanks after researching the topics, this pack is great for students in grades 2 - 5. The topics covered in this printable pack are: The Netherlands - geography, facts, money. The Netherlands Flag

The Spanish grading system. Grades in Spain follow the assessment scale as seen on the table below: International scale. Spanish scale. A. (excellent) 10 - 9.00 (Matrícula de Honor (MH) - Sobresaliente) B. (very good, with few errors Netherlands US GPA US Letter grade Netherlands scale 3.5 -4.0 A 8.5 -10 3.3 -3.49 B+ 7.5 -8.49 2.99 -3.29 B 6.5 -7.49 Below 3.0 B-/C 6 -6.49 . New Zealand US GPA US Letter grade New Zealand scale 3.5 -4.0 A 75 -100 3.3 -3.49 B+ 70 -74.99 2.99 -3.29 B 65 -69.99. USWNT vs. Netherlands player ratings: Alyssa Naeher gets perfect grade for keeping USA alive in Tokyo Olympics Let's rate some USWNT performances after the quarterfinal against the Netherlands De Hoge Veluwe National Park. This park is one of the largest in Holland, and within its 13,343 acres, counts rare wildlife, some of the most iconic buildings in the Netherlands, and the Kröller. SchoolDigger data sources: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Census Bureau, the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois State Board of Education.School Attendance Areas provided by ATTOM. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS: Not all boundaries are included.We make every effort to ensure that school and district boundary data are up-to-date

Here's how a 2.5 GPA compares to the nation: 2.12% of schools have an average GPA below a 2.5. You can apply to colleges and have a good shot at getting admitted. You have a low chance of getting into with a 2.5 GPA. To elaborate, the national average for GPA is around a 3.0, so a 2.5 puts you below average nationally The Netherlands unintentionally created a perfect laboratory for studying marijuana effects, and it produced troubling results for legalization advocates

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USWNT vs. Netherlands participant scores: Alyssa Naeher will get good grade for maintaining USA alive in Tokyo Olympics. by Newsplaneta July 30, 2021, 10:08 pm 1.5k View The Benefits of Playing Video Games (PDF, 202KB) WASHINGTON — Playing video games, including violent shooter games, may boost children's learning, health and social skills, according to a review of research on the positive effects of video game play to be published by the American Psychological Association At your guest university, passing grades range from 10 to 15 (15 being the best). Both universities can share the grade distribution with each other. For example, assume that at the home institution, 35% of students usually receive the best grade (1 / Excellent), whereas at the French university, ca. 29% receive a grade of 13 or better

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The Wheel on the School is a wonderful book about things being made right. When a child asks a question, the teacher pushes her - and the whole class - to find answers. As they begin to imagine answers, they begin to see their own community with new eyes, and wonderful things begin to happen Dutch Seeds Shop is a Europe based company that sells high-quality marijuana seeds globally. Our cannabis seeds come from Amsterdam and the Netherland. We have a variety of cannabis seeds for sale that enable growers of all levels and skills to discover first-class marijuana strains for personal and therapeutic purposes Dutch trains are mainly run by the national rail company NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) and the network covers the country extensively. Travelling by train is convenient, reliable and reasonable value for money. Trains are running to the standard timetable. The wearing of (non-medical grade) face masks is compulsory on Dutch public transport Holland is a small city on Michigan's west coast, about thirty minutes from Grand Rapids. As you might guess, Holland has a strong Dutch heritage, which is on prominent display all around town: the Dutch Village and Windmill Island are local landmarks, and tulips are everywhere (in fact, one of the biggest events of the year is the Tulip Time Festival in May) Holland vs. Netherlands: What's the Difference? Education Details: Jan 23, 2020 · The difference between Holland and Netherlands is the former is a province, while the later is the name of the entire country.According to the CIA World Factbook, the Kingdom of the Netherlands was formed in 1815 (and Belgium seceded from it in 1830—another fun fact I didn't know)

