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Baofeng UV5R Low Transmit Audio (From John N0EE) Paul, consider making a post on the SPARK page about some users of the Baofeng UV5R having very weak transmit audio, I'm sure you've noticed that. Most likely it's because the UV5R is set to Narrow Band mode Test of volume two baofeng uv-5 If your baofeng UV-5R radio suffers from low transmit audio or low modulation this modification will help in improving your modulation problem. This fix will use your radio VOX preamp transistor to amplify the audio from the radio electret condenser microphone. Using this modification will disable your VOX function so don´t do this modification if Continue reading Low modulation fix. When a Baofeng suddenly no longer transmits audio, this simple modification will commonly fix the problem Fingers crossed I pass! In the meantime, I have been listening to some local repeaters on my Baofeng UV-5RE and enjoying what I hear, can't wait to join in! However, in the last day or so, I have noticed a problem with the audio on the speaker of my handheld. While cooking dinner last night I was listening to some folks chatting and the audio.

Please note that the low audio mod DOES NOT work on the UV-5R that I ORIGINALLY referenced in my first post..a reply by DonOblivious updates that information to more accurate information but I STILL NEED INFO for the UV-82 WP. When I transmit using the Baofeng, the Motorola acts like it's getting a signal but doesn't make the receiving. New Stanton, PA. Jan 6, 2017. #20. No Volume Fixed - Baofeng UV-5RE. My volume was totally gone after programming my UV-5RE with the cable/computer. To fix it I merely plugged, unplugged, plugged, unplugged, etc. the cable a few times and it came back. Seems like a mechanical issue with the headphone jack. 1 This page contains resources for troubleshooting and resolving known and unknown issues with the Baofeng UV-5R and other Baofeng series radios. How to fix a Baofeng UV-5R that stops receiving after CHIRP file is uploaded - Resolving an issue that occurs after loading a CHIRP .img file into a new Baofeng radio Not sure if the UV-5R has this setting exposed, but for FM, in addition to mic gain, you have to check for max deviation. FM frequency deviation translates to audio amplitude. The max deviation may be set too low. Some UV-5Rs, especially later models, exibit low TX audio Baofeng radio comes with different settings for power output. You can have your power settings at 1 Watt, 5 Watts or 8 Watts. Even when the radio is on low power mode, it transmits more power. Available Models in The Market. Baofeng radio models available in the market include the following: BF-F8HP radio which is a dial band and two-way.

Call Sign: 26TM363. Location: Hartlepool UK. Re: Baofeng UV-5R modulation. Post. by Dragonfly » 19 Apr 2014, 20:43. The Baofengs are the cheapest and have a few known issues , Quiet audio , wide open front end makes them prone to interference and bleedover , also the screen can become unreadable when they get hot RADIOS FOR ALL USERS: We have GMRS, MURS, LMR, and Amateur Radio Models. Radio models that support Analog transmissions including: Narrowband, Wideband, CTCSS, DCS, 2TONE, 5TONE, DTMF. We also have radio models that support DMR digital transmissions including: AES Encryption, with Tier I and Tier 2 DMR Support. LEARN MORE The Baofeng radios are not very good at providing this low signal level because the only audio output on the radio is intended to drive a speaker with audio levels of a volt or two. Adjusting the speaker audio level to match the mic input via the Baofeng audio control was very tricky due to the sensitivity of the soundcard

UHF 400-470MHz handheld radio, voice prompt, flash light, 16 channels, 1500mAh Li-ion battery. View More BF-888S. BF Series. UV Series. Dual band, tri-color display, 128 channels, high-low power, LED flashlight. View More UV-5R To adjust your audio levels choose option 2 above, this has a dynamic display, you can transmit on the UK Parrot server to help you choose your best sound level. Under some circumstances option 3 and option 4 can be of use as well The Baofeng UV-5R is probably the best selling HT from China to date. In spite of its popularity this hand-held is not perfect, but most people don't mind - it's all about the balance between price and performance. Although the front end is prone to overload, I like my early UV-5R's a lot. TX audio (talk power, if you wish) isn't an. Page Created: 8/14/2015 Last Modified: 1/9/2021 Last Generated: 5/5/2021 Remotely-Operated 1200 Baud AX.25 Narrowband Packet Radio and APRS on a Baofeng UV-5RA and Raspberry Pi 2 by KD0YJM To explain this situation physically, we might use the analogy of a man moving his finger back and forth at the center of a small pool of water This shoulder speaker/mic is a decent choice for a Baofeng radio, if you want to save a buck. It has worked well enough for my BF-F8HP. However, the speaker sound quality is only mediocre and the microphone is fairly low quality (enough that there are various hacks out there to try to make it better)

