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Urethritis is an inflammation of the urethra that is usually caused by an infection Most of the time, the inflammation is caused by a bacterial infection, and it's called a urinary tract infection (UTI). A bladder infection can be painful and annoying, and it can become a serious health problem if the infection spreads to your kidneys Urethritis: Inflammation of the urethra, the tube that leads from the bladder to the outside of the body. Urethritis can have a number of causes, including irritation and sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia. Urethritis is closely associated with bacterial infection of the bladder (cystitis). CONTINUE SCROLLING OR CLICK HER

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Urethra inflammation is a condition with many causes. Urethritis is the medical term, although this name is usually reserved for cases of inflammation caused by sexually transmitted infections. Other causes of inflammation of the urethra include streptoccocal infections, viral infections, urinary tract infections, and irritating substances Urethral syndrome is a long-term problem that causes swelling or irritation of the urethra that is not due to an infection. The symptoms feel similar to a urinary tract infection. Urethral syndrome may get better as you get older, but it can be a life-long problem. Women have urethral syndrome much more often than men

Urethritis is a medical term that means inflammation of the urethra. This inflammation may be caused by minor issues, such as inflammation and/or contact dermatitis due to spermicides, soaps, semen, and lotions, but is also commonly related to infections, especially sexually transmitted infections The condition known as _____ is an inflammation of the urethra. oliguria. The medical term meaning scanty urination is _____. The medical term _____ describes a congenital abnormality in which the urethral opening is on the undersurface of the penis in males. renal pelvis. Urethritis is an inflammation of the urethra. The urethra is the tube that connects the urinary bladder to the outside of the body and includes the opening at the end of the penis. Long-term problems might lead to infertility or urethral blockages (strictures). Medical procedures, rubbing on rough clothing, as well as vigorous sexual.

Build a word that means inflammation of the urethra. urethritis. In the medical term hyperuricemia, what is the suffix? emia. The combining form kal/i means: potassium. The combining form noct/o means. night. The presence of an abnormally large quantity of protein in the urine is called Definition of urethritis : inflammation of the urethra Examples of urethritis in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web UTIs most often affect the bladder (this type of infection is more formally known as cystitis) and urethra (urethritis) Use the suffix -itis to build the medical terms defined in numbers 1-4. 1. inflammation of the bladder _____ 2. inflammation of the glomeruli of the kidney _____ 3. inflammation of the renal pelvis _____ 4. inflammation of the urethra and the bladder ____ Interstitial cystitis (in-tur-STISH-ul sis-TIE-tis) is a chronic condition causing bladder pressure, bladder pain and sometimes pelvic pain. The pain ranges from mild discomfort to severe pain. The condition is a part of a spectrum of diseases known as painful bladder syndrome. Your bladder is a hollow, muscular organ that stores urine

Start studying Medical Term. For Urinary system. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Inflammation of the kidney pelvis and the ureter. Urethrism. irritability or spasm of the urethra. Hydronephrosis. Expanded renal pelvis. Kidney or Renal failure Urethritis is the medical term for inflammation of the urethra, the muscular tube that carries urine from the bladder to pass it out into the external environment. Due to the frequency of urethritis occurring as a result of an infection, it is often accepted that the term urethritis is due to infection-induced inflammation of the urethra the medical term meaning an inflammation of the bladder is. cystitis. the major waste product of protein metabolism is. urea. the examination of the physical and chemical properties of urine to determine the presence of abnormal elements. urinalysis. being unable to control excretory functions Urethritis is inflammation of the urethra. The urethra is the tube you pee through — it carries urine out of the body. There are several possible causes of urethritis. Sexually transmitted infections are the most common cause of urethritis Urethral syndrome is a condition that affects the urethra, which is the tube that extends from your bladder to the outside of your body.The urethra is responsible for transporting urine (and semen.

