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If you decide to file for disability compensation for Gulf War Syndrome, there are two paths you can take here: filing for medically unexplained diagnosed chronic illnesses (Fibromylagia, Chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.) AND / OR undiagnosed illnesses. If you are filing for a medically unexplained diagnosed chronic illness, be smart VA's History of Adjudicating Gulf War Syndrome Claims. In June 2017, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report which found that VA denies more than 80 percent of veterans' disability claims related to the Gulf War. The report also found that Gulf War Illness claims have longer wait times, and that there is a poor.

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Gulf War Syndrome is a term used to classify a group of seemingly unrelated symptoms that many veterans experienced after serving in the Gulf War.Gulf War Syndrome is not an actual condition, just a catch-all term for various symptoms. The VASRD does not give a VASRD Code or Military Disability Rating for Gulf War Syndrome. Instead, the individual symptoms that are classified as Gulf War. Let's look at a situation where a Gulf War veteran is suffering from symptoms such as fatigue, loss of memory, unexplained muscle pain, sore throat, and headaches of a new type or severity. That veteran goes to his doctor and explains the symptoms he is suffering from. The doctor may run a series of tests and try to rule out certain diseases Filing A Claim For Gulf War Syndrome: What Does The Process Look Like? Although the VA will presume that Gulf War Syndrome symptoms are service-connected for Veterans who served in the Gulf War since August 1990, every Veteran must still go through the standard procedures when applying for disability benefits

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  1. The last element for service connection for Gulf War Syndrome is the disability must have manifested during active military service in Southwest Asia or to a degree of at least 10 percent since the veteran's return from service. For the nine diseases, the presumptive period varies
  2. At the end of 2020, the deadline to file a Gulf War Syndrome claim was extended to December 31, 2021. If you served in the first Gulf War and your symptoms just don't add up, talk to the Rep for Vets today. Our veterans disability attorneys and VA-certified claims agents will advise you on how to file your disability claim, free of charge
  3. Successful Gulf War Claim- Thank you VBN! First let me say thank you to all of you here, especially PGWVET and the guide that he helped write. There is no way I would have known how to navigate the VA system for GW claims without the guide. I followed it to the T. I got all of my issues documented very clearly
  4. 2, 1990, are related to Gulf War service (38 CFR § 3.317) • Undiagnosed illness or • Medically unexplained chronic multisymptom illness (such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and functional GI disorder) • Certain infectious diseases such as Malaria (also includes service in Afghanistan after 9/19/01) 14 Gulf War Regulatio

For Gulf War Veterans, VA presumes that unexplained symptoms are related to Gulf War service if a Veteran has experienced them for six months or more. The presumptive illness (es) must have first appeared during active duty in the Southwest Asia theater of military operations or by December 31, 2021, and be at least 10 percent disabling But because of the challenges involved to file a claim for Gulf War Syndrome, you may want a legal expert to help. Attorneys familiar with the VA rules and regulations can help you navigate the complicated process of filing for disability—especially for GWS. Claims Are Often Denied for Gulf War Syndrome • Gulf War Veterans who: o Served in the Southwest Asia Theater of Operations o Have a condition that is at least 10 percent disabling by Dec. 31, 2021 • Gulf War Deployed Veterans who: o Served in the Southwest Theater of Operations during the Persian Gulf War o Served in Afghanistan, Syria, Djibouti or Uzbekistan on or after September 19. A wide variety of symptoms can qualify a Gulf War Veteran for presumptive service-connection, so veterans who are experiencing unexplained medical issues shouldfile a claim for benefits or consult with a veterans attorney