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  1. BaoFeng UV-5R has been a pleasant surprise ever since its launch. With its sleek design and power-packed functioning, it hit a wonderfully sweet spot in terms of specs delivered to money spent. Considering the cheap price tag, most people often think about the BaoFeng UV-5R range before getting it
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  3. Pin 23: P67 TX Power lever: 1.5V for LOW 1W and 2.67V for HIGH 4W Pin 24: P66 TX power switch (low to activate TX) Pin 25: P65 AURX Turn Speaker AMP on Pin 26: P64 Low BAT input Pin 27: P63 VOX from radio Pin 28: P62 GPIO6 SQ on RDA1846 Pin 29: OSCI Pin 30: OSCO Pin 31: VSS Pin 32: RESET Pin 33: VDD Pin 34: P77 SEN from RDA184
  4. g Cable (Pack 1) 4.5 out of 5 stars. 38. $55.99
  5. RS232 to 2 Pin - Baofeng / Kenwood General Technical Information Microphone and Audio Issues : 7.1 : No Transmit Audio First, confirm you have no TX audio by listening to your signal on Simplex. If you experience no audio, the microphone jack might be stuck open with debris
  6. Hi Everyone, I have been running my mcHF for a little while and one comment I've had a few times is that my audio volume is quite low. I have the mic gain up to 99 and a Baofeng microphone. Is there something I can do to improve this please? Thanks, Andy 2E0URS

UV5R / UV82. Enter the first 6 digits of the desired frequency. Then use the for the last digit (s), depending on step selected. (Step = 6.25kHz) 462.712 = 4 62.7125. Newer UV5R series radios with updated firmware will now predict the 7th / 8th digits regardless of the step setting. 462.716 = 462.71625 The Baofeng 888 is probably one of the best for the price transceivers to use as an Allstar node radio. Prices in quantities have gone as low as $8 in early 2017. Keep in mind this transceiver would generally only be used for a local node within your neighborhood or within a mile or so of where it is located

Review Pofung (Baofeng) GT-5. This is more a heads-up than a review, because the Baofeng GT-5 is essentially a Baofeng UV-82 in a more modern looking package. In turn the UV-82 was just a bigger UV-5R. Same electronics, same behavior, but fortunately shipped with a much better antenna. UV-82 next to GT-5. Rumors that the GT-5 would have new. Low priced Chinese gear has allowed even those on the tightest budgets to get on the VHF and UHF bands. One of the more complained about Chinese radio items are the hand mics. The Baofeng / Pofung handheld radio mics are well known for lousy transmit audio Baofeng Radio US is the Authorized Distributor of Baofeng products, introducing new range of Baofeng radios. Visit our website or call us at 713-893-8950 Low Voltage Power Amplifier. This is a dual audio power amplifier that is of similar design to a typical operational amplifier. Due to its location on the board, this IC presumably amplifies external microphone input and external speaker output. (8) Blob on Chip (Pink) Hitachi HD44780 LCD Controller / Drive Baofeng official website provides you with the most cost-effective long-range Baofeng two-way radios and meets all your amateur and commercial need. With OEM, ODM ability, quotation for bulk order is available. Contact us directly for a best price