Paracystitis (para/cyst/itis) is an inflammation of the tissues around the urinary bladder lith: stone, calculus. -iasis: abnormal conditioin (produced by something specified) abnormal condition of stones of calculi. Term. dialysis. Definition. dia-: through, across. -lysis: separation, destruction, loosening. process of removing toxic wastes from blood when kidneys are unable to do so

Medical Definition of Urethra. Medical Editor: Melissa Conrad Stöppler, MD; Reviewed on 3/29/2021. Urethra: The tube that leads from the bladder and transports and discharges urine outside the body. In males, the urethra travels through the penis and carries semen as well as urine. In females, the urethra is shorter than in the male, and it. The medical term for this is _____. Nocturia. Norman Smith was born with the opening of the urethra on the upper surface of the penis. This is known as _____. Epispadias. the term that means inflammation of the bladder is. cystitis. nephrolysis Urinary Tract Infections. A urinary traction infection (UTI) is a very common type of infection in your urinary system. A UTI can involve any part of your urinary system, including the urethra, ureters, bladder and kidneys. Symptoms typically include needing to urinate often, having pain when urinating and feeling pain in your side or lower back Glossary of Terms Glossary of Common Urologic Terms. Azoospermia: The absence of sperm in the semen. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH): A benign enlargement of the prostate gland. Brachytherapy: A type of radiation therapy in which radioactive materials are placed in direct contact with the tissue being treated. Chronic Prostatitis: Inflammation of the prostate gland, developing slowly and.

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Prostatitis Definition Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland, a common condition in adult males. Often caused by infection, prostatitis may develop rapidly (acute) or slowly (chronic). Description Prostatitis may be the symptom-producing disease of the genitourinary tract for which men most often seek medical help. About 40% of visits to. urinary bladder. The muscular bag for the temporary storage of urine situated in the midline of the pelvis at the lowest point in the abdomen, immediately behind the pubic bone. The bladder wall relaxes at intervals to allow filling but as the internal pressure rises the intervals become shorter and the urgency to empty the bladder becomes more. A urethral stricture is a narrowing of the urethra, the tube through which urine exits the body. The condition occurs due to scarring caused by injury, infection, or inflammation.Most often, urethral strictures result from injuries sustained during trauma or a medical procedure distinctive, essential tissue or cells of an organ, as for example, glomeruli and tubules of the kidney, seminiferous tubules of the testis. Give medical terms for the following abnormal condition: STD caused by berry-shaped bacteria and marked by inflammation of genital mucosa and mucopurulent discharge. Name the term: Noncancerous enlargement. Urethritis is an inflammation of the urethra, while a UTI is an infection of the urinary tract. They may have similar symptoms, but require different methods of treatment depending on the.

Urethritis definition is - inflammation of the urethra. Recent Examples on the Web UTIs most often affect the bladder (this type of infection is more formally known as cystitis) and urethra (urethritis). — Patia Braithwaite, SELF, 3 Feb. 2020 Most UTIs stay in the urethra (called urethritis) and bladder (called cystitis), per the Mayo Clinic Urethritis, Infection vs. Chemical (Adult Male) You have urethritis. This means an inflammation in your urethra. The urethra is the tube that drains the urine out of your bladder through the tip of the penis. Urethritis is most often caused by a bacterial infection. The infection may be from a sexually transmitted infection (STI) Urethritis is an inflammation of the urethra, which is the tube that carries urine out of the body. Urethritis is usually caused by a sexually transmitted infection. Much less often, it is the result of an injury from an instrument such as a urinary catheter or exposure to an irritating chemical such as an antiseptic or a spermicide

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  1. Urethritis is inflammation of the urethra, the tube that carries pee from the bladder out of the body. It's usually caused by an infection. The term non-gonococcal urethritis (NGU) is used when the condition is not caused by the sexually transmitted infection gonorrhoea.. NGU is sometimes referred to as non-specific urethritis (NSU) when no cause can be found
  2. Balanitis. Balanitis is a treatable condition that most commonly happens in uncircumcised males. The main symptoms of balanitis include inflammation and pain on the head of the penis. Treatment often includes antifungal creams, antibiotics, improved personal hygiene and, in some cases, circumcision. Urology 216.444.5600. Nephrology 216.444.6771
  3. Urethral cancer - a rare cancer that happens more often in men. Urethral stricture - a narrowing of the opening of the urethra. Urethritis - inflammation of the urethra, sometimes caused by infection. Urethral problems may cause pain or difficulty passing urine. You may also have bleeding or discharge from the urethra
  4. Urethral syndrome is a condition that affects the urethra, which is the tube that extends from your bladder to the outside of your body.The urethra is responsible for transporting urine (and semen.
  5. Because men have a much longer urethra than women, it is more common for men to experience urethral damage requiring surgery. The precipitating condition is often stricture, a urinary blockage that occurs when trauma, inflammation or frequent urinary tract infections lead to a narrowing of one portion of the urethra, causing painful and obstructed urination
  6. Medical >> Chp 7 (Med Term) Shared Flashcard Set. Details. Title. Chp 7 (Med Term) Description. Urinary System. Total Cards. 155. Inflammation of the urethra: Term. urethroplasty: Definition. Surgical repair of the urethra: Term. urethral stricture: inflammation of the kidney due to infection and can lead to hypertension and renal.
  7. inflammation of the urethra and bladder urethro / cyst / itis urethra / bladder / inflammation. urinary tract infection (UTI) this is the technical term for a vasectomy reversal vaso / vaso / stomy vessel / vessel / opening. Chapter 1 Introduction to Medical Language