Gulf War Syndrome: Disability Claims Lawyer. In response to veterans suffering from undiagnosed medical conditions, Congress enacted 38 U.S.C. § 1117, which eliminated the nexus requirement for some qualifying chronic disabilities.. Thus, if a veteran of the Persian Gulf era suffers from a qualifying chronic disability which manifests to. Gulf War Fibromyalgia Disability Claims. The VA does have a rating for Fibromyalgia, which is one of the sub-illnesses on the Gulf War Syndrome symptoms list. Depending on the level of your diagnosis, you can get either a 10%, 20%, or 40% rating for fibromyalgia. According to 38 CFR § 4.71a - 5025 Like all veterans, Gulf War veterans are eligible for disability compensation for service-connected disabilities that first occurred or were worsened during military service. But there is an additional way for Gulf War vets to become eligible for compensation without having to prove their disability is directly connected to their service We provide hands on training to help veterans and their service officers navigate the veterans disability claims process as it relates Gulf War Illness types of claim that are filed under 38 CFR 3.317. Do remember you cannot file a claim for gulf war illness only the symptoms of a undiagnosed illness or a diagnosed 'CMI' as per the 38 CFR 3.31 The VA granted Bunker service connection in 1992 for symptoms included in Gulf War illness. Through the National Gulf War Resource Center, Bunker has appealed to Congress to eliminate the deadline..

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Veterans, want to learn how to file a VA disability claim for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Brian Reese here from VA Claims Insider, and today, I'm going to show.. For VA benefits eligibility purposes, the Gulf War period is still in effect. This means that anyone who served on active duty from August 2, 1990, to present is considered a Gulf War Veteran. For example, the Veterans Pension benefit requires service during a wartime period Such claims are, therefore, rarely approved. In fact, in recent years, the number of claims for Gulf War-related disabilities has declined. As of 2011, the Department of Veterans Affairs acknowledged a service connection for approximately 49% of Veterans who filed claims for undiagnosed illnesses related to Gulf War service Many Veterans who returned from the Gulf War displayed chronic, unexplained symptoms like fatigue, headaches, joint pain, indigestion, insomnia, dizziness, and respiratory problems. These symptoms are now associated with Gulf War Syndrome, which refers to a cluster of unexplained symptoms associated with service in the Gulf War A regulatory amendment to make this official is forthcoming. Types of Claims Involved Disability claims based on Gulf War and Southwest Asia service are generally filed directly by the Veteran. Many were filed in the years following the initial 1990-1991 Gulf War and the rate of filing from these Veterans has diminished

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The illness known as Gulf war syndrome looks likely to have been caused by an illegal vaccine booster given by the Ministry of Defence to protect soldiers against biological weapons, according. ️Join VA Claims Insider Elite, get instant access to the ELITE Experience Portal (EEP) and $7,500 worth of proprietary VA claim resources TODAY, and obtain. See our Gulf War Syndrome page for more details. Different health conditions have different time limits for filing VA claims. Contact the VA for more information. Prisoners Of War

Gulf War Syndrome Compensation. U.S. soldiers were exposed to clouds of soot, liquid, aerosols and gases when Iraqi armed forces set fire to oil wells during the Gulf War in 1991. Gulf War Syndrome compensation may be available to veterans. Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), also known as Gulf War Illness (GWI), is a chronic multisymptom illness. We can help answer any of your questions about Gulf War Syndrome Veterans Disability Benefits. Any veteran is eligible for a free Gulf War Veterans Disability Benefits claim evaluation. For help, just fill out the free claim evaluation form or call us toll-free at (866) 232-5777 The claims file should be forwarded to the examiner for Letter 10-01, Adjudicating Claims Based on Service in the Gulf War and Southwest Asia. Sometimes the disability patterns are called categories. (1) An undiagnosed illness A. Chronic fatigue syndrome (long-term and severe fatigue that is not relieved by rest and is. I have also filed out 21-4138s for both IBS, Fibromyalgia and PTSD increase separately. I have read the guide. My main questions is and has been how to file a claim online using VA Ebenefits as I have noticed conflicting advise given on this forum and from my VSO when filing these claims as a Gulf War service veteran