Baofeng Cheat Sheet. The Baofeng UV-5R is a great cheap little radio, but it's notoriously difficult to use, with poor documentation. Here are some tips and resources I've found to help me use them. Baofeng UV-5R on Amazon. Accessories. I've found the following accessories to be useful. These are my recommended brands This audio is passed into the headset port of a Baofeng handheld transmitter. A toggle switch is wired up to the Push-To-Transmit circuit of the Baofeng to trigger transmission when required

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And this is where the Windows 10 audio issue is exposed and fixed. Where's the Microphone Boost? Like many Windows 10 users, the audio recording input signal is too low. Earlier versions of Windows had a way to boost the recording input, as seen in the image below. However, in recent versions, there's no option L=Low. VOX indicates the Voice Activate Transmit (VOX) mode is enabled. The + or -indicates the frequency shift direction offset. The R indicates the Reverse function is enabled to reverse the receive and transmit frequencies. For the record, the Baofeng UV-5R is not scanner, nor is it built to be one. It is a two way radio Your Baofeng might have a slight delay before it actually transmits when it hears the mic audio. APRSdroid gets around this by prefixing the APRS packet transmission with a 200ms garbage-sound that is probably long enough for the Baofeng to activate MICROPHONE & AUDIO ISSUES Q: Why is my microphone audio is low? A: Here's are some suggestions: 1) Talk directly into the radio, within one inch. 2) Confirm the audio is set to Wide Band. 5 kHz (Menu 5 = W) 3) Try an external spkr/mic to confirm problem is the mic. 4) Blow compressed air into the spkr/mic jack Lior, a young radio enthusiast, got a Baofeng UV5R transceiviner radio, while he wasn't able to pass the radio amateur radio license, he could only scan for police radio stations. But he had knowledge about MCU programming and he decided to hack into the baofeng radio. Using the Arduino Uno R3 development board, he managed to listen to the digital signals transmitted by the UV5R radio during.

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What is the Baofeng UV-5R? The Baofeng UV-5R is a popular two-band radio. It's inexpensive, feature-packed, and compact. For users that are new to portable programming, the Baofeng UV-5R may be difficult to program due to the lack of Baofeng's support, and because of its poorly written user manual A Baofeng radio is often one of the first purchases a new ham radio operator makes these days due to the decent features and low price tag. They are far from perfect, but with a bit of creative. It is common knowledge for anyone involved in the radio communication world that Amateur Radios, often referred to as 'Ham Radios,' are the best ones to start out with.. Apart from being the market leader, BaoFeng is the most budget-friendly option for ham radios. Despite its low price, the company does not skimp out on any of the features and functions on any of the BaoFeng models This in an INTERNATIONAL group for those who own or is interested in the Baofeng & Pofung UV-5 line of radios for Amateur Radio use. United States regulations do not apply to all members, but we.. The BaoFeng BF-888S is a very cool and inexpensive little radio that a lot of people purchase before realizing that there is no way to program the BaoFeng BF-888S radio with just the radio, you have to purchase a programming cable, download the software, and learn what you are doing first. This can be a big turn off but it doesn't have to be as programming the radio is pretty easy

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The MIC audio gain, deviation, and balance adjustments are *very* sensitive! - RA-35 without TX adj. trimmer pots: Using a service monitor with deviation metering, start low and work your way up to 3KHz deviation with 1KHz tone, generated by simpleusb-tune-menu Baofeng BF888S Circuit Board Installed on a BRIAN (SM) Motherboard Features. Uses low cost, proven CM119B or CM108B USB Audio IC; Uses the circuit board from a Baofeng BF-888S UHF HT; Standard SMA female connector and antenna; Powered by Raspberry Pi (3/4) via USB cable (A male to B male) Nominal 1/2 watt RF powe Baofeng UV-5R Notes (BFS311 Firmware) Test Unit. Baofeng UV-5R (purchased new in 2013) Firmware BFS311 130903N; S/N US201311**** S/N may also be a date code. Unit was purchased in 11/2013 and may have been manufactured the same month. Battery Saver. When Menu 3 SAVE is enabled, the receiver is periodically turned off to reduce power consumption

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If the Baofeng can't hear signals from the other radios, the most likely causes are either the squelch on the Baofeng is too low, or the other radios are sending CTCSS/DCS (and the Baofeng's not set to receive them). with no audio, until town 1 stops transmitting. It appears, unlike other radios, that the pl codes only stop the squelch.