Secondary Education in Netherlands | ExpatINFO Holland › Search www.expatinfoholland.nl Best Schools Secondary School. Posted: (1 week ago) Jul 29, 2018 · Tuition at Dutch secondary schools in the Netherlands is free for students under 18 years of age. Most textbooks are provided by the school. Nominal secondary school educational expenses, such as gym clothes and shoes, dictionaries and. Broilers Chicks are a type of chicken that is grown only for the purpose of producing meat. The broilers are generally made up of young male chickens (cockerels) chosen from agricultural flocks. We have established our presence as Broiler chicks Farming in Ranchi. Consider Baghel Agro Industries for the product. Find healthy baby chicks here - Browse our selection of offered baby chicks. Purpose Based on current scientific evidence and best practice, the first Dutch multidisciplinary practice guideline for occupational health professionals was developed to stimulate prevention and enhance work participation in patients with low back pain (LBP) and lumbosacral radicular syndrome (LRS).Methods A multidisciplinary working group with health care professionals, a patient. There isn't a birthday party supplies website on the internet that can help you plan a party as quickly and easily as Birthday in a Box. We guarantee that whether you are 1 or 100, your birthday will be special because of the items we sell here. Furthermore, we are proof that you can plan a fully coordinated theme party with all of the necessary party supplies & decorations at really low prices One example is the 1-100 system. However, it would be inaccurate to compare a 90-100 grade in such a system with a 10 in the Dutch system, or a 80-90 with a 9, and so on. An 80 in China, for example, is not considered a good grade since most grades in higher education in China are between 80 and 100

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Amity International School Amsterdam. Children need space to learn and explore. We provide them with that space. Every child is unique and valued. We want them to reach their full potential. The world is your classroom. Our green grounds offer perfect outdoor learning opportunities. You grow through connections, communication, and collaboration A grade threshold is the minimum number of marks that a candidate needs to obtain a particular grade in a paper or in a subject. These thresholds are decided after each examination has been taken and marked. The aim in each year (or examination series) is to set each threshold in just the right place to ensure that it is no more difficult and. Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages

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  1. Grades are based on a range of assessment methods, including presentations, papers, and oral or written exams, along with class participation. University course grades are awarded on a scale of 1-10, which CIEE will convert to a U.S. letter-based scale. For those who have a good understanding of everyday Dutch and of Dutch used in the media.
  2. Grade Range Grade Point Letter Grade Remarks 96 - 100 1.00 A+ Excellent 91 - 95 1.25 A Very Good 86 - 90 1.50 A- Very Good 81 - 85 1.75 B+ Good 75 - 80 2.00 B Good 69 - 74 2.25 B- Good 63 - 68 2.50 C+ Fair 57 - 62 2.75 C Fair 50 - 56 3.00 C- Fair Below 50 5.00 F Failed IC IC InComplete W Withdrawn D Droppe
  3. istrator career ranges from grades AD 5 to AD 16, with AD 5 being the entry level grade for university graduates. Selection and recruitment may also be offered at higher grades AD 6 or AD 7 in more specialist roles, where the applicant will have to demonstrate several years' relevant experience. AD 9-AD 12 is middle management level

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The Dutch settlement history in South Africa began in March 1647 with the shipwreck of the Dutch ship Nieuwe Haarlem. The shipwreck victims built a small fort named Sand Fort of the Cape of Good Hope. They stayed for nearly one year at the Cape. Finally they were rescued by a fleet of 12 ships under the command of W.G. de Jong GreatSchools' Summary Rating provides an overall snapshot of school quality. Ratings follow a 1-10 scale, where top-rated schools are 10s: ratings between 1-4 signal below average. 5-6 indicate average. ratings of 7-10 are above average. Edison Computech. Fresno Unified. Public, 7-8 | 807 students A recent study in the Netherlands suggests that gardening can fight stress even better than other relaxing leisure activities. After completing a stressful task, two groups of people were. Grades of olive oil are defined by various standards around the world. These different standards around the world show slight differences in terms of the parameters used to define each grade. 1,2 There are various grades of olive oil, each having distinct differences in terms of production method, quality and suitability for consumption Sovereign credit rating, is an evaluation made by a credit rating agency and evaluates the credit worthiness of the issuer (country or government) of debt. The credit rating is used by individuals and entities that purchase debt by governments to determine the likelihood that will pay its debt obligations

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Primary, Secondary, and Senior Secondary Grades In Australia, the Primary, Secondary, and Senior Secondary education system incorporate Year 1 to Year 12. Every state and territory has its own Australian grading system in high school, but in general, most of the grades fall between A to F Find Dutch translations in our English-Dutch dictionary and in 1,000,000,000 translations 1. Ninth-grade GPA can predict graduation. The Chicago report authors found that freshmen with A's, B's and C's were much more likely to graduate high school than their peers with lower GPAs.