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Urethritis definition, inflammation of the urethra. See more Pain in the urethra can also be a symptom of a wide variety of underlying medical conditions, including: inflammation due to bacterial, fungal, or viral infections of the urinary tract, which. Urethra pain can occur as a symptom of many different conditions ranging from urinary tract infections to kidney stones. Learn about the potential causes of urethra pain and their treatments here

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The semen travels through the urethra and comes out the end of the penis. Diagram of the Male Reproductive System Enlarge. Symptoms. They also ease the swelling that causes the pain. If the pain is severe, a short-term narcotic pain medicine may help but is only used for a short period of time at best in most situations Medical Terminology Chapter 12 Urinary System. condition in which urine collects in the renal pelvis because of an obstructed outflow. procedure to seperate waste material from the blood and to maintain fluid, electrolyte and acid-base balance in impaired kidney function or in the absence of a kidney Interstitial cystitis (IC)/bladder pain syndrome (BPS) is a chronic bladder health issue. It is a feeling of pain and pressure in the bladder area. Along with this pain are lower urinary tract symptoms which have lasted for more than 6 weeks, without having an infection or other clear causes. Symptoms range from mild to severe

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  1. e the flow of urine from the bladder and.
  2. Definition. insertion of a tube through the urethra and into the urinary bladder for the purpose of withdrawing urine or inserting dye. Term. extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy (ESWL) Definition. use of ultrasound waves to break up stones; process does not require invasive surgery. Term. hemodialysis
  3. The urethra is shorter in women than it is in men, which makes it easier for bacteria to travel from outside the body to the bladder. The nearness of the urethra to the vagina and anus also creates more opportunities for bacteria to enter the bladder. Once in the bladder, an infection can spread to the kidneys
  4. The answer is false.Pyelitis is an inflammation of the renal pelvis. Nephritis is an inflammation of the kidney.. Medical Disclaimer: The information on this site is for academic purposes only and.

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Urethritis is inflammation (swelling and irritation) of the urethra. The urethra is the tube that carries urine from the body. urethritis can lead to long-term damage to the urethra and scar tissue called urethral stricture. It can also cause damage to other urinary organs in both men and women. The information provided herein should. of the urethra. It is caused by inflammation, trauma, Original Article Abstract Introduction: Stricture urethra, that is, fibrous narrowing of urethra is one of the challenging urethral conditions which occur due to inflammation of urethra, trauma to urethra, or due to idiopathic cause. There are various methods of the treatment o Cervicitis definition is - inflammation of the uterine cervix. Recent Examples on the Web Urethritis, cervicitis, and proctitis These conditions involve irritation of the urethra, cervix, and rectum, respectively. — Carolyn L. Todd, SELF, 14 Mar. 2019 Although there aren't currently any guidelines for treating an M. genitalium infection specifically, the CDC treatment guidelines recommend. Cholecystitis, or inflammation of your gallbladder, occurs when a gallstone blocks bile from exiting the organ. It's an extremely painful condition. Often, because of repeat bouts and serious complications, surgery is the best treatment option for long-term symptom relief inflammation of renal pelvis: cystolithectomy: surgical removal of a stone in the bladder: interrenal: in the kidney: urethrotomy: incision of the urethra: urinometer: instrument that measures the specific gravity of urine: uremia: accumulation of waste products in blood due to inadaquit functioning of the urinary system: cystoscopy: direct.