Conclusion. The obvious take away from this Baofeng BF-888S review is that it is a compact and rugged entry-level UHF transceiver sold at a very low price. This is the sort of device you'd want to start with as a ham radio operator if you have budgetary concerns. But the radio can be useful in other ways too Reports abound on the Internet about low TX modulation on this radio. Many modifications exist to improve it. Audio reports I've received have not indicated any major problem, maybe just a little on the quiet side. This may, of course, vary from unit to unit, or it may depend on the revision of the radio

Most BaoFeng radios operate in both VHF and UHF frequencies. All BaoFeng radios can operate in narrowband (12.5 KHz) or wideband (25 KHz). BaoFeng radios are flexible - they have channel steps as low as 2.5KHz, CTCSS and DCS tones, can be either PC or manually programmed, and output up to 8 watts SignaLink USB Interface. COVID-19 Status: OPEN & SHIPPING. See our SignaLink USB Product Guide to find the part numbers for your radio. or give our Sales Staff a call at (800) 822-9722 (Mon - Fri, 9AM - 5PM PST). Order online at our Secure Web Store! FCC Class B Certified. Built-in Low-noise Sound Card The Baofeng UV-5R is a hand-held radio that has been marketed illegally in the United States and was produced since 2012. It has been used in a number of projects involving radios. It is described as a popular inexpensive model. . Features. It is designed to transmit on the 2 meter band between 144 and 148 MHz and on the 70cm band between 430 and 450 MHz. Features include CTCSS and duplex. The Baofeng UV-5RA. The Baofeng UV-5RA is special because it costs a mere $50 (or less). Most competing handheld radios from Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, or Alinco are priced at around $129 to as much as $600, and that is without accessories. The good thing about this radio is that the price also includes accessories Many new ham licensees start with a basic handheld radio. The Baofeng UV-B6 is excellent value and a very popular choice. The documentation that comes with the radio is inadequate for beginners, and even for advanced users has several errors and omissions. We are targeting this page at the absolute beginner. BIG HAIRY WARNING: THI

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  1. The Baofeng UV-9R Plus is a dual-band (2m/70cm) waterproof radio and my favorite cheap Chinese radio despite its flaws. Keep reading to find out why! In the world of cheap radios, it is almost always about the UV-5R and for pretty good reasons. Rarely do you hear about a better standard dual-band Baofeng than that ubiquitous radio
  2. BaoFeng UV-5R - Budget Ham Radio - Reliable and cheap; How to Program a BaoFeng Radio with Chirp Software; If there's enough interest, we can discuss setting up the Yaesu FT-2900 and the FT-7800 for repeaters and tones too. We'll decide to do this if enough people ask for it in the comments
  3. -2 x 3.7V 1500mah Original Baofeng Li-ion Battery Pack-2 x Hand Strap-2 x Belt Clip-2 x ENG Manual-2 x Desktop Charger with USB Connector Male-2 x PTT Earpiece for free Note: Baofeng BF-888S PMR Version is also named as BF-88E in order to distinguish it from original baofeng 888S,it will come with fixed antenna. Twin pack in one retail box