Teenage pregnancy in the Netherlands. The teen pregnancy rate in the Netherlands is very low. When you compare it with the rate of teen pregnancy in the US, which is the highest in the developed world, it is 8 times higher than the Netherlands (interestingly, it's the English-speaking countries that have the highest teen pregnancy rates in the developed world—the US, followed closely by. A level results in 2018 - 61% of all grades were A*/A. In order to get admitted a student must have minimum five exams GCSE graded 9-7 (new marking system) or A*-A (old marking system), at least grade 6 for Maths and English and grades 9-7 for subjects that students plan to study for A-levels Dutch-process cocoa powder is made by soaking cocoa beans in an alkali solution—a process developed by a Dutch chemist in the 1800s—which neutralizes the acidity and cuts a bit of the.

To this end, France fostered good relationships with Native Americans, and built on mutual benefits of the trade of beaver furs for French goods. In comparison with England, the colonial population of New France was relatively small. The Netherlands also became interested in the New World because of its economic promise The UK education system is unique as so is the grading system applied by educational institutions. However, the reputation of British higher education is largely attributed to such efficient education and grading system. Due to this many foreign countries have embraced the UK education and grading system either complete or with minor variations. Understanding local [

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ABRSM is the exam board of the Royal Schools of Music, delivering over 650,000 music exams and assessments every year in 93 countries 5. Mr. Holland started teaching in the early 1960s and was laid off in the early 1990s. During the 30 years that he taught school, the United States went through many changes. Some of these changes are portrayed in film clips interspersed throughout the film 2nd grade. Reading & Writing. Worksheet. 2 Math Minutes: Addition. Worksheet. 2 Math Minutes: Addition. Math minutes are an exciting, fast-paced way to get in lots of arithmetic practice. Race against the clock to solve these addition problems in two minutes. 2nd grade Grades used in the calculation if your GPA are weighted as follows: A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, F=0, O=0. To calculate your GPA, total all the units of A-level work and multiply this number by 5. Then, total all units of B-level work and multiply by 4 and so on. When you complete an ongoing subject, other than thesis, take the sum of the units of J.

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3 things we learned: USWNT - Netherlands. 1. No one makes you pay like Miedema: Inexplicably, no one stepped to Miedema in the middle of the penalty area as she scored he first goal, and Naeher. The Dutch also constructed Fort Beversrede in 1648 on the Schuylkill River (at Philadelphia) and Fort Casimir in 1651 (at Newcastle, Delaware) to defend their territory against the Swedes and Finns of the Swedish West India Company in Delaware. In 1655 New Netherland defeated New Sweden and occupied the Swedish stronghold, Fort Christiana. England had the most success of all the European countries colonizing other lands. King James I colonized Virginia in 1606. While England was also motivated by the route by sea and the riches of the New World, the country had different reasons for colonizing. Freedom of faith was a big motivation for the English 8 Unforgettable Middle Grade Books About World War II. by Erin Jones / October 24, 2017 at 11:00 am Author Reiss grew up in Holland during World War II and has drawn from her own experience to tell the story of Annie and Sini—Jewish sisters separated from their parents and forced to hide in a cramped upstairs room of a farmhouse. Annie is. ACT Writing Scores . For students who took the ACT with Writing, the writing section is scored on a 12-point scale. For the 2019-20 reporting year (tests taken in 2017-2019), the average score on the 12-point scale was a 6.5 according to an ACT report on national norms.Historically, when more colleges required and reported writing scores, students who got into the country's most selective.