Dysuria is the medical term for pain or discomfort when urinating. Often described as a burning sensation, dysuria most commonly is caused by bacterial infections of the urinary tract. Lower urinary tract infection (cystitis or bladder infection) — Dysuria is a common symptom of a bladder infection (cystitis). Cystitis is very common in women. Inflammation of renal pelvis: causes and risk factors. There are various reasons for inflammation of the renal pelvis. In most cases, the cause is an ascending bacterial infection: the pathogens reach the renal pelvis via the urethra, bladder and ureter.Therefore, inflammation of the renal pelvis is often preceded by urethritis or cystitis A comprehensive list of all the vocabulary terms and word affixes of Santa Fe College's Medical Terminology Chapter 7. A. B. testis or testicle. primary male sex organs that are paired and oval-shaped. sperm or spermatozoon. the male germ cell that unites to eventually become an embryo. testosterone. principal male sex hormone that stimulates. Haematuria is the medical term for blood in your urine. This usually occurs when there is a problem with your bladder or kidneys. This is inflammation of the tube (your urethra) draining urine out of your body. Urethritis is often caused by a sexually transmitted infection which is easily treated with antibiotics. Kidney stones

The term cystitis does not imply a specific cause. In cats, diseases of the lower urinary tract, the bladder and urethra, are often categorized by the term feline lower urinary tract disease or FLUTD. We use these broad medical terms because it can be challenging to distinguish between the various diseases of the bladder and urethra, and many. physician who specializes in treating diseases of the urinary tract. urology. study of the urinary tract. catheter. flexible tubelike device for withdrawing or instilling fluids. distended. streched out. incontinence. inability to control bladder and/or bowels Medical terminology can add to the confusion of a situation when a patient is dealing with health issues related to acute or chronic kidney disease. nb The term renal, from the Latin word renes meaning kidney, is often used interchangeably with the word kidney

As the prostate enlarges, it presses against the urethra. The bladder wall becomes thicker. One day, the bladder may weaken and lose the ability to empty fully, leaving some urine in the bladder. Narrowing of the urethra and urinary retention - being unable to empty the bladder fully - cause many of the problems of BPH. BPH is benign Deflux - a treatment option for a Vesicoureteral Reflux (VUR) Dysuria - pain with urination. Endopylotomy - endoscopic procedure done when there is an obstruction of the ureter. Epididymis - a coiled tube behind each testicle. Epididymitis - inflammation of the epididymis. Epididymectomy - Surgical removal of the epididymis

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Urethra. A urethra is a small tube that extends from the bladder to the penis is males and an opening anterior to the vagina in women. Urinary bladder. Urinary means urine or the formation of urine. Bladder is a sac that serves as a reservoir for fluids. A urinary bladder is a sac located behind the pelvic bone A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection that affects part of the urinary tract. When it affects the lower urinary tract it is known as a bladder infection (cystitis) and when it affects the upper urinary tract it is known as a kidney infection (pyelonephritis). Symptoms from a lower urinary tract infection include pain with urination, frequent urination, and feeling the need to urinate.

A Sexually Transmitted Disease May Cause Inflammation Of The Urethra. Urethritis is an inflammation of the urethra that could be due to bacteria or a virus. Commonly, it is caused by the bacteria Escherichia coli and the sexually transmitted diseases chlamydia and gonorrhea. Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria cause gonococcal urethritis 6. STDs and Other Culprits. What's more, swollen urethra in female can be due to a sexually transmitted infections, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, AIDS, and syphilis. Bruising during intercourse, excessive use of antibiotics, and bacterial infections may also lead to urethral inflammation Phimosis is defined as the inability to retract the skin (foreskin or prepuce) covering the head (glans) of the penis. Phimosis may appear as a tight ring or rubber band of foreskin around the tip of the penis, preventing full retraction. Phimosis is divided into two forms: physiologic and pathologic The inflammation also causes cellular changes in the bladder wall over the long term, as the cells slough away in response to inflammation and new cells must grow rapidly to replace the lost tissue. This can cause growths in the bladder and some of these may be malignant, developing into bladder cancer The most common medical reason for men having the urethra surgically stretched is a urethral stricture. A urethral stricture occurs when the urethra, a tube responsible for carrying urine from the bladder out of the body, is abnormally narrowed. When this happens it can be difficult or impossible for urine to pass from the bladder, setting the.