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  1. The Baofeng speaker microphone was received this week. I tested compatibility with the UV-3R and then with the BF-U3, UHF model. The speaker microphone has very good transmit and receive audio with the UV-3R as reported by amateur operators on various repeaters locally. No push to talk issues were observed during operation
  2. Features 128 Channels Dual Band 136-174MHz VHF Frequencies 400-520MHz UHF Frequencies Repeater Capable 4W/1W Transmit Power Li-Ion Battery Pack FM Radio Emergency Alarm Channel Scan Skip Channel Dual Watch Busy Channel Lockout Call Tone CTCSS Manual Input Backlit LCD Display Power-On Display Message Battery Meter Low Battery Alert Power Saver Timeout Timer VOX Audible Button [
  3. Review of: 2 Pcs BAOFENG UV-82 Plus 8w/4w/1w These are Baofeng UV-82 'HP' type radios. The quality is decent for the cost. I have owned some of the older UV-5 types. I prefer these, on these the case seems more durable, and the radio, less 'glitchy', the audio quality is also better as compared the UV-5 models
  4. g audio. RF Power Output - high / medium / low power switchable. Programmable amateur radio supports keyboard or PC program
  5. The audio quality is as good as it can get in this price range, the transmit audio is incredible for the price too, and the compatibility with BaoFeng HAM radios is great. Pros: Surprisingly cheap but well made; Great audio quality with incredible transmit audio; Works great with BaoFeng radios; Cons
  6. Audio sounds cleaner and louder - DMR provides users with crisper and louder audio quality. It does this by converting the analog signals into digital signals that have no background white noise. In newer models, there is a feature called Intelligent Audio, which automatically adjusts the radio's volume to fit the environment
  7. Introduction. The Baofeng UV-82 is a dual band 144/440 1W or 5W radio. It is typically available for less than $30 from many retailers. It makes a nice Allstar node radio which is a little easier to modify and better quality than the Baofeng 888 and it gives you the ability to use either the 2 meter or 3/4 meter bands

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The main goal is to get the audio level low enough that the preemphasized high tone gets through the transmitter without being clipped. Then, we'd like to optimize the signal a bit further to get the best performance we can. Before we get started, here's one tip that may make the adjustments easier. You might find that there's only a tiny bit. HIGH (H), MEDIUM (M), LOW (L) This allows you to set the TRANSMIT power of your unit. These settings (on my specific unit) refer to the RF output power when transmitting. 7-8watt (H), 4watt (M) and 1watt (L). You are supposed to use the lowest amount of transmission power possible for your communication, so experiment with what works best for you Here are some hardware modification to improve your Baofeng's radio performance. These are not my own but an article found on the internet from DG2IAQ and KX3DX. If you're into fixing and breaking things then this article is a must try. I have done some modification on my radio and I can say that the Continue reading Some hardware modifications for Baofeng's UV5R/UV8 Here's why: PMR446 equipment is not permitted to transmit over a maximum power of 0.5 watts. Baofeng radios normally transmit at 5 watts, or 8 watts. Some Baofengs do have a low-power setting, but this is at least 1 watt (or more), so even on low power, they transmit more power than is legal in the UK for the PMR446 allocation The Baofeng UV-5R series of radios will receive and transmit on FM modulated VHF frequencies between 136-174MHZ and on FM modulated UHF frequencies between 400-480/520MHz. It will also receive only (but not transmit) on FM modulated VHF frequencies between 65 - 108 MHz. First, to explain the UHF range

Baofeng BF-T1 and MINI-1 (400 to 420 MHz): New Baofeng mini-one: two way radio and mobile car radio. It is mini simple economical and con... Baofeng UV-5R: Schematic 2021 Baofeng UV10R Two Way CB Radio Transmitter Long Range Baofeng UV10R 128CH VHF UHF 136-174Mhz 400-520Mhz Dual Band Why Buy Baofeng UV10R From us? 1. 100% original 2. Ours Baofeng UV10R using the 4th Generation Full Chip. 2. More power,More Range,More Time Standby. Free Headset + Three colors for your choose, enjoy two way 2021 Baofeng UV10R Two Way Radio 10W UV-10R Transmitter Long.