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  1. d, though, in July 2014, the VA rejected a request from members of Congress and veterans to make brain cancer, lung cancer, and migraines presumptive conditions for Gulf War veterans
  2. Even with the law, approvals are low compared to other types of claims. While 17 percent of claims of Gulf War illness were approved from 2010 to 2015, VA staff approved 57 percent of veterans.
  3. At the very least, now that the National Work Queue (NWQ) is in effect, VA could easily distribute these specialized claims to the regional offices that have a proven track record in proper application of 38 CFR § 3.317, with an eye toward the centralization of Gulf War Illness claims as is the case with claims for exposure to toxic.
  4. After a lot of thought I decided to file a claim for Gulf War syndrome since I have some of the issues associated with the war. After I filed my claim the VA sent me to a contract doctor who diagnosed me with a Desert Storm presumptive illness. My diagnosis for a presumptive condition was denied and classified as not service connected
  5. Gulf War Presumptive Conditions. Many Gulf War veterans across the U.S. have faced numerous health issues that have been called Gulf War Illness or Gulf War Syndrome. These conditions cause chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, joint pain, respiratory issues, memory recall problems, insomnia and dizziness

Gulf War Syndrome •Undiagnosed Illness/Multi-symptom Illness -Menstrual Disorders •Chronic menstrual cramping, heavy menstrual cycles •Feel free to contact me for help developing your claims! •File an IFT right away to give yourself time to develop your claim. •Refer your female veteran to the Fargo VA Women's Clinic at: 701. You will also be better able to identify when a veteran should file a Gulf War Illness claim and be better equipped to help a veteran win such a claim. The special rules that apply to claims for service connection of qualifying chronic disabilities based on service in the Persian Gulf theater of operations impact millions of veterans Gulf War Veterans are the Veterans who suffer the most service-connected IBS, and often display this condition as a component of Gulf War Syndrome. When filing VA claims, IBS is not considered as a presumptive condition. However, the VA may grant service connection to a Gulf War Veteran as it is a medically unexplained chronic illness Common disabilities for Gulf War veterans include chronic undiagnosed illnesses (more on this below), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), digestive system disorders, and amputations. The Social Security Administration will pay you benefits for your disabilities if your conditions make you unable to work

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The key to rating Gulf War Syndrome for Military Disability is that it isn't really a condition at all—just a catch-all term used to identify seemingly random and unrelated symptoms/conditions that many service members who served in the Gulf War started experiencing after their return In filing a claim for disability compensation, a veteran must first establish service connection. Gulf War Veterans. For veterans who served in the Persian Gulf, the VA will presume you have what is referred to as Gulf War Syndrome, which is not a single condition because the veteran's symptoms can vary. There are essentially two.

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Diagnosis is not required, only evidence of manifesting. For some presumptive conditions - such as Agent Orange or ionizing radiation or exposure to hazards causing Gulf War Syndrome - there does not have to be a continuity of symptoms, nor do they have to show up within 1 year of discharge For Gulf War Presumptive Illness, the VA has a limited list of diseases, conditions and illnesses it considers presumptive to service for these veterans. The VA's most recent rule took effect on Aug. 15, 2011, specifying that functional gastrointestinal illnesses (FGIDs), such as irritable bowel syndrome and functional dyspepsia (indigestion. If you are a Gulf War-era veterans and have specific, unexplainable symptoms lingering for six months or more, the VA presumes the symptoms are Gulf War service related. The presumptive illness must have appeared while a veteran was on active duty in the Gulf War region, or at latest by Dec. 31, 2021, and be, at minimum, 10 percent VA.

Over 100,000 compensation claims filed for Gulf War Syndrome with approx 17K approved, the rest were declined. Doesn't sound like they are much interested in taking care of our veterans. I also read a study conducted in 1999 that concluded all the symptoms of GWS could be explained by the experimental (at that time, experimental) drug. The same holds true for most of the Gulf War Presumptive Conditions. The important thing to remember if you are pursuing this type of claim is to seek treatment. While you don't have to have a diagnosis while serving for these types of claims, you do have to seek treatment