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Causes of Inflammation of the Bladder. The urinary system of the body includes the kidneys, ureters, urethra, and bladder, all of which play a role in removing waste from the body. The bladder is a hollow organ situated in the lower abdomen that stores urine; it expands when it is being filled, and contracts when urine is being passed Medical Terminology Guide. A web app for medical terms and word parts. Medical Terminology Guide. Medical Word Parts. Our concise summary of essential medical prefixes, suffixes and combining forms. Medical Dictionary. A quick reference for our selected medical terms and word parts. Lists by body system as well as alphabetic access THE ULCERATED URETHRAL MEATUS IN MALE CHILDREN. P AUL F REUD, M.D. N EW Y ORK, N. Y.. SUPERFICIAL ulceration of the urethral meatus is a definite entity occurring in male infants and young boys, which is spite of its frequent incidence, is but little known Urethral stricture, or narrowing of the urethra, also can be caused by developmental conditions as well as by inflammation, infection, or injury. Urethral cancer is a rare condition, more common in women than men; risk is influenced by a history of bladder cancer , as well as by conditions associated with chronic inflammation of the urethra (e. Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder and is usually caused by the bacterium E. coli. Treatment includes drinking plenty of water and taking urinary alkalisers and antibiotics. Regular and severe attacks need to be investigated and treated by your GP. A kidney infection is serious and needs prompt medical attention

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Trigonitis is a condition where the the cells lining the lower part of the bladder undergo changes into a different cell type. The affected part of the bladder is known as the trigone, hence the term trigonitis. There is often confusion about trigonitis since the term -itis usually indicates inflammation Definition of Dysuria. Dysuria: Pain during urination, or difficulty urinating. Dysuria is usually caused by inflammation of the urethra, frequently as a result of infection A protein produced by lymphoid tissue in response to the presence of an antigen. Anticoagulant. 1. Drug that delays blood clotting (e.g., heparin, warfarin); used in patients with or at risk for blood clots. 2. Substance used to prevent clotting in blood used for transfusions and certain laboratory tests. Antigen In addition to medical treatment, there are some natural remedies to treat inflammation of the urinary tract that will help you eliminate cystitis and make you feel better.. One effective remedy is cranberry juice or the fruit itself. Cranberry is a potent anti-inflammatory and helps remove the bacteria coating the urinary tract The urethra is a small tube through which urine flows from the bladder to the exterior of the body. Roots, suffixes, and prefixes. Most medical terms are comprised of a root word plus a suffix (word ending) and/or a prefix (beginning of the word). Here are some examples related to the Gastrointestinal and Urinary Systems

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Hydronephrosis is the swelling of a kidney due to a build-up of urine. It happens when urine cannot drain out from the kidney to the bladder from a blockage or obstruction. Hydronephrosis can occur in one or both kidneys. The main function of the urinary tract is to remove wastes and fluid from the body. The urinary tract has four parts: the kidneys, the ureters, the bladder and urethra. The. Epididymitis is a medical condition characterized by inflammation of the epididymis, a curved structure at the back of the testicle. Onset of pain is typically over a day or two. The pain may improve with raising the testicle. Other symptoms may include swelling of the testicle, burning with urination, or frequent urination. Inflammation of the testicle is commonly also present Medical Terminology Questions. Test your knowledge in medical terminology by answering these questions. Also, test your knowledge in anatomy and physiology. Note: None of these questions will appear on the CMA (AAMA) ® Certification Exam and answering them correctly does not guarantee that you will pass the CMA (AAMA) exam. Read these instructions before taking this practice exam The following are common urethral complications: Urethritis, or inflammation of the urethral meatus, is a major source of discomfort and contributes to a breakdown in tissue integrity. It may be due to the frequent insertion of catheters or forceful catheterization against an obstruction

Urethra: tubular structure which transports the urine from the bladder to the outside of the body. Urethral syndrome: symptoms of cystitis, such as frequency, urgency and dysuria, but with negative urine cultures. Urinalysis: test to measure the presence of protein, blood and other substances in the urin Reactive arthritis is an inflammatory type of arthritis that affects the joints, eyes, and urinary tract (bladder, vagina, urethra). It occurs when bacteria enters the blood stream and causes your body to react with inflammation in different parts of the body Urinary system diseases. Nephrosis - a noninflammatory disease of kidneys. Nephrolith - a kidney stone. Urethritis - inflammation of the urethra, the final pathway for urine in both sexes, and the common pathway for urine and semen in the male. Nocturia - frequently getting up and urinating during the night

PPT - BODY FLUID ANALYSIS PowerPoint Presentation, freeMedical ScienceMedical TerminologyEpididymitis - What You Need to KnowA&P Chapter 30 The Urinary SystemSevere nausea and vomiting during pregnancy that can cause