I took the 2-pin Kenwood connector from a cheapo Baofeng earbud/mic unit (~$3) and the 3.5mm connectors from a standard computer-to-speaker audio cable. So, here is a diagram of my poorly-constructed but nevertheless functional audio attenuators: With this audio attenuation setup, I run the Pi on 100% volume and the radio on about 50% volume Your Baofeng might have a slight delay before it actually transmits when it hears the mic audio. APRSdroid gets around this by prefixing the APRS packet transmission with a 200ms garbage-sound that is probably long enough for the Baofeng to activate Description. I used CHIRP 20120812 to program my Baofeng UV-5R and today find out! 1) when I try to transmit - nothing happens ( display remains dark - nothing changes in display) 2) I attach headphones - the same problem - nothing transmits out. 3) I switch to FM radio mode - listen to radio and then press PTT button - it switches to chanel mode

Baofeng UV-5R manual programming is not difficult, but it requires some practice. Nothing really complex, but you have to put some effort to program the Baofeng UV-5R.. How to manually program the Baofeng UV-5R from the comfort of your keypad. It's not a joke. Programming manually a Baofeng radio, especially the model UV-5R is possible using the own keypad of the radio About Baofeng DM-1701 The DM-1701 is the most cost-effective DMR HT on the market, with solid hardware construction and easy to use programming software. The greatest appeal of Baofeng's DM-1701 lies in its ability to deliver great DMR compatibility, crystal clear audio & great cost-effective. The light-weight por How to unlock Kenwood handheld radio is a common question many walkie talkie vendors get from users of these devices. The 'lock' issue is an unintentional fallout of a nice little feature known as 'Super lock' that can be found in supported Kenwood walkie talkies The garbled audio problem you're having makes me think you might have companding enabled on one radio but not the other(s). I have Yaesu, Puxing, Dakota Alert (FCC blessed for MURS operation), and Baofeng VHF radios and can assure you there's no garbled audio between any of them when using compatible settings for operation on the MURS freqs

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The Baofeng UV-5R and similar radios are very useful tools. It's a compact, handheld radio capable of transmitting with 4 watts of power across 136-174 MHz and 400-480 MHz frequencies. It can be programmed with up to 128 channels. They can receive and transmit a variety of frequencies including those used by weather radios and the often purchased walkie-talkies found at Wal-Mart. Their. As well as your local ARS nets there are other frequencies worth listening to with a Baofeng. These include the PMR/GMRS and FRS ranges and some of the ISM bands. The Baofeng can receive FM at the low end of Air band up to 127Mhz. Air band is AM, meaning you're unlikely to hear anything. If you do hear anything at all, voices will sound bad The BaoFeng UV-5R is the perfect ham radio for beginners. Best for Cars: ICOM 2300H at Walmart. This ham radio uses a 12-volt power source, making it perfect for plugging into your car's cigarette lighter outlet. Best for Durability: BTECH DMR-6X2 at Amazon This technique has one drawback - radio enables audio amplifier also when generates sounds by itself - beeping when battery is low, etc. You need to be aware of it - if this is a problem for you, consider disabling internal sounds when programming your radio. Or drill a small hole in a PCB and get real carrier detect signal from the back side Transmit audio quality. Receive audio volume. Feels substantial, fits my hand, not like the UV5R. The not so good: Dual PTT is a gimmick that I could do without, but some folks like it. Can't toggle from VFO to Memory Mode without turning the radio off and on while holding the menu button. Squelch settings don't do much

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This BaoFeng BF-8HP model is the third-gen of the UV-5R unit, and its pack contains all accessories such as earpieces, hand strap, and a belt clip to your advantage. This two-way radio has advanced upgrades from the old version, twice the output power of 8W, with 1W and 4W for the low and medium power settings Baofeng Tech: Mobile Radios. We're excited to unveil the UV-2501 and UV-5001 Dual Band Mobile Radios. We have spent the last several months refining our first mobile radio release. The UV-2501 is a Mini Mobile VHF/UHF radio capable of 25 Watts Output. The UV-5001 is a full-size Mobile VHF/UHF radio capable of 50 Watts Output Baofeng Arduino Backpack. Tim. 22.1k 1.3k 99. HamShield lets your Arduino talk to far away people and things using amateur radio bands (Coverage: 136-170MHz, 200-260MHz, 400-520MHz) Project Owner Contributor