The amount of entitled back pay or retroactive benefits is determined by the so-called effective date, which is the later of two dates: 1) the date of the filing of the claim, or 2) the date when the disability manifests or increases. The first date is fairly simple to understand, the second is more complicated In accordance with 38 U.S.C. 1117(f), VA acknowledges that the term `Persian Gulf veteran' means a veteran who served on active duty in the Armed Forces in the Southwest Asia theater of operations during the Persian Gulf War, and as reflected in 38 CFR 3.317(e)(2), [t]he Southwest Asia theater of operations refers to Iraq, Kuwait. If your claim for a medically unexplained illness has been denied for this reason, you should consider appealing your claim denial. A wide variety of symptoms can qualify a Gulf War Veteran for presumptive service-connection, so veterans who are experiencing unexplained medical issues should file a claim for benefits. See Mor

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You may be eligible for total disability based on individual unemployability (TDIU) if your service-connected disability is preventing you from being a productive member of the workforce. When veterans are given a rating for individual unemployability, this means that the VA determined them unable to obtain gainful employment due to an injury sustained while in the military The sixth commenter expressed belief that presumptive service connection for gastrointestinal (GI) disorders and any gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or bowel inflammatory conditions should be related to Gulf War service for the period 1990 through 1991 because of the hazardous chemical exposures known as a toxic bowl of soup The most common disabilites suffereing by war veterans that served in Iraq or Afghanistan. Contact the veterans benefit lawyers at Disabledvets.com for help CLAIM DENIED? HOW TO FILE A VA DISABILITY CLAIM? MOST COMMON VA DISABILITY CLAIMS; GULF WAR SYNDROME. CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME, FIBROMYALGIA, FUNCTIONAL GASTROINTESTINAL DISORDERS

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These types of claims trigger a Persian Gulf War Exam. It is often much easier for a Gulf War veteran to show their disability is directly due to service then to fall into the requirements in 38 USC 1117. BVA decisions -if you google Gulf War Syndrome at the BVA search feature ( at VA.gov under Board of Veterans Appeals )- show in detail what. Gulf War Syndrome is without a doubt one of those conditions, and this means that getting help in the form of Gulf War Veteran benefits is often difficult simply because the effects of the condition can make it next to impossible to function on any given day. In situations like these, you deserve to get the help you need To find out how we can help you, call us at 877-936-9707 or fill out our online contact form for a free and confidential claim evaluation.. Veterans suffering from Gulf War Syndrome, however, may be able to receive disability compensation without proving a connection between their military service and illness Gulf War Syndrome The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will be re-examining disability claims for thousands of Gulf War veterans in the coming years. These Gulf War veterans experience a pattern of symptoms that include rashes, joint and muscle pain, sleep issues, and gastrointestinal problems (e) Service. For purposes of this section: (1) The term Persian Gulf veteran means a veteran who served on active military, naval, or air service in the Southwest Asia theater of operations during the Persian Gulf War. (2) The Southwest Asia theater of operations refers to Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the neutral zone between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman.

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GOA report from 2017 shows just how bad the VBA has denied Gulf War Vets claims. National Average is 82% denial rate. Atlanta GA denies 95%. Yes that means only 5% get granted a deniability claim as a Gulf War Veteran. Go read the report its on the Government Office of Accountability website. Contact your congressman and senators (Gulf War Syndrome is similar to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). It worsens over time.) The VA first rated me at 10 percent, but I should have been rated at 100 percent, and the rating should have been from my retirement date, since my illness is service-connected

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The new ruling involved Melba Saunders, a Gulf War veteran who served six years in the Army. During service, Saunders suffered a knee injury. Military doctors diagnosed her with patellofemoral pain syndrome. In short- knee pain. When Saunders applied for disability benefits, the VA denied her, saying knee pain produced no true impairment 1. Undiagnosed illnesses — Gulf War veterans can receive disability compensation for a variety of illnesses, according to the VA. These conditions include sleep disturbances, psychological or neurological problems, respiratory disorders, muscle and joint pain, abnormal weight loss, heart disease, headache, menstrual disorders, and skin. Gulf War Syndrome. A forum for discussing Gulf War Syndrome. Filters. Show only: Loading. D. Gulf War Syndrome - Depression/Mental Illness in children. DAKSEA. Oct 10, 2018