This little gem only puts out 4 watts, but what a powerhouse! Due primarily to its low price, but also accompanied by its quality and features, the Baofeng UV-5R has emboldened numerous new hams to get on the air and make these little rigs an integral part of their family preparedness plan Baofeng DM-1801. DMR Dual Band Radio 136-174/400-470MHz. Support UV double segment, frequency range. UHF 400.000-480.000MHz/VHF 136.000-174.000MH The BaoFeng BF-F8HP is a dual band radio that offers a perfect combination of power and ease of use for beginners. It's incredibly easy to program with straightforward functions. You can program it using both CHIRP and the BaoFeng software, and there are also other options that make it a pretty versatile HAM radio for beginners.. 8 watts of power is great at this price point, and the BF-F8HP. Radioddity is the place to go for all your amateur, business and free-license radio needs. Shop Now with exclusive discount. 18 Months Manufacturer's Warranty. Authorized Baofeng, TYT, Xiegu, QYT Distributor

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  1. 4. ABBREE SMA-Female Dual Band VHF/UHF 144/430MHz High Gain Soft Whip Foldable CS Tactical Antenna. The ABBREE SMA-Female Dual Band is compatible with Baofeng UV-5R UV-82 BF-F8HP ham two-way radio. Its connector type is SMA-Female and gives you a gain of 2.15dBi and a frequency of 144-430MHz
  2. g your amateur radio. It supports a large number of manufacturers and models, as well as provides a way to interface with multiple data sources and formats. To get started: Download CHIRP for your platform. Check out the How_To_Get_Help page, and the rest of the Documentation
  3. BaoFeng BF-F8HP (UV-5R 3rd Gen) 8-Watt Dual Band Two-Way Radio (136-174Mhz VHF /400-520Mhz UHF) Includes Full Kit $ 99.95 $ 69.95 Photonis PVS-14 Autogated 4G WHITE PHOSPHOR ECHO SPEC tube Onyx P-45 Night Vision Monocular IN STOCK READY TO SHI
  4. g Cable for BAOFENG UV-5R/5RA/5R Plus/5RE, UV3R Plus, BF-888S online at low price in India on Amazon.in. Check out Baofeng Program

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  1. *Walkie Talkie Model: Baofeng BF-888S;16 channel; Each radio has a earpiece *Frequency Range: 400-470MHz; Low battery alarm; 50 CTCSS/105 CDCSS.OperatingVoltage:3.7 V *1500mAh Li-ion battery; Low Voltage Alert; Intelligent Charging; Voice Scramble& Encryption *Power-saving features to extend battery life; CTCSS/DCS function/Scanningfunction/Emergency alarm function *Range up to 3 miles (5 km.
  2. g the MicroSD Card. Assembling the PI-REPEATER-2X Case. Troubleshooting audio problems. Active Low Work Around
  3. Comes with 5 x Transmitter/Receiver in the soft case, and accessory items - is programmed to PMR 446 UK standard 16 channels, comes with 3 x soft cases which each house 2 radios, accessories including headset microphones, and is programmed Product Description - Brand New Product In The UK - 5-10 Watts Of Power - Colou
  4. Great Price ! Baofeng BF-888S 2800mAh UHF 400-470MHz 16CH 5W Two Way Radio. Display:1.5 LCD display professional walkie talkie. 1 x Walkie Talkie. Baofeng UV-5R Green UHF VHF Dual Band Two Way Ham Radio 128CH 136-174/400-520MHz
  5. The Baofeng UV-5R ia a multi purpose dual band ( vhf / uhf ) hand held transceiver made in China. It covers from 136 - 174 mhz. on vhf and from 400 - 480 mhz on uhf. ( Initially, coverage in uhf was 400 - 480 mhz., currently they cover from 400 - 520 mhz) . The power output is four watts in high power and one watt in low power on both bands
  6. 2X SMA Female to BNC Female Connector Adapter for Baofeng UV-5R UV-82 Ham Radio: Home Audio & Theater,Quick delivery,time limit of 50% discount,Discount promotions, online low price
  7. Baofeng bf 888s 2 way walkie talkie radio with long talk time. range: 2-5km radius 08135333536 ₦ 9,000. TOI Farms Last seen 23 hrs ago 0813533353

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